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Southwest Gas Phone Number: In Arizona and Nevada, Southwest Gas is the main natural gas distributor. It provides services to major cities like Las Vegas, Tucson, and Phoenix. There are also San Bernardino County’s high desert and mountainous areas. Southwest Gas also provides service to the Lake Tahoe area. The company provides natural gas to around 2 million residential, commercial, and industrial customers in parts of Arizona, Nevada, and California.


Southwest Gas

NameSouthwest Gas
Founded inMarch, 1931
Phone Number877-860-6020
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Southwest Gas Phone Number

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The business was established in 1931 in Barstow, California, and quickly moved to Victorville, a nearby town. Southern Nevada received natural gas in 1953, and the following year. Southwest Gas started providing service to the rapidly developing cities of Henderson and Las Vegas.

The expansion into Arizona started in 1957 with the purchase of the Natural Gas Service of Arizona. A few years later, it started receiving business from people in Elko. Which is located in the northern section of the state to the west. During this period, California also saw development, moving its operations from Victorville to Big Bear.

Over the next few decades, the company acquired multiple acquisitions and grew in certain parts of its tri-state service area. The company’s customer base was expanded to include the Phoenix area in 1979. The current Tucson Electric Power acquired the gas system. Southwest Gas was providing service to some of the fastest-growing regions in the nation at a period of unheard-of expansion in the Southwest desert region. By purchasing South Lake Tahoe’s service zone from Avista in 2005. The business was able to provide clients with convenient access to Lake Tahoe in both California and Nevada. In Arizona and Nevada, the firm is the biggest distributor of natural gas.

Details about Southwest Gas, including its CEO, founders, address, and services and products

The Phoenix region was added to the company’s clientele in 1979. As of now, Tucson Electric Power is the owner of the gas system. Arizona Public Service Company acquired the gas pipeline in 1984. Its principal investors are Gregory J. Peterson, Senior VP and CFO; Michael J. Melarkey, Chairman of the Board; and Lori Colvin, Vice President and Controller. There are presently 2,285 workers at Southwest Gas. The most recent report states that Southwest Gas made US$ 2.55 billion in revenue.

Southwest Gas Phone Number

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Southwest Gas Contact Information

Some of our best suggestions for contacting Southwest Gas are listed below. We educate ourselves about the best places to go on their website to receive support with problems or issues related to utilising their app or website, billing, pricing, usage, integrations, and other issues. To get in touch with Southwest Gas, use any of the channels listed below. Find out which alternatives can help you fix your customer service concerns the quickest.
There are the following ways to get in touch with us: Pricing details, assistance, general support, press releases and news articles (to assess repute).


Q. How does Southwest Gas operate?

Ans. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States, Southwest Gas Holdings, Inc. is a utility that is owned by investors. In portions of Arizona, Nevada, and California, the corporation serves over 2 million residential, commercial, and industrial clients with natural gas.

Q. What is the Southwest Gas account number I have?

Ans. On your bill, beneath your service address, is your Southwest Gas account number.

Q. Is Southwest Gas a reputable company?

Ans. Since Southwest Gas has not been responding to complaints on our website recently, we would advise using care while doing business with them.

Website: Visit Southwest Gas Website

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