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Chegg’s Phone Number: American educational technology business Chegg, Inc. is situated in Santa Clara, California. It offers online tutoring, textbook rentals (both physical and digital), homework assistance, and other student services.

Launched in 2006, the business started public trading on the New York Stock Exchange in November 2013. According to the company, there were 2.9 million Chegg Services subscribers as of March 2020. There have been allegations of student cheating via Chegg, which has made the company’s services contentious.

FoundedJuly 2006
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Chegg's Phone Number

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A Brief History

Chegg, additionally referred to as Chegg, inc., is a California-based training-era business enterprise. it was set up sometime in the early part of 2000 using two American businessmen in Silicon Valley: Osman Rashid and Ayush Phumbhra.

The period chegg is an aggregate of two phrases: fowl and egg. the founder’s notion of this call due to their very own revel in as post-college graduates. in truth, they couldn’t get employed for any process without experience, but they couldn’t also get revel in if they weren’t properly employed. this trouble is similar to the hen or egg quandary; as a consequence, the name Chegg.

Nowadays, Chegg has around 2.5 million subscribers. by being a member, you get access to a library of digital textbooks and different scholar services (online tutoring, scholarship placement, help to getting internships, and many others.) at inexpensive fees.

The Evolution and History of Chegg

Examining the businesses that Chegg has purchased will give you a better idea of the services that they currently provide. As far as we can tell, over the past few years, Chegg has purchased at least nine additional businesses to diversify its operations. These include:

  • Zinch, a website offering scholarship searches and college recruiting
  • Cramster, an online company helping students with homework and exam prep
  • Notehall, a company that sold course notes
  • 3D3R, a software company acquired to launch multiple Chegg digital initiatives
  • InstaEDU, another (larger) online tutoring company
  •, a website focused on (you guessed it) connecting students with internships
  • Imagine Easy Solutions, a company helping students with research and bibliographies
  • WriteLab, an artificial intelligence tool similar to Grammarly
  • StudyBlue, a flashcard software company
  • ThinkFul, an online platform with courses in computer science

As you can see, Chegg’s offerings have grown to include online tutoring, resources and search engines for scholarships and internships, college writing tools like online flashcards and bibliographies, and more. We might even see Chegg expand into offering its stand-alone educational tracks in light of the ThinkFul acquisition.

What Services Are Provided by Chegg?

Chegg provides a variety of online student services, physical and digital textbook rentals, and textbook purchases. These online services cover almost everything you can think of to help a college student with their academics:

  • Chegg Study: Solutions to textbook queries and a professional Q&A service
  • The Chegg Math Solver is a visual calculator and step-by-step math solution that explains the solution and its process.
  • Chegg Writing: This service helps students with their paper citations in addition to checking their writing for grammar and plagiarism.
  • Chegg Practice: Practice tests covering a wide range of subject areas, along with thorough explanations of every response so you can go over them again

We’ll go into more detail about each of these services separately, but first, let’s talk about how they help so many college students by offering such excellent, on-demand answers.

Chegg's Phone Number
Chegg’s Phone Number

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How Does Chegg Work?

Chegg uses the newest instructional technology to assist students with a wide range of needs, including renting textbooks, writing papers, completing homework, and locating internships. There’s a good chance Chegg offers a service to fulfil any needs students may have.

When it comes to the particular services they offer, eTextbook rentals are accessible via the website. If you rent a physical textbook, you will need to print your pre-paid UPS return label, put the books in a box, and drop it off at UPS after logging into your Chegg online account.

To use any of Chegg’s online services, a student account must be created online. After creating an account, you can sign up for one, more, or all services, or purchase a package like the Chegg Study Pack. How does Chegg obtain solutions for pupils? Chegg “employs more than 70,000 experts with advanced maths, science, technology, and engineering degrees” in India, who are available around the clock to answer subscriber questions, according to a thorough Forbes article that we’ll refer to again later.

How to Cancel Chegg Study?

To terminate Chegg Study, just sign into your Chegg account and click this link. You can also use your search engine to look up “cancel Chegg Study,” then follow the instructions on the Chegg website.

Though the cancellation links for Chegg Study subscriptions purchased through iTunes and Google Play may differ slightly, don’t worry. Chegg offers good customer service if you are unable to cancel your account. Chegg has gone above and beyond by providing a real phone number for customers to call for support. 855-477-0177 is the Chegg support line number.

Can you delete Chegg’s accounts?

You can remove your Chegg account, yes. You have to return all borrowed textbooks (digital or physical) and terminate all active subscriptions before you can deactivate your account. From there, you can request the total deletion of your user account data by following Chegg’s instructions found here.

Given Chegg’s standing with academics, some students wish to completely remove their Chegg accounts. This is unlikely to have any bearing on any future academic inquiry or on any information that Chegg might provide to a university. Of course, some people want to deactivate their accounts because they only used Chegg to rent textbooks.

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