Kansas Gas Service

Kansas Gas Service Phone Number, Email ID Details, History, Benefits

Kansas Gas Service Phone Number: With operations across 82 counties, Kansas Gas Service is the biggest distributor of natural gas. In the U.S. state of Kansas. Serving 634,000 customers throughout 360 communities, it is a regulated public utility with 1,000 staff. Kansas Gas Service is the owner of seven Interstate. And three intrastate pipeline connections in addition to operating 13,500 miles of service lines, pipelines and other natural gas holdings. Established in 1997, the Overland Park, Kansas-based company was a subsidiary of ONEOK Inc., a Fortune 200 firm headquartered in Tulsa. In 2014, ONEOK separated Kansas Gas Service from its two other distribution firms. Texas Gas Service and Oklahoma Natural Gas Company, to establish ONE Gas.


Kansas Gas Service

Name Kansas Gas Service
Founded In1997
Phone Number+1 800-794-4780
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The Kansas Gas Service was founded after ONEOK purchased Western Resources’ (now Evergy) natural gas holdings in 1997. However, Kansas Gas & Electric and Kansas Power & Light’s natural gas businesses are where it all began. These two companies merged to form Western Resources in 1992. It used to service parts of Oklahoma and Missouri as well. Before Kansas Power and Light acquired The Gas Service Company in the late 1980s, a portion of Kansas Gas Service and the erstwhile Missouri Gas Service amalgamated. This combined to become Western Resources in 1992. It used to service parts of Oklahoma and Missouri as well. Before Kansas Power and Light acquired The Gas Service Company in the late 1980s. A portion of the Kansas Gas Service and the previous Missouri Gas Service were combined.


Advantages of Using Kansas Gas Service for Your Energy Source

  • The provision of dependable and safe natural gas to Kansans is the aim of dedicated labourers.
  • Large resources equipped to offer customer service, emergency response in a fast manner (current average is 25 minutes), assistance with energy bills, and payment choices.
  • 100% regulated natural gas utility that is subject to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Kansas Corporation Commission financial and safety control.
  • Because of our greater size, we can operate and maintain stability, particularly in periods of high inflation and supply chain problems.
  • Availability of funds and financing for investments in resilience, safety, and dependability.
Kansas Gas Service

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Kansas Gas Service

The largest natural gas distribution company in Kansas, Kansas Gas Service, a division of ONE Gas, Inc., supplies clean, dependable natural gas to over 648,000 consumers in 360 communities. 800-794-4780 should only be used for emergency services; 888-482-4950 should not be used. Press 8. Before digging With every one of our followers, we are dedicated to fostering a warm atmosphere that encourages open communication and interactions. We want to create an environment where everyone feels respected and comfortable, therefore we promote healthy dialogue. To do so, we kindly ask for your assistance in establishing a polite online environment. We appreciate your assistance in preserving a cheerful environment within our social community.

Public Awareness and Natural Gas Safety

Kansas Gas is dedicated to conducting business responsibly and safely for the environment. In addition to guiding the company’s safe operations, Kansas Gas’s goal to “deliver natural gas for a better tomorrow” acts as a reminder that the company’s employees also live and work in the communities it serves. They are your family, friends, and neighbours. Operating securely is a commitment to a brighter tomorrow for all of us, not just for our customers.

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