Lasership Phone Number

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Lasership Phone Number: Delivery service provider LaserShip serves the Midwest and Eastern regions of the United States. It collaborates with merchants such as Amazon to offer about 150 million customers same-day and next-day delivery options. To accomplish the deliveries, it makes use of an integrated network of independent contractors who drive their cars. Additionally, it provides a real-time package tracking service that displays the product’s position and status.



Founded In 1986
Phone Number+1 804 414 2590
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Lasership Phone Number

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Lasership Phone Number: In 1986, LaserShip started as a document delivery business. During the dot-com boom in the 1990s, LaserShip entered the small parcel industry. The business and Barnes & Noble teamed together in 1999 to offer same-day shipment in New York City.

Four new states were added to LaserShip’s service region in March 2014: Delaware, West Virginia, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. This increased the LaserShip customer base by 44% and brought it to 8.5 million. Additionally, LaserShip expanded its services to Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and Indiana in March 2014 when it purchased Prestige Delivery Systems, a last-mile delivery business based in Cleveland.

In 2016, LaserShip handled deliveries for Amazon’s Same Day Service and operated 63 distribution centres, four sorting centres, and 22 states in addition to Washington, D.C. The International Supply Chain Protection Organisation (ISCPO) Carrier Certification was granted to LaserShip in April 2019. The company has also fulfilled the ISCPO Carrier Security Requirements.

The business was acquired by Greenbriar Equity Group, a private equity firm, at the beginning of 2018.
OnTrac entered the Tennessee market in May 2021, establishing three new locations in Memphis, Knoxville, and Nashville. 979 additional zip codes were added as a result of this expansion, increasing the delivery coverage by 18%. The corporation announced its intention to rebrand as OnTrac in April 2023. By 2022, 31 states and Washington, D.C. comprised OnTrac’s service region, which provided coverage to 80% of the US population.

Pros and Cons


  • Low-cost delivery option that transfers savings to customers
  • Fast delivery—the same day or the following day
  • Excellent for large-volume home deliveries
  • Adaptable, capable of changing the network to meet requests


  • package damage, loss, or delay
  • When problems develop, poor customer service
  • Consistency is impacted by a high driver turnover rate.
  • Absence of package updates and tracking
  • Complex reimbursement and claims procedure

The main way that Lasership competes is by offering inexpensive prices. However, compared to competitors, reports of defective products, delayed deliveries, and a lack of accountability are more common. Nonetheless, because Lasership offers cost savings and process efficiency, retailers keep employing them.

Lasership Phone Number

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The Future of Lasership

In the future, Lasership is probably going to keep growing its geographic reach, particularly in the big Midwest and South metro areas. Along with diversifying its clientele, the business hopes to lessen its reliance on a select group of big-box stores.

But, as Lasership is a privately held business, it does not have the same resources or international experience as publicly traded shipping companies like UPS, FedEx, and DHL. To grow into a national and international shipping company, Lasership would have to make large investments in infrastructure, labour, technology, and transportation networks.
More realistically, Lasership will collaborate with bigger companies to offer long-haul transport while expanding its last-mile delivery services in specific areas. By doing this, Lasership will be able to capitalise on its advantages in quick, large-volume residential delivery.

The secret to Lasership’s future success will be to set itself apart from UPS and establish itself as the last-mile delivery industry leader in terms of cost. To overcome previous pain points, the organisation will need to maintain these benefits while enhancing consumer happiness and service.

All things considered, Lasership provides a valuable service in the e-commerce delivery environment. Its relationship with UPS will remain a combination of contractual partnership and competitiveness based on the shipping requirements of internet retailers. Although Lasership offers benefits to its retail partners, customer experiences could yet be enhanced. Though it has expansion limitations in comparison to international carriers, the company has successfully developed a regional transport model that targets the doors of residential customers.

FAQs about Lasership Phone Number

Q. When was LaserShip founded?

Ans. LaserShip was founded in 1986.

Q. In which market does LaserShip operate?

Ans. In the last mile (transport) market, LaserShip is a competitor.

Q. Which services is LaserShip providing?

Ans. Regional carrier, Ground Service, Same-day Service, and Weekend Delivery are just a few of the services that LaserShip provides.

Q. How can I file a LaserShip complaint?

Ans.’s objective complaint writing and answer-providing system can be used to file a complaint about LaserShip and receive a response from LaserShip management. The dedicated LaserShip complaint section is where you may file complaints regarding product shipment, payment, correspondence, billing, and any other aspect of LaserShip services.

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