Avianca Phone Number, Email ID, Mission, Pros and Cons

Avianca Phone Number, Email ID, Mission, Pros and Cons

Avianca Phone Number: Avianca S.A. is the largest airline in Colombia. It has operated as Colombia’s national airline since December 5, 1919, when it was first registered under the name SCADTA. Its registered office is in Barranquilla, Colombia, and its headquarters are there as well. Its primary hub is El Dorado International Airport, and its global headquarters are in Bogota. Avianca is the flag carrier of ten Latin American airlines. That use a codesharing arrangement to function as a single airline.

After LATAM of Chile, Avianca is the biggest airline in Colombia and the second largest in Latin America. In Latin America, Avianca and its affiliates have the largest network of destinations. Complete ownership belonged to Synergy Group prior to the 2010 merger with TACA, a holding company based in South America that Germán Efromovich founded and focused on aviation. The Colombia Stock Exchange has it listed.



Founded In5 December 1919
Phone Number(+001) 800-284-2622
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Avianca Phone Number, Email ID, Mission, Pros and Cons

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Originating on December 5, 1919, the airline was based in Barranquilla, Columbia. Germans Werner Kämmerer, Stuart Hosie, and Albert Tietjen, along with Colombians Ernesto Cortissoz Alvarez-Correa, Rafael María Palacio, Cristóbal Restrepo, Jacobo Correa, and Aristides Noguera, founded the Colombo-German Company, also referred to as Sociedad Colombo-Alemana de Transportes Aéreos, or SCADTA. On September 5, 1920, the company used a Junkers F.13 to carry 57 pieces of mail from Barranquilla to the nearby town of Puerto Colombia. This was their first successful flight.

Helmuth von Krohn, a German, piloted the aircraft. This aircraft and another of its kind were made entirely of metal and had engines. That needed to be changed in order for them to run well in the nation’s climate. The fleet consisted of nine aircraft with a combined range of 850 km (528 mi). Each of which could accommodate up to four passengers and two crew members. Owing to the country’s topography and the absence of airports during that period, floats were modified to enable two of the Junkers aircraft to land on water in rivers close to various towns.

On October 20, 1920, Helmuth von Krohn used these floats to complete the first inland flight over Colombia, following the Magdalena River. The eight-hour flight necessitated four water landings for emergency purposes.


2023 Net Worth: 109 Million

2022 Net Worth: 98.3 Million

2021 Net Worth: 87.4 Million

The net worth of Avianca in 2020 was $76.5 million, while in 2019 it was $65.6 million.

Pros and Cons


  • Several Fare Classes
  • LifeMiles Program
  • The Largest Colombian Airline And second-largest in Latin America
  • The second-oldest airline globally
  • Cheap Flight
  • Superb for Foreign Trips
  • In-Flight Entertainment


  • Unfavourable Reviews
  • Fewer Travel Destinations Available To Americans
  • Prolonged Wait Times for Customer Service
  • Meals Are Not Added to Fares Any More
Avianca Phone Number, Email ID, Mission, Pros and Cons

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  • Provide dependable freight plans that make use of expertise, a state-of-the-art fleet, and an international organisation for easy transportation.
  • Customize services to meet unique customer needs and exceed expectations by implementing reliable and well-thought-out air freight arrangements.
  • Accept steady progress and environmentally conscious work that reduces natural impacts and significantly expands service networks.


Q. How can I monitor my shipment of air freight?

Ans. To keep track of the progress of your goods, use the reference number provided to gain access to their web-based global positioning framework.

Q. What information is necessary for tracking?

Ans.You will require the specific shipment reference number in order to obtain accurate and comprehensive tracking details.

Q. Is goods tracking available for every shipment?

Ans. Yes, for eligible shipments, the following administrations are available: You will receive a reference number at the time of booking.

Q. Think about the chance that the data I’m following isn’t updating.

Ans. In the unlikely event that updates are delayed, please wait while the framework refreshes. In the unlikely event that the problem persists, get in touch with them.

Q. How would I inquire about a shipment that is missing or delayed?

Ans. Get in contact with their client care for a quick assessment and assistance regarding missing or postponed goods.

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