The Ohana Adventure Phone Number, The Ohana Adventure Address

The Ohana Adventure Phone Number, 301XXXXX Best Contact Detail and WhatsApp Number, Home Address, Email-ID Detail, D.O.B

The Ohana Adventure Phone Number:- If you’re a frequent YouTube consumer and haven’t yet stumbled upon Ohana Adventure, you need to watch them now (good news, we’ve linked their videos below). Ohana Adventure is a family of 8 – Mom, Dad and six kids. They use their home state of Utah as a jumping-off point for all kinds of adventures. As a result, the entire family produces tons of entertaining video content on their 8 YouTube channels. Recently, the whole family got in on some supercar fun with Xtreme Xperience at the Utah Motorsports Campus.

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Ohana Adventure (or TOA, as they lovingly call themselves) spent a morning with their team sitting in, riding, and driving the supercar, creating four great videos about their experience. I’ve linked them below with a brief description and behind-the-scenes since I (Aaron, XX’s marketing coordinator) was there.


The Ohana Adventure

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The Ohana Adventure Phone Number

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The Ohana Adventure Phone Number
The Ohana Adventure Phone Number

Would I buy a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Shelby Cobra GT500: The Ohana Adventure Phone Number

Jace, or dad as he is called in the video, is a real car guy. He is currently working on restoring his ’67 Mustang. He was completely through the roof driving a supercar on the track and he was seen in the video when he got out of his first drive in the Lamborghini Huracan.

Will I scream!? Crazy Race Car Challenge

The video focuses on the experience of being a dad of two again. Ohana Adventure’s dad probably had more fun riding with one of our pro instructors than he did driving. The scream you hear in the video was so loud that the entire pit crew heard it and stopped for a second to see what had happened!

Stunning Clelia with Lamborghini: The Ohana Adventure Phone Number

Clay, the oldest of the Bennett family children, is 17 years old and drives a Toyota Camry (watch this video for a fun overhaulin’ style revamp of the car). I don’t know how the Youtube algorithm works, but I don’t think it provides enough income for a new Lamborghini. Clay should know otherwise because video three focuses on his experience riding a Lamborghini!

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The Ohana Adventure Phone Number
The Ohana Adventure Phone Number

Girls Vs Boys Reaction Challenge! Who would be Mad

The final video focuses on the oldest four kids and their challenge not to “freak out” while riding in the back seat of our Chevy SS lead car. Then, based on that result, Mom and Dad have a competition to see who runs the better lap in their supercar of their choice. The winner of the kids’ contest gets a chance to add 10 seconds to the opposing team’s time! Just to clarify, he timed the laps later using his video package.

One last tidbit of information. If you have kids and are reading this, check out The Ohana Adventure on YouTube. They somehow manage to fight with six kids, have a lot of fun and make great videos. aim.


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