TXU Energy Phone Numbe

TXU Energy Phone Number, Email ID Details, History, Pros & Cons

TXU Energy Phone Number:-Texas citizens can purchase power plans from TXU Energy, a retail electric supplier. For homes, apartments, condominiums, and any other kind of living space, they provide residential blueprints. Businesses of all sizes may also take advantage of TXU’s business and commercial electricity programmes. TXU thus offers a plan to suit your needs, regardless of whether you own a business, are a homeowner, or rent.


TXU Energy

NameTXU Energy
Founded In2002
Phone Number800-711-9112
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TXU Energy Phone Number: Originally the Dallas Electric Lighting Company, TXU Energy brought electricity to North Texas in 1882. Thirty years later, Dallas Electric Lighting Company and thirteen other minor businesses were merged under the Texas Power & Light Company (TP&L). In due course, TP&L changed its name to GE’s Electric Bond & Share (EB&S) Company.

TXU Energy purchases electricity from power plants at a wholesale price in its capacity as a retail electric supplier (REP). They then provide power plans to customers at retail pricing, which includes the sale of electricity. But in reality, TXU Energy doesn’t manage or provide the power to your house or place of business. Your local utility corporation (TDU), which collaborates with TXU or whichever retail power supplier you select, is responsible for it.

GoodCharlie Energy functions in a similar manner. Since we represent a REP, we ensure that power reaches your house, deal with your local utility provider, and purchase electricity at wholesale rates. To begin a new power plan provided by GoodCharlie, get in touch with us.

Pros & Cons


  • Top Brand
  • extensive selection of green products
  • The biggest supplier in Texas
  • Excellent service history
  • Additional services provided from home


  • Rates higher than some competitors

Good Alternative to TXU Energy

If you feel like TXU isn’t the right company for you, after all, contact us at GoodCharlie Energy. As one of the newest retail electric providers in Texas, we have a lot to offer that other companies don’t. Here are some of the perks and benefits you get when you sign up with GoodCharlie. 

  • No Hidden Fees for Emergency Pet Funds, Charity Round-Ups, and Video Vet Access
  • Plans for Green Energy
  • Programmes for Referrals
  • Competitive Prices

Here at GoodCharlie Energy, safeguarding Texas’s canines is a major aspect of our work. Roughly 100,000 canines are put to death each year at rescue facilities all throughout the state. With the ultimate objective of turning Texas into a no-kill state, that is why we have worked with several no-kill pet rescue shelters in Houston and Dallas.

We want to make sure your furry friends are well taken care of in addition to the dogs and cats at these shelters. For this reason, we provide a $750 pet emergency fund, 24/7 emergency video vet access, and monthly bill collection that is rounded up and donated to pet charities at no additional cost to you.

That puts us among the best new REPs in Texas, along with the fact that we provide green energy programmes, no additional costs, and extremely affordable prices.

TXU Energy Phone Numbe

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Gexa Energy Vs. TXU Energy

Choosing the appropriate power plan requires careful consideration of your priorities. Are you trying to find an eco-friendly solution? Do you desire transparent invoicing with no additional fees? Or are you looking for a certain promotion? This is an explanation:

  • Eco-conscious Option: Gexa Energy unquestionably leads the way with our dedication to 100% green power plans if you consider it important to contribute to a sustainable future.
  • Budget and Transparency: Gexa Energy excels in providing clear, upfront invoicing, so you’re never taken aback by unanticipated costs.
  • Value-Added Services: Although other suppliers could run short-term specials, Gexa Energy provides long-term benefits with all-inclusive services like renewable energy credits, smart home integration, and power plans tailored to individual requirements.

FAQs about TXU Energy Phone Number

Q. I need to pay my TXU Energy payment, can I request an extension?

Ans. We do provide select clients with payment extensions. Give us a call at 800-242-9113 to find out whether you are eligible for a deferment. MyAccount could also allow you to.

This short-term option cannot be extended past the date of your subsequent invoice, nor will it alter your monthly due date. There are still costs that apply.

Q. How can I file a power outage report?

Ans. Power line upkeep and repair are the responsibility of your Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU). They are your greatest option for restoration information and timelines, and they also restore power during outages. Please get in touch with your local TDU if you need to report an outage.

Q. What is the process to open a TXU Energy Account?

Ans. Joining up for a TXU Energy MyAccount is simple and fast. To begin going, click this link.

Make sure you have the following details at your disposal:

  • Number(s) for TXU Energy accounts
  • Date of birth
  • The maiden name of the mother
  • Number on a driver’s licence
  • Social Security number’s final four digits (or, for sole proprietorship enterprises, their Tax ID)
  • Electronic mail address

Q. How can I reduce my cost by making little, energy-saving adjustments?

Ans. Turning up your thermostat is the simplest approach to reduce energy use when the temperature rises. You may save money on energy costs in the summer by turning up the thermostat a few degrees while keeping your house at a comfortable temperature.

In the winter, turning up the thermostat a few degrees will aid when the temperature drops. Look at other methods to save costs.

By subscribing to TXU Energy Average Monthly Billing, you may also steer clear of seasonal fluctuations in your power cost. Your monthly payments become more predictable as a result.

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