New Jersey Unemployment Contact Number

New Jersey Unemployment Contact Number, Email ID Details & Benefits

New Jersey Unemployment Contact Number:- Workers who meet the qualifying conditions set forth by New Jersey law and are jobless due to no fault of their own are eligible to receive unemployment benefits under the Federal-State Unemployment Insurance Programme.

  • Benefits from unemployment insurance (UI) are meant to give jobless people who satisfy legal requirements some short-term financial support.
  • Under the parameters set forth by federal law. New Jersey manages its own unemployment insurance programme.


New Jersey Unemployment Contact Number

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Central New Jersey
South New Jersey
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How to Contact NJ Unemployment?

By phone, you can file a new claim with NJ Unemployment by contacting the Reemployment Call Centres (RCC). North New Jersey, Central New Jersey, and South New Jersey have different phone numbers, depending on the region you are in.

There is a hotline you have to call if you are filing from out of state.

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New Jersey Unemployment Contact Number: Advice for an Effective Call

Late in the afternoon and early in the morning, when the lines first open, are typically the greatest times to contact the NJ Unemployment phone number. To reduce wait times, refrain from making calls after lunch and near the conclusion of the workday.

Think about contacting us later in the day or on a different day if there is a significant wait time or if the queue is busy. You can also investigate the possibility of using the automated system to arrange for a callback or seeking help online.

How to report an issue with the phone number for NJ unemployment benefits

New Jersey Unemployment Contact Number:- You can contact the Reemployment Call Centre (RCC) in your respective region to report an issue with the NJ Unemployment phone line. To guarantee a timely and precise answer, it is imperative that you include precise facts regarding the issue you are facing.

New Jersey Unemployment Contact Number: Getting Started

By calling the designated phone numbers for each location. You can set up your phone to get in touch with NJ Unemployment. The phone numbers for North New Jersey are 201-601-4100, and Central New Jersey is 732-761-2020. And South New Jersey is 856-507-2340.


The NJ Unemployment phone number offers crucial information on making new claims, finding out the status of existing claims, and getting help if you want to comprehend NJ unemployment benefits.

Eligibility Requirements

The Department of Labour and Workforce Development in New Jersey is responsible for managing unemployment benefits and making eligibility determinations on an individual basis. For applicants to be eligible to receive unemployment benefits in New Jersey, they must fulfil the following three requirements:

  • The law in New Jersey states that unemployment must be due to an unrelated cause.
  • According to New Jersey law, you have to be jobless for no personal reason.
  • It is necessary that you actively seek a job and that you are able and available to work.

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New Jersey Unemployment Contact Number: Your Obligations and Rights

Go to The State of New Jersey’s official website. Learn more about your rights as an applicant for unemployment benefits in New Jersey. A downloadable booklet on your rights and obligations as a benefits claimant can be found there.

Typical Problems and Concerns

The first thing to do if you have trouble using the NJ Unemployment phone system is to make sure you are dialling the correct number. Make sure you have the Division of Unemployment Insurance’s accurate phone number for your area.

You might try phoning during off-peak hours to lessen congestion if the problem continues.

Other Options Compared to NJ Unemployment

There are a few additional ways you can get help with your unemployment claim if you’re looking for something else than calling NJ Unemployment. Instead of calling, think about contacting the Division of Unemployment Insurance using online means or looking into other help options.

Other methods to get help from NJ Unemployment

Consider sending an online information request via NJ Unemployment’s official website instead of giving them a call. In addition, depending on where you live, you can get in touch with a Reemployment Call Centre:

201-601-4100 in North Jersey; 732-761-2020 in Central New Jersey
South New Jersey: 856-507-2340; Claims from outside the state: 888-795-6672

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