M&T Bank Phone Number

M&T Bank Phone Number, Email ID Details, History, Mission Statement

M&T Bank Phone Number: The American bank holding business M&T Bank Corporation. Often known as the Manufacturers and Traders Trust business, is based in Buffalo, New York. It runs more than a thousand branches in twelve states in the Eastern United States, ranging from Maine to Northern Virginia. The bank’s holding firm was called First Empire State Corporation until May 1998.

Since 1976, M&T Bank has turned a profit every quarter. M&T was the only bank in the S&P 500 Index to maintain its dividend during the 2007–2008 financial crisis.


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Name M&T Bank
Founded In29 Aug, 1856
Phone Number1-800-724-2440
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M&T Bank Phone Number, Email ID Details, History, Mission Statement

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M&T Bank Phone Number: Regional bank M&T Bank Corporation (MTB), with its main office in Buffalo, New York, provides a range of banking and financial services. Since its founding as the Manufacturers and Traders Bank in 1856, it has expanded through acquisitions and mergers.

To increase its presence in upstate New York, M&T moved into new markets and bought several smaller banks during the 1960s. The bank expanded into Maryland in the 1980s and established a regional office in Baltimore.

  • Through the 1990 acquisition of Eastern Federal Corporation and its subsidiary, Marine Midland Bank, M&T increased its market share in the Midwest and the New York City metropolitan area.
  • By acquiring Allfirst Financial Inc. in 2003, M&T completed yet another noteworthy purchase that strengthened its position in the Mid-Atlantic and added more than 300 branches to its network.
  • With the $3.7 billion acquisition of savings and loan holding company Hudson City Bancorp Inc. In 2015, M&T expanded its network to include over 130 locations in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.

Currently, M&T Bank Corporation boasts over 750 locations in nine states and Washington. D.C., placing it among the top 20 largest commercial banks in the United States. It provides a broad range of financial services, such as wealth management, investment services, business banking, and personal banking.

Mission Statement

The financial services firm M&T Bank Corporation (MTB) has its main office in Buffalo, New York. Its purpose is to assist clients in making wise financial decisions by offering them superior financial solutions. Integrity, diversity, teamwork, and accountability are among the company’s core principles.

  • Integrity: M&T Bank upholds moral principles in its interactions with stakeholders, workers, and clients. The business is aware that every financial relationship is built on trust.
  • Diversity: M&T Bank cherishes inclusivity and diversity in its staff and thinks that a range of viewpoints and concepts produce superior outcomes.
  • Teamwork: M&T Bank views cooperation and teamwork as essential to achieving its objectives. To give its clients the finest service possible, the company recognises the contributions made by each member of its staff.
  • Accountability: M&T Bank accepts accountability for the choices and actions it makes. The organisation is dedicated to providing top-notch customer support and assisting its clients in reaching their financial objectives.

The overarching goal of M&T Bank is to be its clients’ reliable financial partner by giving them the tools and direction they require to succeed financially.

M&T Bank Phone Number

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The Operation of M&T Bank Corporation

Regional financial services provider M&T Bank Corporation (MTB) offers both consumers and companies a variety of banking services. The company’s main areas of operation are Washington, D.C., New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. Serving over 3 million customers in the US, M&T Bank has more than 780 branches.

The main areas of concentration for M&T Bank are as follows:

  • Retail and Business Banking: M&T Bank provides a range of banking services. Such as credit cards, loans, mortgages, checking and savings accounts, and online banking. The organisation offers specialised services for several industries, including commercial real estate and healthcare, and caters to both individuals and businesses.
  • Wealth Management: Retirement planning, trust and estate planning, and investment management are among the wealth management services provided by M&T Bank. A committed group of experts at the organisation collaborate with clients to create specialised investment plans that take their risk tolerance and goals into account.
  • Corporate Banking: A variety of commercial banking services, such as wholesale banking, cash management, and treasury services, are provided by M&T Bank to its corporate clients. The bank employs a group of relationship managers who collaborate closely with customers to comprehend their needs and offer tailored services.
  • Insurance: M&T Bank has an insurance subsidiary called M&T Insurance Agency. This company provides employee benefits, personal insurance, and property and liability insurance. The organisation employs a group of insurance specialists who collaborate with customers to create personalised insurance plans.

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