Gas South Phone Number

Gas South Phone Number 877-332-XXXX, Email ID Details, History

Gas South Phone Number: With more than 425,000 residential, commercial, and governmental customers in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Ohio, Gas South is a natural gas supplier with its headquarters located in Atlanta, Georgia.

NameGas South
Founded 2006
Phone Number877-332-5442
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Gas South Phone Number

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History of Gas South

Gas South Phone Number: As a fully owned subsidiary of Cobb Electric Membership Corporation, Gas South commenced its operations in 2006. With the passage of the Natural Gas Competition and Deregulation Act in 1997. Georgia’s natural gas industry was mainly deregulated, giving consumers both residential and commercial a wide range of options. In the wake of deregulation, Atlanta Gas Light firm (AGLC), the local distribution firm, decided to stop providing retail gas. Instead, focus only on maintaining and running the distribution infrastructure. On behalf of natural gas marketers, AGL is in charge of overseeing storage facilities, transportation services, and gas supply. On a competitive basis, natural gas marketers in turn sell gas directly to retail customers.

In the United States Southeast, Gas South is a natural gas supplier. Gas South now serves approximately 425,000 residential, business, and governmental customers throughout Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, and New Jersey following its December 2020 acquisition of Infinite Energy.

Manon Brochu, chief operational officer Jamie Tiernan, chief supply and risk officer Freddy Cardozo, chief legal and people officer Stacy Paez, and chief sales and marketing officer David Malone lead Gas South. Kevin Greiner serves as the company’s president and CEO.

Monthly Cost of Natural Gas

The season, size of the residence, and individual tastes may all have a significant impact on the monthly cost of natural gas. The kind of natural gas rate you choose has a significant impact on your monthly cost. Make sure you comprehend the differences between flat, fixed, and variable rates and how they affect your monthly costs before signing up for natural gas. All providers of natural gas base their pricing on the New York Mercantile Exchange, or NYMEX.

Average Monthly Cost of Natural Gas

If you’re wondering how much natural gas costs each month, you should first research local natural gas prices and take your preferred plan structure into account. For example, Gas South’s OnePrice PlanĀ® has a flat rate payment that ensures you pay the same amount every month. However, several variables affect both fixed and variable rate customers’ typical natural gas bills, such as the size of the residence, local rate, usage, efficiency, and even the number of windows and doors.

What impacts the average gas bill in GA?

  • Monthly Usage
  • Price per therm
  • Service fee
  • AGL Pass-Through Charges

How to Calculate Your Gas Bill

Are you unsure about the cost of your petrol bill? The good news is that Gas South has created a helpful guide to assist you in learning how to read your gas meter, which you may do at any time. Note the number that each hand indicates as you look at your metre. Then, record it once more the following month. The quantity of petrol utilised that month is shown by the difference between the two figures. You would then factor your petrol use into your monthly expenses.

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Are You Trying to Cut Costs?

You may be more energy and financially efficient by adopting one of the numerous simple strategies to reduce your petrol use and, therefore, your bill. Reducing gas usage might involve utilising the microwave more, having shorter showers and turning down the thermostat during the winter.

Plans for natural gas may appear complicated, but Gas South’s everyday low prices and plan structures are meant to make things easy. Our OnePrice Plan flat monthly bill programme will help you avoid surprises and feel at ease knowing that your petrol price will be the same every month if you choose to set it and forget it.

FAQs on Gas South Phone Number

Q. What is the income of Gas South?

Ans. Gas South’s income is $129.8 million.

Q. How many people work at Gas South?

Ans. There are 381 workers at Gas South.

Q. Where is the headquarters of Gas South located?

Ans. The address of Gas South’s headquarters is PO Box 723728, Atlanta, Georgia, 31139, USA.

Q. Which are the main industries in Gas South?

Ans. Fuel The primary industries in the South are waste, utilities, energy, oil and gas, and electricity.

Q. What other names or spelling variations do people use while looking for Gas South?

Ans. Gas South LLC, Gas South, GassouthThe Gas South, and Gas South District are the names that show up in search results for Gas South.

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