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Trav and Cor Phone Number, 878XXXXX Best WhatsApp Number, Home Address and Email-ID Detail, Biography, Contact Detail, D.O.B

Trav and Cor Phone Number:- Trav and Cor aka Travis Talbot and Corey Talbot Age, Bio, Profile. Contact Details. Tydus first gained internet fame when his parents filmed him snowboarding when he was just a year old. Jake Paul decided to jump on-board the snowboarding video and created one himself. From there, Tydus was dubbed “Mini Jake Paul” and they have a friendship to this day. On his channel, he has uploaded videos of his kids and their daily life. His YouTube videos have garnered over 4.8 million subscribers. They have a son, Tydeus, who came to be known as Mini Jake Paul. They have two more children named Rhett Talbot and Bowie Talbot.

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Trav and Cor

NameTrav and Cor
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Trav and Cor Phone Number
Trav and Cor Phone Number
Trav and Cor Phone Number

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Biography: Trav and Cor Phone Number

Trav & Cor is a popular YouTube channel owned by a couple. It puts the first name of these vloggers on account of their fame for easy recognition.

Trav & Cor features lifestyle content from lovers, Travis Talbot and Corey Talbot. The pair is married with three children named Mini, Jake, and Paul. Their real names are Tydus Talbot, Rhett Talbot and their last born Bowie Talbot. The three children were born on May 24, 2014, August 10, 2016, and May 2, 2020, respectively.

Travis Talbot was born on May 23, 1982, and Corey Talbot was born on January 17, 1985. Corey Talbot hails from Salinas, California and is a Capricorn. Travis Talbot hails from Santa Cruz, California, United States and his birth sign is Gemini.

Fgteev phone number

FGTeeV, better known as The Family Gaming Team or Funnel Vision, has become famous as an American family-run YouTube channel that specializes in gaming videos. Due to immense popularity, people keep asking, what is Fgteev’s phone number 2022? 2022 projections show Fgteev phone number

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The Fgteev Contact Information

FGTeeV Duddy started his YouTube experience in December 2006 with FUNnel Vision, inspired by his family motto, Fun ‘Ol Day’.

A 2007 update shows that it started submitting movies to the network. Baby Eating Salt and Vinegar Chips was the first video that he posted on his YouTube channel. First time trying an eating reaction!

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Trav and Cor Phone Number
Trav and Cor Phone Number

The vlogging videos that he started posting helped him to gain a huge Fgteev net worth to raise curiosity among people to know more about Fgteev’s phone number.

Career: Trav and Cor Phone Number

He received his education at Santa Cruz High School and the University of California, Berkeley. Travis has a height of 5 feet 11 inches and weighs 79 kg. Although his wife is tall and beautiful, he has not yet disclosed her height and weight to the public.

The YouTube channel controlled by Trav and Cor includes content from their lifestyle and the daily activities of their children. His Youtube channel is one of the most popular channels with 5 million subscribers and more than 1.5 billion views with an estimated daily view of 1.8 million.


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