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Pennywise Phone Number: Scary Numbers to Call Pennywise, Email ID, Official Website, FAQs and More

Pennywise Phone No.: The evil and ancient creature known as Pennywise, or simply “It,” appears in Stephen King’s horror novel It. For decades , readers and viewers have been afraid of this evil entity. Here are some essential Pennywise details:

Origin and Nature:

  • Pennywise is a native of the Macroverse, having made his home in the Deadlights, a cosmic realm.
  • Its actual form is characterised as an endless, hairy, crawling orange light creature.

Shape-Shifting and Fear:

  • Pennywise can assume the shape of any fear its victims have the greatest.
  • It comes back to feed on kids (and sometimes adults) in the Maine town of Derry about once every 27 years.
  • When facing this evil clown, the people of the town must confront their worst fears.


  • Pennywise became well-known after the publication of the 1986 book It.
  • The Andrés Muschietti-directed 2017 film adaptation of the character helped to increase its popularity.
  • In the movie, Bill Skarsgård played Pennywise, bringing the spooky clown to life.


  • One of the most recognisable and terrifying villains in horror literature and film is still Pennywise.
Formal NamePennywise
First appearance  It (1986)
Created by   Stephen King
Primary location   Derry, Maine
Phone Number207-536-8474, 913-535-6280
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Pennywise Phone No.

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In Stephen King’s universe, who are some other characters?

Stephen King has created an enormous universe full of unforgettable characters. Here are a few noteworthy ones:

Pennywise the Dancing Clown: The malevolent force known only as “it” preys on children in Derry, Maine. Pennywise assumes multiple personas, such as the well-known Joker, in order to terrorise his targets.

Carrie White: “Carrie”‘s telekinetic lead character. In a terrifying climax, she unleashes her psychic powers after experiencing intense bullying.

Roland Deschain: “The Dark Tower” series’ gunman. They travel through several dimensions and realities in their quest to reach the enigmatic Dark Tower.

Jack Sawyer: “The Talisman”‘s youthful protagonist, gifted with the ability to travel between the real world and the Territories, a parallel reality.

Lisi Landon: The protagonist of “Lisi’s Story,” Lisi Landon, explores her late husband’s enigmatic past and comes across paranormal elements.

The Crimson King: A wicked force that Roland Deschain faces in the television series “The Dark Tower.” The King wants to dismantle the multiverse and demolish the Dark Tower.

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Pennywise Phone No.

Movies inspired by Stephen King’s writings

Multiple film adaptations have been inspired by the extensive bibliography of Stephen King. A few of the films based on his works are shown here:

“Carrie” (1976): 
Brian De Palma, the director, tells the tragic tale of Carrie White, a telekinetic girl who experiences agony before her powers are revealed in a horrifying finale.

“The Shining” (1980):
Stanley Kubrick oversaw the renowned adaptation of Stephen King’s book. It investigates the paranormal activities at the Overlook Hotel, the place where author Jack Torrance spirals out of control.

“Cujo” (1983):
This gripping thriller, directed by Lewis Teague, centres on a rabid St. Bernard dog that is terrorising a small town. based on the book by King.

“Stand by Me” (1986):
Rob Reiner’s touching coming-of-age movie, “The Body,” is based on Stephen King’s novella. It chronicles the touching journey of a group of friends.

“Misery” (1990):
Rob Reiner also helmed the camera for this chilling psychological horror movie. Starring alongside Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes, an enamoured admirer, is novelist James Caan.

“It” (2017):
The terrifying adaptation of “It” features the town of Derry, haunted by the evil clown Pennywise. The director, Andy Muschietti, does a good job of capturing the terror of Stephen King’s novel.

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Pennywise Phone No.: Appearances


According to the book, it is a shape-shifting monster that begins in a void that surrounds and contains the universe, which is known as the “Macroverse.” It typically takes the form of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Arriving on Earth during an asteroid impact, it settled beneath the land that would eventually become Derry and began feeding on tribes in North America. After millions of years of slumber, it awoke when humans started to inhabit the region and started a feeding cycle that lasted roughly a year.

During this time, it fed on people’s anxieties and frequently took on the form of whatever its prey was most afraid of. After feeding, it would hibernate for another thirty years or so before emerging once more. Because children’s fears are easier to understand, they prefer to frighten children; adults find it more difficult to frighten when they are physically present. It has the ability to force weak-willed people to cooperate with the horrific events that occur or to become indifferent to them.

Pennywise Phone No.: Scary Numbers to Call

207-536-8474 or 913-535-6280 (USA) You should be able to reach the imaginary Derry Police Department by calling these numbers. But use caution—this line isn’t only for reporting lost or stolen kids. Instead, you’ll arrive in Derry, a creepy Maine town that serves as the backdrop for several of Stephen King’s novels, including the infamous “IT.”

Therefore, the infamous Pennywise dancing clown might show up as soon as you call and listen. This line typically denotes busy, but if you can get through it, you’ll encounter something unusual.

Pennywise Phone No.: FAQs

1. What is Stephen King’s most famous book?

Ans: “The Shining” is the most well-known work by Stephen King. Published in 1977, this classic horror book cemented Stephen King’s status as the genre’s master.

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