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Mankirt Aulakh Phone Number: Mankirt Aulakh is an Indian singer, playback singer, music producer, model, and film actor, notable for her support of Punjabi films. He is probably the most exciting newcomer to the Punjabi music industry. He moved from his old neighborhood Fatehabad to Chandigarh and from here his singing profession started. Following the demand of his peers, he began singing during school festivals and was extraordinarily prized for his vocals. He gained certainty by that point and decided to make singing a professional.
He made his singing performance in the year 2013 through Punjabi Dhun Darshan Karkar. The tune became a huge hit and after that, he never looked back. His next single Kaka Ji was a huge hit and it brought him into the limelight. Since that time, he has given more than one hit with many other tunes like Disco Chha Bhangra, Dang, Kuwari, Khayal, and Choti Wali Baah. He is also an exceptionally famous figure with nearly three and a half million followers on Instagram through web-based media. His most recent track Jaata Ve is also a huge hit.


Mankirat Aulakh Biography and Personal Life

Mankirat Aulakh is a Punjabi singer and actor. She was born on 2 October 1990 in Bahbalpur, Fatehabad, Haryana, India. Mankirat Aulakh works mainly in Punjabi Music Industry. He made his singing debut with the film Kaka Ji (2014) and his Punjabi film debut with Mai Teri Tu Mera (2016) as a lead actor. Mankirat Aulakh became famous for his first song ‘Kaka Ji’, which was most popular in the Punjabi state.

Mankirat Aulakh was born in Bahbalpur, Fatehabad, Haryana, India. The names of his father Sardar Nishant Singh Aulakh and his mother are not available on the internet. He has 1 brother named Ravishar Singh Aulakh. Mankirat Aulakh is unmarried and not dating anyone. He is a Sun sign from Sikhism and horoscope or Libra by religion.

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Mankirt Aulakh Phone Number
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Mankirat Aulakh Careers

Mankirat made her singing debut with DJ Sanjh in 2013 with her first song ‘Darshan Karke’ which could neither win the hearts of the audience nor their looks. So, following his voice and looks, he launched his next song ‘Kaka Ji’ in 2014 which became a global hit and gave huge popularity.
After immense success, he got more hit songs like ‘Disco Chha Bhangra’, ‘Tere Bina’, ‘Versace’, ‘Aggi Teri Maa’, ‘Jatt Da Blood’, ‘Jugadi Jatt’, ‘Gallan Mithiyan’. , ‘Harley 7 Lakh Da’, ‘Chhore Wali Bah’, ‘Charda Sial’, ‘Kadar’, ‘Badnam’, ‘Dong’, ‘Pub Ch Boliyan’, ‘Khyal’, ‘Kunwari’, ‘Chandigarh’, etc. . ,
She has worked with many big fashionistas like Himanshi Khurana, Sonia Mann, Tanvi Nagi, Parmish Verma, Sim Khurma, and many more. In 2016, he acted in the Punjabi film Main Teri Tu Mera. ‘Daaru Band’ is his today’s track. He also got some awards for his brilliant songs.

मनकीरत ने 2013 में डीजे सांझ के साथ अपने पहले गाने ‘दर्शन करके’ के साथ गायन की शुरुआत की, जो न तो दर्शकों का दिल जीत सकी और न ही उनके लुक को। इसलिए, उनकी आवाज और लुक्स के बाद, उन्होंने 2014 में अपना अगला गाना ‘काका जी’ लॉन्च किया, जो एक वैश्विक हिट बन गया और बड़ी लोकप्रियता हासिल की।
अपार सफलता के बाद उन्हें ‘डिस्को छ भांगड़ा’, ‘तेरे बिना’, ‘वर्साचे’, ‘अग्गी तेरी मां’, ‘जट दा ब्लड’, ‘जुगाड़ी जट्ट’, ‘गल्लां मिथियां’ जैसे और भी हिट गाने मिले। , ‘हार्ले 7 लाख दा’, ‘छोरे वाली बह’, ‘चारदा सियाल’, ‘कदर’, ‘बदनाम’, ‘दोंग’, ‘पब छ बोलियां’, ‘ख्याल’, ‘कुंवारी’, ‘चंडीगढ़’ आदि। .. ,
उन्होंने हिमांशी खुराना, सोनिया मान, तन्वी नागी, परमीश वर्मा, सिम खुर्मा जैसे कई बड़े फैशनिस्टों के साथ काम किया है। 2016 में, उन्होंने पंजाबी फिल्म मैं तेरी तू मेरा में अभिनय किया। ‘दारू बंद’ उनका आज का गाना है। उनके शानदार गीतों के लिए उन्हें कुछ पुरस्कार भी मिले।

