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Cleco Phone Number: Pineville, in Central Louisiana, is home to the headquarters of Cleco Corporate Holdings LLC, a firm that was once known as the Central Louisiana Electric firm. It runs Cleco Power, a regulated electric utility serving about 290,000 retail consumers in Louisiana. In addition, Cleco runs an unregulated wholesale power company.

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cleco phone number



With more than 1,400 employees, Cleco Corporation is one of Louisiana’s leading suppliers of power and related services. The Cleco Utility Group, Cleco Midstream Resources. LLC and Utility Construction & Technology Solutions LLC (also known as Utilitech Solutions) are its three main commercial operations. The business is set up as a holding company. About 246,000 homes and businesses receive electricity services from the Cleco Utility Group.

A regional collaboration for energy services, Cleco Midstream Resources builds and runs power. Plants and invests in and assists in the upkeep of nature. gas pipelines to supply energy to other businesses and organisations. That have their electric utility networks. UtiliTech Solutions provides engineering and line-building. services to a range of third-party electrical distributors, including utility firms. that are publicly and privately owned. Cleco can provide its clients in central Louisiana. with over 1,300 megawatts of power due to its partial ownership of four major electrical plants.


Cleco Phone Number, With over 1,300 workers, the company provides wholesale. power in Louisiana and Mississippi and serves about 290,000 clients in 24 of Louisiana’s 64 parishes through its retail division. With a total nameplate capacity of 3,035 megawatts, Cleco has nine producing units, 12,000 miles of distribution lines, and 1,300 miles of transmission lines.

Workers make plans

Our employees enjoy a range of benefits, including dental and vision care, and prescription drugs. Coverage, medical insurance, and various life insurance options. Furthermore, as soon as they are hired, they can start saving for the future through our 401(k). Savings and Investment Plan.. Regular full-time employees are eligible for a substantial employer match. Moreover, on the first day of enrollment, employee contributions and Cleco’s non-discretionary match become fully vested, granting our employees ownership of the monies in their accounts regardless of their decision to retire or leave the company


Assist Cleco workers in finding a work-life balance

Cleco is aware of the value of taking time off from work. Employees get sick leave and vacation time allotment on their first day of work, which they can use for jury duty, military leave, and bereavement. They also start to accrue vacation hours on this day. Employees are eligible for both short- and long-term disability payments after fulfilling service criteria. In addition, Cleco celebrates 11 paid holidays annually and provides new parents with a comprehensive paid parental leave programme.

cleco phone number

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Assist Cleco workers in pursuing higher education

Up to a maximum amount per year, Cleco reimburses employees for 85% of their undergraduate tuition, fees, and mandatory textbooks and 50% of their graduate tuition.

Assistance with life-altering situations for Cleco employees

For staff members who decide to adopt a child through an approved agency, Cleco provides extra support. Up to a predetermined amount, we pay our staff members 80% of their adoption-related costs.


Q. Do you only provide output spindles with a through-hole?

Ans. The only mechanism found in square drives that are smaller than 1/2″ is retaining rings. When using a socket retaining ring with a square drive bigger than 1/2″, both a through-hole and a retaining ring are required.

Q. Are expander rolls purchased as a roll or as individuals?

Ans. Unless otherwise noted, almost all expander rolls are sold in roll sets.

Q. Can I buy rebuild kits from Cleco?

Ans. While we do sell some repair kits, the majority of repair parts are available separately. See your Cleco tool’s service manual for more comprehensive details on rebuilds and repairs. In the downloads section of, you can use the model number to hunt up a digital service manual.

Q. What it is like to work at Cleco?

Ans. The overall rating of Cleco is 4.0, with Skill Development being rated at the top and given a rating of 5.0. However, Work-Life balance is rated the lowest at 2.0. To know first-hand what is it like to work at Cleco read detailed reviews by job profile, department and location in the reviews section.

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