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American Honda Finance Phone Number: Since 1992, Honda’s business has mostly concentrated on retail financing and retail automobile leasing. The company is in charge of distribution, marketing, and sales of Honda and Acura brand cars, and Honda Powersports products. Honda Power Equipment products (garden tools and generators), Honda Engines products, Honda Marine engines, and HondaJet aircraft. It also combines the product sales, service, and coordinating functions of Honda in North America.


American Honda Finance

NameAmerican Honda Finance
Phone Number1-800 366-8500
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American Honda Finance Phone Number

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American Honda Finance Phone Number: Since 1992, Honda’s business has mostly concentrated on retail financing and retail automobile leasing.When AHFC first opened for business in 1980. It provided authorised Honda motorcycle dealers with wholesale financing available across the country. In 1983, Honda started providing wholesale finance for its power equipment, and in 1986. It expanded to include Honda and Acura automobiles. With trial programmes for Honda motorcycles and power equipment in California and Florida. As well as for Honda and Acura automobiles in California starting in May 1986, AHFC began providing retail financing in 1985. Honda started retail leasing for Acura and Honda cars in California in April 1990. Since 1992, Honda’s business has mostly concentrated on retail financing and retail automobile leasing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Customers wishing to buy or lease Honda cars can obtain financing services from American Honda Finance.
  • American Honda Finance offers convenient and cost-effective financing with a range of flexible payment choices and competitive interest rates.
  • American Honda Finance can aid in locating the ideal financing option for you, regardless of your credit status—excellent credit or needing help getting approved for credit.
  • Take out your ideal car with American Honda Finance by beginning your auto financing journey right now!

Honda Financing Options

American Honda Finance provides a range of financing solutions to meet your needs for your Honda vehicle. Honda provides financing options for all types of vehicles, including lease financing and auto loans. Let’s examine the various financing choices in more detail:

Car Financing

You have the option to buy your automobile and pay for it over time with Honda auto finance. With this option, you can purchase your Honda outright after making all of the required payments. Honda makes it as easy as possible for you to finance a car by providing flexible terms and competitive interest rates.

 Auto Loan

Honda can help you with all the paperwork and loan application process if you would rather obtain a loan from a bank or other financial institution. With this option, you can choose your lender and bargain for the best terms and interest rates on your vehicle loan.

Lease Financing

For individuals who wish to experience the newest models without the long-term commitment of ownership, leasing a Honda is a popular option. To suit your needs, Honda provides lease finance alternatives with a range of term lengths and mileage options. Benefits of leasing include reduced monthly payments and the freedom to trade in your old Honda for a new one every few years.

Honda wants to make your aspirations of owning a Honda car a reality by providing these financing alternatives. Honda offers the ideal option for you whether you’re looking for lease financing, auto financing, or vehicle financing. Take a look at your alternatives and start the process of buying or leasing a Honda today.

American Honda Finance Phone Number

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Buying a Honda with Financing

Financing options are available to help turn your dream car into a reality when purchasing a Honda. Making an educated choice can be aided by knowing the essential phrases and specifics of the financing procedure, whether you’re looking to buy a new or used Honda. Let’s examine the crucial elements to take into account when financing the purchase of a Honda.

The Loan Process

Financing a Honda car involves several considerations. The price of the car, your credit score, and the terms of the lender are just a few of the factors that will affect the loan amount, length, and annual percentage rate (APR). Finding the finest financing terms and prices that meet your needs requires comparing loan offers from several lenders. Make careful to enquire about any potential application fees or prepayment penalties related to the loan.

Special Financing Offers

Honda frequently offers exclusive incentives and financing plans to entice you to buy even more. These deals may come with discounted monthly payments, rebate programmes, or low APRs. It’s critical to keep abreast of current Honda financing offers and inquire about any ongoing specials at your neighbourhood Honda dealership to take advantage of these promotions.

The Benefits of Honda Financing

Those who purchase a Honda have many advantages when they finance their purchase. With flexible loan periods and affordable interest rates, Honda Finance enables you to drive a dependable and high-quality car while sticking to your spending plan. Furthermore, since timely payments have a positive effect on your credit history, Honda financing can help you establish or raise your credit score.

Loan AmountAPRLoan TermApplication FeePrepayment Penalty
$15,0003.5%60 months$0No
$20,0002.9%72 months$0No
$25,0004.2%48 months$100Yes

FAQs on American Honda Finance Phone Number

Q. What is Honda Finance America?

Ans: American Honda Motor Co., Inc.’s financial services business, American Honda Finance Corporation (AHFC), offers financing and leasing choices for power equipment, marine vehicles, motorcycles, and Honda and Acura cars.

Q. How can I get into my American Honda Finance account?

Ans: Using the AHFC mobile app or by entering your username and password into the AHFC website, you can access your American Honda Finance account online.

Q. How can I get in touch with American Honda Finance customer service?

Ans: You can get in touch with customer care at American Honda Finance by visiting a nearby Honda dealership and chatting with a representative face-to-face or by calling the toll-free number listed on their website.

Q. How can I submit an application to American Honda Finance for financing or leasing?

Ans. A finance professional will assist you in applying for financing or leasing through American Honda Finance. Alternatively, you may start the application process online by visiting the AHFC website or by visiting a participating Honda dealership.

Q. Is it possible to rate or review the services provided by American Honda Finance?

Ans: American Honda Finance allows consumers to rate and comment on their overall AHFC experience by sending surveys or getting in touch with customer support.

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