Manny Montana Phone Number, Biography, Email-ID Details & Career

Manny Montana Phone Number, Biography, Email-ID Details, Education & Career, D.O.B

Manny Montana Phone Number: Manny came into this world on 21 September 1983. He is currently 38 years old. Long Beach, California, United States is where he began his life and continued to call home during his youth. He completed his studies at Jordan High School and obtained his diploma.
After that, he was appreciated by a scholarship to play football at California State University Sacramento. But after he had dislocated his shoulder for the seventh time and suffered a major hand injury, he had no choice but to do so.


Biography: Manny Montana Phone Number

Montana was born in Long Beach, California, USA. In the absence of such information, our efforts to know more about his family remained unfruitful. Therefore, the identity of Montana’s parents remains unclear. It is also unknown whether he has brothers or not. Nevertheless, this section will be updated as it becomes available.
An actor, Graceland (2013), Good Girls (2018) and Power, Manny Montana (2014). Since 2016, he is married to Adelpha Marr.
After graduating in 2006, Montana appeared in several student films and eventually became a guest star in individual episode series. Montana was cast in Graceland in 2012. In 2015, Montana was art in Blackhat’s Michael Mann. Montana auditioned and did not get the lead role, but was given a supporting role. Since 2018, she is a part of the Good Girls principal. Montana is 6 feet (1.85 m) tall and weighs 169 pounds (77 kg). He is also looking very tall in his pictures.

Manny Montana

NameManny Montana
Date Of Birth26 September 1983
Age38 years
Addresslogin now for view detail
Phone +1(859)651-7280
Email-IDlogin now for view detail
Facebook-IDlogin now for view detail
LinLedln-IDlogin now for view detail
Height6 feet
Weight77 kg
Manny Montana Phone Number
Manny Montana Phone Number
Manny Montana Phone Number

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What eventually happened was that he enrolled at the California State University, Long Beach, with the intention of pursuing a degree in journalism and broadcasting. During his time as a student, he started working as a DJ at the radio station affiliated with his school. Because of this, I was able to get an internship at Power 100.3. He is a first-generation Mexican American in the United States. After his graduation in 2006, he immediately started a professional acting career.
He soon becomes a identical face in a large number of student films. As a result of these factors, he was cast as a guest actor in several different television shows. Graceland had released in the year 2012, and Montana stars as Johnny “J.T.” played the role of Turturro in it. In the film Blackhead directed by Michael Mann, he played Lozano, a “wanted criminal” in 2015. In the following years, he had the opportunity to try out for the lead role in a production but was ultimately not cast. He was cast in a supporting role in the television series.

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Manny Montana Phone Number
Manny Montana’s Phone Number

Career: Manny Montana Phone Number

Adelfa Marr, a published writer, and popular blogger married in Montana. Even though they share one child, the public is not privy to too many details concerning the couple’s personal life. Since the year 2020, the couple has been together for a total of five years. On the popular American drama television series Graceland, he would play FBI Agent Joe “Johnny” Turturro.
The screenplay was written and guided by Roy Morales. A politician named Marlon Villar has a driver named Villar, and Villar is doing everything possible to help rescue his unwitting boss’s daughter. In doing so, he falls into a web of guilt and unfairness. In the American comedy-drama television series Good Girls, he plays Rio, a thug who operates a money-laundering operation. Christopher maintains his business through a variety of inventive methods engaging in the sale of wrapping paper, medicines, and automobiles. He takes a special interest in Beth, and as a result, his relationship with her becomes somewhat difficult.

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