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IKQ Phone Number 1-866-LKQ-XXXX, Email ID Details, History, FAQs

IKQ Phone Number: LKQ Corporation is a supplier of speciality and alternative parts for auto repair and vehicle accessories. To repair and customise cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, and performance vehicles. It provides its clients with a variety of replacement systems, parts, equipment, and accessories. The company supplies collision and mechanical repair shops with a wide range of products, including recycled and aftermarket collision and mechanical products, remanufactured engines and transmissions, and refurbished collision products like lights, bumper covers, and wheels.

NameLeadership, Know-how, and Quality
Founded InFebruary 1998
Phone Number1-866-LKQ-CORP
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IKQ Phone Number

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IKQ Phone Number: Donald Flynn established LKQ Corporation in February 1998 after acquiring Triplett Automotive Recycling located in Akron, Ohio. Flynn served as the company’s chairman until his passing in October 2011. It has grown significantly since its founding, mostly as a result of more than 200 acquisitions of manufacturers and suppliers of reconditioned and used auto parts. LKQ has acquired several significant companies, including Stahlgruber, Rhiag, Euro Car Parts, Fource ADL, and others.

The LKQ Corporation declared in January 2017 that it would be relocating. Its North American headquarters to Antioch, a Tennessee suburb of Nashville. They intended to transfer about 400 workers from Illinois and California to the new Antioch headquarters. December 2018 saw the official opening of the new headquarters.

Cost-effectiveness: Inventory of LKQ Auto Parts

The cost-effectiveness of LKQ auto parts is one of their key benefits. Comparing these used parts to OEM equivalents, the savings is substantial. Because LKQ parts are salvaged from cars that insurance companies have written off or determined to be irreparable, they provide a more affordable option for people who want to fix their cars without going over budget.

Furthermore, by lowering waste and fostering a circular economy, LKQ parts support sustainable practices because they are recycled from current vehicles. This environmentally friendly feature adds even more allure for people who consider the environment when making purchases.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that cost-effectiveness and long-term dependability are not always synonymous. LKQ car parts might be less expensive up front, but because of wear and tear from prior use, they might not last as long as OEM parts.

IKQ Phone Number

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LKQ Auto Parts Inventory is available.

The extensive availability of LKQ auto parts inventory is one of its main benefits. Because there are so many salvaged cars in junkyards and salvage yards all over the nation, using LKQ options makes it much simpler to locate the exact part you need. With fewer options for OEM replacements, older or discontinued car models can particularly benefit from this availability.

Furthermore, there are more options available for customisation and changes with LKQ inventory. LKQ parts can give you more options than OEM replacements if you’re looking to customise your car or add special features.

However, because quality control can differ, it’s crucial to proceed with caution when selecting from LKQ inventory. Even though trustworthy salvage yards thoroughly inspect their components before selling them, if you’re not careful, you could still end up buying a defective or unreliable part.

FAQs on IKQ Phone Number

Q. How can I receive a refund if I bought something from LKQ?

Ans. LKQ Refund Policy: Your local branch will reimburse cash purchases that are returned the same day they are delivered. Within 7 working days, LKQ will process the remaining refunds and mail them to you via the United States mail.

Q. How can I return something that I bought from LKQ?

Ans. LKQ Return Policy: Items must be returned in their original packaging, with the invoice, and in a resalable, undamaged state. A 20% handling/restocking fee will be applied to any returns that are received after 30 days from the date of the invoice. Once 45 days have passed since the invoice date, returns will not be accepted. If the proper core is returned within 30 days of the invoice date, core charges are refundable.

Q. Does LKQ purchase car parts?

Ans. No, LKQ does not currently purchase auto parts.

Q. What is the calendar for LKQ cars?

Ans. An annual calendar is the LKQ Calendar. Vehicles are submitted by clients and staff to potentially be featured in a calendar that is distributed across the country.

Q. LKQ: What is it?

Ans. LKQ is a worldwide distributor of automotive products, specialising in accessories and specialty items as well as replacement parts, systems and components for vehicle maintenance and repair.

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