Indane Gas head Office Address

Indane Gas head Office Address, Complaint Mail ID, Mumbai Office, Online Complan

Indane Gas head Office Address: Indane Gas Customer Care Number, Head Office Address, Email Id Details. Indane Gas is an Indian web portal to book gas online. Many Indians are looking for the contact information of Indane Gas for complaints and queries related to their service. Right now, we are sharing the details of Indane Gas Toll-Free Number, All India Number, Email ID, SMS Service, Regional Offices, and much more.
Indane has set up a toll-free number 1800 2333 555 through which customers can register any query or complaint. The number can be reached from anywhere in the country, with a trained team of representatives handling the calls. Individuals can register their complaints about this toll-free number between 8 AM to 8 PM.

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Indane Customer Care Complaint / Inquiry

Customers who are unable to reach the company representatives via phone can lodge a complaint or give their feedback online. Indane provides a special portal that can be used for such purposes. Customers can give their feedback or register a complaint by providing some basic information like their consumer number, their state, city, distributor name, and LPG ID.

Call Indane Gas Customer Care Complaint Number:

Customers residing across India can call the toll-free customer care number at 1800-2333-555. This mill is not even customer service, as the company claims to solve maximum cases in the shortest possible time with minimum waiting time and maximum possible attention. Calls are answered directly by service agents from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and an IVRS system routes the calls from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am depending on the urgency and subject. Customer Service Agents have been trained to communicate with customers and resolve complaints in these languages ​​- English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya, Bengali, Tamil, Assamese, Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu. There also exists an emergency service number which is a central ESC number – 1906. It is to be noted that the Central ESC number is only for registering urgent complaints of gas leakage.

Indane Gas

Toll-Free Number

Mobile Phone Number
155233 1906 (LPG Emergency Help Line Number)
Email Id

SMS Service
To get the LPGID please message LPGID to 8130792899
To get the status of seeding please message DBTLSTATUS to 8130792899
To get the current status of the quota of subsidized cylinders consumed please message LPGQUOTA to 8130792899
To get the details of the permanent advance and last refill subsidy received please message SUBSIDY to 8130792899
To give up subsidy, please message GIVEITUP to 8130792899
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Indane gas online complaint

The Indane Gas website has state-of-the-art features that enable complaints to be lodged quickly. All you have to do is log on to the site at and log in to your account using your credentials. Once this is done, navigate to the ‘File a complaint’ section and use the online guide to select the complaint or nature of the complaint and log it into your system. The company will contact you at the earliest with instructions on the next steps to resolve your query, or with the direct resolution, as the case may be. Alternatively, you can log on to and fill up a short form that lets you register a complaint without logging into your account using the credentials. All you need to do is enter your State, District, “Complaint”, Next, select whether it is a complaint related to Initiative (DBTL) and press ‘Submit’.

Visit Indane Gas Customer Grievance Cell:

Customers residing in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi have the option of visiting the official Indane Gas customer care office, which has been created and managed for the sole purpose of resolving customer complaints. The addresses of these centers are:

Delhi: Indane Oil Corporation Corporate Office, 3079/3, JB Tito Marg, Sadiq Nagar, New Delhi – 110049 Telephone: 26260000
 Indane Area Office, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. 1st Floor, 254-C, Dr. Annie Besant Road Worli Colony, Mumbai – 400030 Telephone: 022-24814170
Bangalore: Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Indane Area Office, 4th Floor Unity Building, JCW Road, Bangalore – 560002 Telephone: 080-22130421

The above addresses are for offices that exist for the sole purpose of redressal of complaints, but you can visit your distributor’s office at any time and register a complaint. You will be informed of the process at the time of your visit. However, if you wish to lodge a complaint against the distributor, the online or phone method is preferred.

Indane Customer Service Cell

Indane-operated toll-free number works for a limited time every day. Customers who face emergencies and are looking for immediate grievance redressal after working hours can come back to the customer service cells that Indane operates. These cells are present across the country, and customers can contact authorized representatives in case of any emergency.

These customer service cells provide demographic relief to the customers and can be a boon. Individuals who wish to check where the cells are located in their district can select their state and district by clicking on Customer Service Cells. Once selects, the contact numbers of such cells display for different cities/towns in that particular district.

