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Oscar Insurance Phone Number, Email ID Details, History, Pros and Cons

Oscar Insurance Phone Number: In 2012, Joshua Kushner, Kevin Nazemi, and Mario Schlosser founded Oscar Health, Inc., a US health insurance company with its main office in New York City. The company targets the health insurance industry through telemedicine, digital interfaces with a focus on healthcare, and transparent claims pricing structures that aid in patient navigation.

Insurance NameOscar Insurance
FoundedNovember 1, 2012
Phone Number1-855-672-2788 
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oscar insurance phone number

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Oscar Insurance Phone Number: Oscar Health Inc. is a technology and medical health insurance firm headquartered in New York, USA. In addition to offering healthcare plans, the company has created a smartphone application that makes. It is simple for patients to look for physicians and reasonably priced medical services nearby.

A group of classmates from Harvard Business School established Oscar in 2012. Mario Schlosser and Joshua Kushner, two of the company’s founders, founded the business for personal reasons. After witnessing firsthand the effects of insurance companies’ ineffective service. Specifically, Kushner had a comparable experience following an ankle injury. Schlosser had a horrible experience managing hospital costs during his wife’s pregnancy.

Promotion and trademarks

Oscar Health has conducted advertisements on the tube system in New York City. According to Bloomberg News, cartoons in the marketing campaigns indicate “an easier way of getting medical care.” As to AdWeek, the print advertisements for Oscar Health featured “whimsical, animated characters.”

According to a 2015 AdWeek article, Oscar was launching its first TV ad aimed at “new parents. Who are too frazzled to shop for health insurance.” The advertisement debuted on cable, cinema theatres in New Jersey, network stations in the New York and New Jersey regions, and in advertisements within the Spotify app.

Oscar conducted a YouTube ad campaign in 2016 to educate people about the issues facing the US healthcare system.

Pros and Cons of Oscar Insurance Phone Number

Pros of Oscar Insurance Phone Number

Innovative Technology: 

What sets Oscar Health Insurance apart is how it uses technology. The mobile app is easy to use for policyholders and enables them to promptly handle their insurance and health-related concerns.

Services for Telemedicine:

Oscar offers telemedicine services that let policyholders speak with medical experts from a distance. When face-to-face interactions are difficult, this function can be quite valuable.

Personalised Medical Care:

The company’s primary goal is to provide individualised healthcare. This contains materials that address specific health needs, wellness initiatives, and health management tools.

Clear and Simple Pricing

Oscar is renowned for having an open price structure. Without the uncertainty that comes with standard insurance policies, policyholders can readily understand their coverage, prices, and benefits.

oscar insurance phone number

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Cons of Oscar Insurance Phone Number

Restricted Network:

Oscar Health Insurance is sometimes criticised for having a rather narrow network of healthcare providers. People should make sure their favourite physicians, specialists, and hospitals are part of the network before selecting Oscar.

Not Accessible Everywhere:

Only a few states can access Oscar. Potential policyholders should confirm whether Oscar is available in the state in which they plan to live.

Might Not Be Ideal for Everyone:

Even though a lot of people like Oscar’s strategy, there might be better options for others. Oscar’s solutions might not be as appropriate for those who need a larger network of healthcare providers or want a more conventional insurance approach.

Who Takes Up Oscar Insurance?

Potential policyholders must be aware of which healthcare providers take Oscar insurance. Oscar has been expanding its network, but you should still confirm that the physicians, hospitals, and specialists of your choosing are included. Go to the official Oscar Health website or get in touch with customer service to obtain a list of in-network providers.

Does Oscar Insurance Accept Medicaid?

When looking for health insurance options, one of the most frequent questions people have is if Oscar takes Medicaid. It is important to make clear that Oscar Health Insurance may not be a Medicaid provider and that it primarily serves customers in the individual and family health insurance markets.

Medicaid is a programme that helps families and individuals with low incomes pay for medical expenses. It is funded by both the federal and state governments. Medicaid eligibility varies by state. Those who wish to apply for Medicaid should contact their state’s Medicaid office by phone or online.

Oscar Health Insurance is not specifically intended to be a Medicaid provider; therefore, those who qualify for Medicaid should look into the Medicaid-specific insurance plans offered by their state.

FAQs on Oscar Insurance Phone Number

Q. How can I use Oscar Health Insurance to obtain telemedicine services?

Ans. To utilise Oscar’s telemedicine services, download the app, register, and then follow the on-screen instructions to speak with a medical practitioner. Remote and convenient medical consultations are provided by telemedicine services.

Q. Does pre-existing condition coverage exist with Oscar Health Insurance?

Ans. Pre-existing conditions are covered by Oscar Health Insurance, yes. Oscar offers coverage for some pre-existing medical problems as part of its dedication to comprehensive coverage. For detailed information, it is important to study the policy documents or get in touch with Oscar’s customer care, as specific specifics may differ.

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