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Publishers Clearing House Phone Number:- Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is a direct marketing firm that offers magazine subscriptions, goods, and games with prizes. Harold Mertz started it in 1953 with the intention of replacing door-to-door magazine subscription sales with a single seller who would mail out several subscriptions. Slot machines, keno, trivia, scratch-offs, patience and other casino-style activities are available.

Name Publishers Clearing House
Founded In1953
Phone Number+1 516-883-5432
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In 1953, Harold Mertz founded Publishers Clearing House out of his Port Washington, New York, home. He oversaw a door-to-door sales force. That promoted magazine subscriptions before starting it. Along with his wife LuEsther and their daughter Joyce, he collaborated in their basement office.

Initially, he filled out 100 orders, mailed 10,000 letters, and sold 20 magazine subscriptions. A few years later, Mertz began employing people after moving PCH from his basement to an office building.

In 1967, PCH introduced sweepstakes as a way to increase subscribers. There were 25 cents to $10 worth of prizes. As the subscriber base grew, they began to give prizes of up to $5,000 and then $250,000. In 1974, they started running TV commercials.

In the multi-magazine subscription space, Publishers Clearing House had no real competition until 1977, when Time Inc. formed American Family Publishers (AFP) in conjunction with a few other publishers.

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How are things done at Publishers Clearing House?

Publishers Clearing House contests can be entered online, over the phone, or by mail. Mobile, tablet, and desktop computers can all be used to play games and enter prizes online. Over 5 million people visit the company’s array of digital domains every day, and about 2 billion page views are received each month. The organisation claims that you can enter to win every day and that a prize is won every ten minutes.

Publisher Clearing House Telephone Scam

The Publishers Clearing House phone scam deceives people by pretending to be a huge prize winner and demanding upfront payments. Scammers may contact victims by phone, email, social media, or mail containing fictitious checks. The fraud takes advantage of the weak and old, giving them little opportunity to independently check the allegation. Publishers Clearing House never contacts winners by phone or email or requests payment of any form.

Publishers Clearing House: Is it free?

There is no cost for players to play games or enter sweepstakes on Publishers Clearing House, nor is there a price to claim a win. However, you can buy a range of stuff and products at different pricing points.

It’s probably a fraud if a business gets in touch with you pretending to be Publishers Clearing House and asking for money to claim a prize.


Publishers Clearing House is a marketing and sweepstakes firm. Publishers Clearing House has given out more than $483 million in prizes since its founding.

The company gives out at least $10,000 in major prizes every month, and it awards anywhere from $3 million to over $13 million in rewards annually. At least three times a year, the $1 million to $10 million SuperPrizes are given out. The corporation rewards successful entries with automobiles, laptops, gift cards, and other items in addition to cash prizes.

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Over the years, Publishers Clearing House has seen its fair share of controversy. It was mired in lawsuits and charges of deceiving contestants about their prospects of winning at the beginning of the 1990s. It has paid millions of dollars in settlements as I write this, and it is understandably bound by stringent rules established by both State and Federal entities.

Its run-ins with the law have not improved its reputation. It has lost a lot of business since people are uncomfortable doing business with someone they don’t completely trust.

Nevertheless, PCH is a lawfully operating company that has given away over $483 million in prizes to users of its different services. It would have gone out of business if it hadn’t had to repeatedly adapt to stay up with technological improvements.

Its 60-year survival is an extraordinary feat in and of itself, made possible by the fundamental use of data and analytics in its business strategy.


Q. Will the publisher’s clearing house ever call you?

Ans. No

Q. Publishers clearing house main phone number?

Ans. +1 516-883-5432

Q. What is Publishers Clearing House?

Ans. The American Business Publishers Clearing House, sometimes known as PCH, is well-known for its direct marketing initiatives for its goods and magazine subscriptions.

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