Indane gas leak complaint

Immediate complaints like LPG leakage from cylinders, pressure regulators, or ISI-certified pipes and stoves should report to the company immediately. There is nothing more important than calling or going to the LPG distributor as soon as the gas leak reports.

सिलिंडर, प्रेशर रेगुलेटर या आईएसआई-प्रमाणित पाइप और स्टोव से एलपीजी रिसाव जैसी तत्काल शिकायतों की सूचना तुरंत कंपनी को दी जानी चाहिए। गैस रिसाव की सूचना मिलते ही एलपीजी वितरक को फोन करने या उसके पास जाने से ज्यादा महत्वपूर्ण कुछ नहीं है।

Indane Gas Complaint and Feedback Form

Whether you are an Indane customer or not, if you have any query, suggestion, or complaint, you can write to Indane by following the steps listed below:

  • Visit:
  • Click ‘Feedback’ on the right side of the page
  • If you are an Indane customer, you are expecting to provide the following details:
  • state name
  • Name of district
  • distributor name
  • Consumer number or 17 digit LPG ID
  • Select the type of feedback
  • Indicate whether it is a complaint related to Initiative (DBTL)
  • Click submit
  • This will take you to a page that you can use to write to Indane
  • If you are not an Indane customer, you can follow the steps listed below:
  • Select the response type, if it is a complaint, query, suggestion, or complaint
  • Indicate whether it is a complaint related to Initiative (DBTL)
  • Click submit
  • Enter your name, address, email id, mobile number, state name, district, and distributor
  • Write a suitable subject and description in 500 words
  • Click submit to send

Indane gas track complaint status

In case Indane has taken longer than usual to respond to your complaint/query/suggestion/compliment regarding its products, services, and distributors, you can locate and check the status of the complaint online.

  • To check Indane Gas customer complaint status, log on to
  • Enter your SRN number which gives to you while registering the complaint.
  • Thereafter, a screen pops up showing you the status of the complaint, whether it registers with the company or assigns to an executive who is currently in the process of resolving it.
  • If the complaint is not registered or assigned, you can call the customer care number 1800-2333-555 and inform them about the SRN number.
  • They will take the issue to the concerned Indane Gas Executive as necessary.
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FAQ On Indane Gas head Office Address

Who is the CEO of Indane Gas?

Shrikant Madhav Vaidya President

Sri Srikant Madhav Vaidya is a Chemical Engineer from the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. He has a vast experience of over 34 years in Refining and Petrochemicals operations.

Indane Gas head Office Address: How do I write a complaint about gas?

I hereby write to report the leak in our _______________________ (Cylinder/Gas Connection). We made a complaint to your customer care center immediately, however, it has been over ___________ (hours/day) and your technician is still not there. I request you to kindly take immediate action.

Indane is government or private?

As a result, state-own companies like HP, Indane, and Bharat Gas, which are exempt from these taxes on LPG import for sale for domestic use, can sell cooking LPG cylinders at a much lower price than private companies. Huh.

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Indane Gas head Office Address: Which gas is best in India?

Bharat Gas is available all over India. Bharat Gas Services supplies gas cylinders for household cooking and public use as well as commercial use. Among its competitors like HP Gas and Indane Gas Service, their customer service is one of the best in India.

Can a person have two gas connections?

The government has now made it illegal to have multiple connections for a family under the policy of ‘one house, one LPG connection’. However, officials say oil marketing companies may make an exception if a consumer can see cooking in two kitchens under the same roof.

What is the consumer number in Indane Gas?

If the subscriber’s number is already registered in the Indane records, the IVRS will indicate a 16-digit consumer ID. Please note that this 16-digit consumer ID mentions on the Indane LPG Challan / Cash Memo / Membership Voucher of the customer. Once confirmed by the customer, a refill booking accept.

Which gas is best in India?

Bharat Gas is available all over India. Bharat Gas Services supplies gas cylinders for household cooking and public use as well as commercial use. Among its competitors like HP Gas and Indane Gas Service, their customer service is one of the best in India

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