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SeatGeek Phone Number: Users of SeatGeek’s mobile-focused ticket marketplace can purchase and sell tickets for live performances of plays, concerts, and sports. Users of the SeatGeek desktop and mobile apps can browse events, see interactive seat maps with colour coding, make purchases, and print or receive electronic tickets. The business was first established as an aggregator of secondary ticketing market listings, but it currently serves as both a primary ticket outlet and a secondary marketplace for sports teams and live event venues.

The majority of the English Premier League’s clubs, including Liverpool F.C. and Manchester City F.C., as well as the Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, and Cleveland Cavaliers. New Orleans Pelicans, and Florida Panthers, are among the box office clients of the company. Additionally, the platform manages all concert ticket sales for major venues like AT&T Stadium and Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. Lloyd Webber Theatre Group in London and Jujamcyn Theatres which run five of the 41 Broadway theatres in New York City, are two examples of theatre clients.



Founded In2009
Phone Number(888) 506-4101
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SeatGeek Phone Number

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Features of SeatGeek 

SeatGeek stands out in the event ticketing industry with a number of outstanding features. Users can examine the available offers and see a visual representation of their seat view with interactive seating charts, which helps them make an informed decision before buying tickets. In addition, SeatGeek uses a Deal Score system that colors-codes offers according to value, allowing customers to be sure they’re getting the best deal.

SeatGeek offers more convenience than just buying tickets. Mobile tickets do away with the need for paper copies because users can enter venues by just showing their e-tickets on the SeatGeek app. With SeatGeek, you can send tickets to your friends’ phones with just a tap, either for free or at a fee (US only), eliminating the need for you to wait outside in the rain while you’re out with friends.

Furthermore, SeatGeek offers a hassle-free solution to customers who are unable to attend an event for which they have purchased tickets. On SeatGeek’s Marketplace, users can easily sell their tickets. The website even recommends the best price to help you get rid of your tickets quickly. With the help of the app’s “Discover Nearby Events” feature, users can peruse tickets for a variety of live events by selecting their preferred team, artist, venue, genre, or sport.

SeatGeek provides flexibility in terms of payment methods, enabling users to conveniently pay with a credit card or Google Pay account. Additionally, the “Daily Tap” feature adds another level of interaction to the SeatGeek experience for those seeking a little extra thrill. It allows users to enter once a day for a chance to win free tickets to live events happening nearby.

Pros and Cons


  • simplifies the process of buying and selling tickets.
  • You can use the digital, in-app barcode version of the tickets or print them.
  • keeps tickets that are bought from other sellers.
  • permits the transfer of tickets to another individual.


  • Some restrictions on mobile apps.
  • Not a single integrated map.
  • No venue search is possible.

Customer Service

When viewing your order details in the Tickets section of your SeatGeek account. You can click or tap Contact Support to get in touch with our team of Event Experts between 9 AM and 1 AM EST. We’ll recommend a few articles from our help centre, and by tapping Contact Us, you can view the available support options.

Since the phone numbers and email addresses you find on other websites might not be real. We advise getting in touch with our team through the SeatGeek app and website. See how by watching the videos below.

Contact with SeatGeek

Having trouble coming up with the ideal response to your query? Get in contact with SeatGeek; it will be like having an experienced advisor by your side! Along with a useful Help Centre page containing answers to commonly asked questions, the Customer Support team offers live chat assistance. If you have any more questions, you can reach their support team by phone or email. They provide live support via phone and online chat if you need assistance with the ticketing process or would like more details about their refund policy. Furthermore, if you complete their questionnaire, a member of the Support Team will get back to you with a personalised response within 24 to 48 hours. SeatGeek offers a multitude of contact options to accommodate all of your customers

SeatGeek Phone Number

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Q. When did SeatGeek get its start?

Ans. The US city of New York City.

Q. Is it safe to use SeatGeek?

Ans. Purchasing tickets on SeatGeek is a safe and secure process. It features verified vendors covered by the Seller Guarantee. Every payment made via SeatGeek is encrypted and safe. Before making your purchase, you can also read past customer reviews of each seller to get a sense of what to expect. It also lets you compare costs to ensure you’re getting the best value on your ticket.

Q. Does SeatGeek provide client support?

Ans. A number of customer support features are available on SeatGeek, such as live chat, safe payment processing, price matching, group discounts, and a mobile app. The business is committed to giving customers the greatest experience possible, and its staff is on hand around the clock to assist with any queries or problems you might encounter.

Q. Does SeatGeek offer tickets for events held abroad?

Ans. Yes, SeatGeek offers event tickets for locations all over the world. You can locate the greatest offer for you by comparing prices offered by various sellers. It is crucial to take into account shipping charges and fee schedules in addition to currency exchange rates when purchasing international tickets. If necessary, you may also be able to transfer or exchange your ticket for certain events.

Q. Are there any other services that SeatGeek provides?

Ans. A number of extra services are available from SeatGeek to facilitate the process of purchasing tickets. It offers delivery options and price comparisons for tickets, along with user reviews to assist you in selecting the show or event that best suits your needs. In order to guarantee the safety of its customers, SeatGeek has implemented strong security measures and loyalty programmes.


It feels like a voyage through the world of events and tickets when you use SeatGeek. With its cutting-edge features, intuitive interface, and strong support network, it offers ticket buyers an unmatched experience. One of the best ticket websites out there is SeatGeek, which does everything from guaranteeing refunds on invalid tickets to giving access to hard-to-reach shows. Whether you’re searching for cheap sports tickets or sold-out concerts, SeatGeek provides an extensive overview that will enable you to quickly locate the ideal event. Thus, why do you delay? Today, let SeatGeek transport you to your desired location!

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