Mankirt Aulakh Phone Number, House Address, Contact Address, Email Id

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Behbalpur, Fatehabad
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Mankirt Aulakh Phone Number: Mankirat Aulakh controversy

  • Sidhu Musewala and Mankirat Aulakh were summoned by the Ludhiana Police after a complaint was filed against them by an RTI lobbyist Kuldeep Singh Khaira from Ludhiana. While Sidhu appeared before Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP, South) Jashandeep Singh Gill on Friday to record his statement, Mankirat appeared a day later, on Saturday 25 January 2020. He saw a video after Khaira filed a complaint. Sidhu and Mankirat are singing a Punjabi tune, as indicated by them, advanced weapon culture and viciousness. He said that the artists were spreading weapons and cruelty through their tunes, which is in violation of the orders of the Punjab and Haryana High Court. He further expressed in his murmur that both Moosewala and Mankirat have huge fan followings and such tunes can confuse teenagers.
  • Panditrao Dharenavar, an assistant professor at the Post Graduate Government College, Sector 46, has got in touch with the Vice-Chancellor of Panjab University, Prof Raj Kumar, asking him not to allow artists Mankirat Aulakh to sing a tune dependent on weapons and alcohol during ‘Agaaz’ Said.
  • He and his family have been accused of not paying the food providers who looked after thousands of visitors to their sister’s wedding in Fatehabad last December, even after four months. Katar, a resident of Patiala, reached Fatehabad Police Headquarters on Thursday and lodged a protest requesting ASP Gangaram Poonia to register a case. Recently, there has been an argument against Mankirat and his family in Fatehabad and Sirsa as well.
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Mankirt Aulakh Facts

  • Mankirt Aulakh is a mainstream Punjabi singer who was naturally introduced to the family of a Jat rancher.
  • After finishing his schooling in his hometown Bahbalpur in Fatehabad, he moved to Chandigarh for further examinations.
  • Mankirt used to participate in singing rivalries in his school’s annual and youth festivals.
  • Before entering the Punjabi music industry, he used to play Kabaddi and was also an overweight wrestler.
  • Mankirt acquired the ability to sing with Amy Virk.
  • In 2013, he sang his intro song ‘Darshan Karke’ with DJ Sanj, which could not win the hearts of the crowd.
  • After tackling his voice, he delivered his next raga ‘Kaka Ji’ in 2014, which turned into an overall hit and gave him the ubiquity he really needed.
  • Mankirt is most popular for his song ‘Gallan Mithiyan’, which has got more than 40 million views on YouTube.
  • He has also sung many famous Punjabi songs like ‘Aggi Teri Maa’, ‘Jugaadi Jatt’, ‘Harley 7 Lakh Da’, ‘Jatt Da Blood’, ‘Charda Syal’, ‘Chhore Wali Baah’, ‘Badnaam’, among others. Kadar’, ‘Dong’, ‘Kamli’, ‘Khyal’, etc.
  • Mankirt has worked with many driving models like Himanshi Khurana, Sonia Mann, Tanvi Nagi, Parmish Verma, Sim Khurma, Jazz Mangat, Sabrina Bajwa, Ropy Gill, etc.
  • He is an old friend of Parmish Verma, Ammi Virk, Nishan Bhullar, and Punjabi lyricist Prince Rakhi.
  • Mankirt is a wellness freak.
  • He also sings at public wedding ceremonies and celebrations.
  • He is attached to children and loves to invest his quality energy with them.

Mankirt Aulakh Phone Number: Is Mankirat Aulakh Canadian?

Mankirat Aulakh is a 27-year-old Punjabi singer, born on 2 October 1990 in the small village Behbalpur, Fatehabad, Haryana, India. His friends and family members call him by his nickname ‘Mani’.

Is Mankirat Aulakh famous?

From the famous Badnaam to Daru Band, Bhangra is famous for the catchy song Mankirt with beats. With a record of back-to-back hits, the new-age Punjabi sensation is winning the hearts of millions. Aulakh made her debut with the song Darshan Karkar in 2013.

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