Primerica Life Insurance Phone Number

Primerica Life Insurance Phone Number 1860-500-XXXX, Email ID Details

Primerica Life Insurance Phone Number: Middle-class households in the US and Canada may obtain financial services, investments, and insurance from Primerica, Inc. One way to characterise Primerica is as a multi-level marketing organisation.

Primerica is the parent firm of Vidalia Re, Peach Re, Primerica Life, and National Benefit Life Insurance firm. In July 2021, Primerica purchased e-Telequote. 1981, the business that would later become Primerica was established. In 2010, Primerica made its first public offering. Duluth, Georgia is home to Primerica’s corporate headquarters.

NamePrimerica Life Insurance
Founded InFebruary 10, 1977
Phone Number1860-500-7070
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Primerica Life Insurance Phone Number

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Primerica Life Insurance Phone Number: A.L. Williams, established in 1977, signed a contract in 1980 with Massachusetts Indemnity and Life Insurance Company (MILICO), a life insurance underwriter located in Boston that is a division of PennCorp Financial Services, a company based in Santa Monica. First American National Corporation was established in 1981 as a holding company for First American Life Insurance and First American National Securities. These companies’ names were later changed to The A.L. Williams Corporation, A.L. Williams Life Insurance Company, and PFS Investments, Inc., in that order. The A.L. In 1982, Williams Corporation (ALWC) went public on the Over-the-counter (OTC) market with the symbol ALWC. The corporation used the same ticker when it was listed on the NASDAQ market in 1983.

Primerica Life Insurance Phone Number: Pros and Cons


  • Maximum periods offered by most life insurance companies are 30 years, although they can go up to 35 years. With Primerica, you may obtain coverage for a maximum of 35 years. Out of the 91 life insurance firms that we examined, just three provided terms this extended.
  • Less complaints than anticipated: Considering Primerica’s magnitude, there haven’t been many complaints from customers.
  • higher ratings for financial strength Primerica has demonstrated a great capacity to pay claims, as evidenced by its A+ (great) rating from AM Best.


  • No online quotes: While the majority of term life insurance companies provide price estimates online, Primerica requires you to phone and talk with an agent to obtain a quotation.
  • Lack of transparency: For a customer to make an educated choice, Primerica does not offer adequate information online regarding term lengths, coverage limitations, or riders.
  • Low customer satisfaction rating: Despite receiving a lot of complaints from customers, Primerica only ranked 13 out of 22 businesses in the 2022 U.S. Individual Life Insurance Study.

Customer Service

If you have inquiries concerning Primerica’s products, you will need to locate an agent in your region and give them a call immediately. Email is another option. If you are a current policyholder or beneficiary, call one of these numbers:

  • Contact 1-800-257-4725 for policy management.
  • To file a claim, give 1-888-893-9858 a call.
Primerica Life Insurance Phone Number

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Available Riders for Primerica Life Insurance

Riders on life insurance allow you to add extra coverage to your policy and tailor it to your requirements. There is no disclosure on the full list of riders for Primerica’s term life insurance. There aren’t many specifics, but you can find out more by speaking with an insurance representative. The Primerica website lists the following riders:

  • Waiver of premium: This rider allows you to postpone paying your premiums if you become disabled and unable to work.
  • Terminal sickness: Also referred to as a living benefits rider, this add-on pays out in part if you are given a diagnosis of a terminal disease while you are still alive. If $250,000 is less than 40% of your death benefit, Primerica will pay the difference. If you also have a waiver of premium rider, you can get the lesser of $400,000 or 70% of your death benefit before your passing.
  • Child coverage: You can include term insurance in your term life policy for every one of your children for a nominal cost.
  • Increasing benefit: Applicants with non-rated coverage under the age of 56 may purchase this rider. For ten years, you can enhance the death benefit under your policy by up to 10% annually.


Q. How can I get in touch with Primerica?

Ans. You can contact or give customer services a call at 1-800-257-4725. For direct assistance with issues regarding Primerica’s goods, you may also locate an agent in your region and give them a call. Over 130,000 independent, licenced life insurance agents work for Primerica in North America.

Q. Is it possible to take money out of a life insurance policy with Primerica?

Ans. No, Primerica only provides term life insurance, which has no cash value accumulation.

Q. What makes a life insurance payout under a Primerica policy ineligible?

Ans. On its website, Primerica does not provide any particular rejection criteria.

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