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Alliant Credit Union Phone Number 800-328 XXXX, Email ID Details

Alliant Credit Union Phone Number: The main office of American Credit Union Alliant Credit Union is located in Chicago, Illinois. Established in 1935, it is one of the biggest credit unions in the country. Providing services to more than 600,000 members nationwide. Alliant does not have any physical branches; it is exclusively an online credit union.

In 1935, the United Airlines employees founded the United Airlines Employees’ Credit Union (UAECU), which changed its name to “Alliant Credit Union” in 2003. It expanded the scope of its membership over time. Offering its services to numerous sponsor organisations as well as the neighbourhoods surrounding O’Hare International Airport.

NameAlliant Credit Union
FoundedOctober 26, 1935
Phone Number+1 800-328-1935
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Alliant Credit Union Phone Number

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Alliant Credit Union Phone Number: On October 26, 1935, a small group of United Airlines employees founded a credit union. When the credit union was first founded in 2003, it was known as United Airlines Employees’ Credit Union (UAECU), but Alliant Credit Union eventually took its place. The credit union expanded its membership base after 68 years as a single-sponsor organisation and by the end of 2003. It was providing services to 27 sponsor organisations in addition to people who worked and lived in 19 communities surrounding O’Hare International Airport. In addition to continuing to provide services to the neighbourhoods surrounding O’Hare International Airport, Alliant Credit Union currently grants membership to more than 150 organisations.

Mergers and acquisitions In 2008, Alliant Credit Union acquired the Oakland, California-based Kaiperm Federal Credit Union.

Credit union advantages

When choosing where to park and invest your money next, think about the many benefits that come with joining a credit union.

  • Credit unions answer to their members, not stockholders.
  • Credit unions have competitive rates.
  • Credit unions typically have lower fees.
  • Credit unions leverage a large ATM network.
  • Credit unions are active in their communities.

Credit unions are made up of members, not consumers

A credit union’s primary distinction from a bank is that the former is answerable to its members rather than stockholders. A portion of ownership is represented by your membership.

Anybody with an account at a credit union, be it for a checking or auto loan, is required to be a member. Typically, in a savings account, a “share” represents membership. For instance, each Alliant member has $5 in a savings account that serves as a symbol of their membership.

Serving the best interests of its members is something credit unions are proud of. Credit unions prioritise member empowerment by providing digital and customer service, financial education, and a member-first approach. Credit unions that operate efficiently can also transfer savings to their members. Alliant, for instance, makes financial investments in digital technology advancements and concentrates on digital banking channels.

Alliant Credit Union Phone Number

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Benefits of credit unions

You become more than just an account number when you join a credit union. You’re becoming a member of a financial cooperative that is not for profit and in which everyone owns a share. Members of Alliant Credit Union are rewarded with favourable credit card awards, low loan rates, and high savings and checking rates.

A credit union also has the potential to offer better rates

Everybody wants their money to increase in value. Credit unions’ competitive rates enable you to accomplish this. You get money back from a credit union for every dollar you invest. As a result, credit unions offer cheaper loan rates and greater deposit rates.

You’ll see that credit union checking and savings accounts typically have high-interest rates, paying you more than the average interest rate charged by banks. Great rates will also be offered on certificates, which function similarly to bank certificates of deposit. There is competitive pricing when it comes to loan interest rates. Once more, check rates; you might be pleasantly surprised. Credit unions provide loans for personal, mortgage, auto, education, and other purposes.

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