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Class Pass Phone Number: ClassPass is a monthly membership that offers customers access to hundreds of gyms, fitness centres, salons, and spas worldwide for fitness and wellness purposes. ClassPass is home to the greatest collection of classes and appointments worldwide, with over 66,000 businesses spread across 29 countries. Pilates, yoga, massages, and manicures are just a few of the activities and salon and spa appointments available to members. ClassPass is one of Mindbody Inc.’s subsidiaries.

Name ClassPass
FoundedJune 1, 2013
Phone NumberIf you have any questions or concerns, you can’t get in touch with someone at ClassPass’s customer support number.
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class pass phone number

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Class Pass Phone Number: In addition to her full-time position at Warner Music. Group as director of digital strategy and business development, Kakadia was a professional dancer. She gave up her full-time job and her ambitions to register in business school in 2011 to launch her company. Her initial thought was to create Sa Dancing, a dancing group. After generating several concepts, she ultimately developed a search engine for fitness classes. Over the following year, Kakadia developed the app. However, Payal didn’t get it. The response she was hoping for when she opened the app. She kept working on reassembling the platform. Many investors joined in as it developed into its present state. Thus ClassPass grew to become one of the biggest fitness networks globally.

Obtaining Funds

$2 million was given to ClassPass as seed money in March 2014, and in September of the same year, businessman Fritz Lanman contributed $12 million in a Series A round of funding. Thrive Capital and General Catalyst provided $40 million in Series B funding for it in 2015. The business was worth more than $200 million.In November 2015, ClassPass secured another $30 million in funding, spearheaded by Google Ventures. In May 2017, ClassPass revealed a $70 million Series C led by Temasek Holdings, valuing the business at $470 million. With Temasek leading the charge, it raised US$85 million in July 2018 to expand into Asia. At a $1 billion value, it raised $285 million in investment in January 2020. Mindbody Inc. purchased the company in October 2021.


A 2015 article in The New York Times described ClassPass as a “middleman” between consumers and health clubs, arguing that there is a “power imbalance” between the owners of the health clubs and ClassPass, which is similar to the relationship with other digital intermediary services like and Uber. ClassPass has been criticised for undermining the business model of the health clubs on which it depends.[32] In certain gyms, the service has helped the owners limit the number of members “to prevent being cannibalised,” which has resulted in lower profit margins.


  • Benefits like ClassPass subscriptions give your staff members the freedom to manage their physical and emotional well-being as they see fit.
  • Complete access to all fitness centres, gyms, salons, and spas worldwide with our app
  • Credits to reserve tens of thousands of fitness courses, health checkups, and rehabilitation services
  • flexibility to change plans at any time, add credits, or roll them over
class pass phone number


The woman behind this brand was inspired to launch a dance-related business. That was not entirely successful. However, Payal eventually acquired ClassPass, an American-friendly fitness aggregation platform, following a few changes of direction. Today, it’s a billion-dollar company with operations in more than 26 nations.

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FAQs on Class Pass Phone Number

Q. ClassPass credits: what are they?

Ans. You will receive a certain amount of credits upon registering for a ClassPass membership, which you can apply to exercise classes. Rather than having to pay cash for each class you attend, you will use your credits on the ClassPass booking website. You will be able to purchase varying quantities of credits based on how much you intend to work out.

Q. What is the price of ClassPass?

Ans. The city in which you choose to sign up for ClassPass and the frequency of your workouts will determine the fee. Your subscription will cost more the more you exercise. Take a look at the screenshot below to get a sense of what ClassPass can cost you. An illustration of the cost of ClassPass in the Denver/Boulder area can be found below.

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