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Adobe Phone Number: Adobe is a technology company that focuses on creative design when developing software. Its mission is to “change the world through digital experiences,” which means it bridges the gap between technology and art. Beyond being ubiquitous, Adobe understands the value of the digital experience for today’s workforce and educational system. Among others, it offers platforms for educators, artists, marketers, videographers, designers, and students.



Name Adobe
Founded InDecember, 1982
Phone Number+91-120-4444711
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About Adobe

Adobe was founded in 1982 in the Golden State. PostScript, a programming language and page description language for producing print-friendly documents, was the company’s initial release. Font design was aided by Adobe’s designers as well. In 1985, Adobe launched the development of its well-known Illustrator programme.

Adobe Flash was a media content platform that the company has since stopped supporting. Another related product is Flash Player, which is computer software for viewing videos and other multimedia. Adobe Flash Player is a well-known computer product that lets users view media content made with Flash on their browser, including graphics and videos. Adobe chose to stop supporting Flash Player as well at the end of 2020.

Adobe Phone Number

Products of Adobe

Adobe’s suite of creative design applications is arguably one of its most well-known products. Although Adobe provides the Creative Cloud at a discounted price for teachers, students, classrooms, and entire schools, it is also accessible to individuals. The following is a list of some Creative Cloud software options:

  • Adobe Animate is a software for computer animation, graphic design, video game design, and more.
  • Illustrator, mentioned above, is a graphic design platform for digital and print documents.
  • Photoshop is an image editing platform that allows users to retouch images, change image features, and add drawings to images.
  • Lightroom is a platform for editing multiple photos, creating albums, and sharing them with others in the cloud.
  • Stock provides a collection of stock photos for designers to place in creative content.
  • Premiere Pro is a software for producing and editing film content.
  • InDesign is a document design platform for setting book pages, magazine spreads, and any other intersection of text and graphics.

Pros and Cons


  • Advanced features for photographers
  • Wide file support
  • Integrated stock library
  • Highly customizable shortcuts
  • Integration with other Adobe apps
  • Frequent updates
  • Integration of AI features
  • Compatibility
  • Variety of educational content
  • Merging pictures
  • Capable of performing professional color grading
  • professional graphics
  • advanced layers
  • cloud storage
  • Useful plug-ins, filters, textures, overlays, actions
  • Full support of drawing tablets
  • Opentype SVG fonts and emoji support
  • Many design tools
  • Lots of digital painting brushes
  • Video clips and animation layers


  • It’s not cheap
  • Installation limitation
  • Progress monitoring bars are missing in some features of Photoshop
  • High-quality graphics are difficult to render
  • Support for vector graphics
  • Discontinued 3D design feature
  • Not suitable for batch work with photos
  • Incomplete updates or untested beta versions
Adobe Phone Number

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Interactive chart showing Adobe’s (ADBE) historical market capitalization over the previous ten years. Market capitalization, which is the current stock price multiplied by the total number of outstanding shares, is a common way to measure a company’s value. On December 1, 2023, Adobe’s net worth was $278.86 billion.


Q. Adobe Creative Cloud: What is it?

Ans. For all of your creative endeavours, including photography, graphic design, video editing, UX design, painting and drawing, social media, and more, Adobe Creative Cloud offers applications, online services, and resources. You can either subscribe to the Creative Cloud All Apps plan or create your own plan by purchasing individual app subscriptions. Find out more about Creative Cloud’s apps.

Q. What is the cost of the Adobe Creative Cloud?

Ans. Individual app plans for Adobe Creative Cloud start at ₹638.38/month, while the Creative Cloud Photography plan costs ₹638.38/month and the Creative Cloud All Apps plan costs ₹2,394.22/month (GST included). Additionally, we provide a free Creative Cloud membership, which includes starter plans for Adobe XD and Fresco as well as the free Adobe Express plan.

Q. Does Adobe Creative Cloud have no cost?

Ans. A free Creative Cloud membership from Adobe comes with mobile apps, fonts, starter plans for Adobe Fresco and XD, and the free Adobe Express plan. At any point, you can upgrade to the Creative Cloud All Apps plan or add more Single App plans.

Q. How can I install and download Creative Cloud?

Ans. Installing the Creative Cloud desktop application or logging in to Creative Cloud online will allow you to begin downloading Creative Cloud. Through the log-in page, you can control your subscription.

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