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Lands End Phone Number: Founded in 1963 and headquartered in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. Lands’ End is an American retailer of apparel and home decor with a focus on casual wear, and luggage. The company has 28 retail locations, primarily in Hawaii and the Upper Midwest. But mail order and internet sales account for the majority of its revenue. Lands’ End was a Sears Holdings subsidiary from 2002 to 2014.

NameLands End
Founded In 1963
Phone Number1-800-963-4816
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Lands End Phone Number

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Lands’ End began as a mail-order yacht supply company in Chicago in 1963. Gary Comer started it with the help of his partners, gold medalist sailors Richard Stearns and Robert Halperin from the 1963 Pan American Games, as well as two of Stearns’ workers. The company relocated to Dodgeville, Wisconsin in 1978 after growing into general clothing and home furnishings as a result of its success. Sailboats originally appeared at Land’s End, hence the company name. Promo materials had already been printed, so regrettably, Comer was unable to correct the typo that resulted in the misplaced apostrophe in the company name.

As mail-order retail grew across the country in the 1980s, so did Lands’ End’s catalogue business. The business increased the size of its customer support and computer networks. It was listed on a public exchange in 1986. The business continued to grow in the 1990s as it started to expand internationally, and embraced e-commerce early on. Set up a website, and offered “live chat” customer support. FORTUNE Magazine listed Lands’ End as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in America.


The Lands’ End Distinction Our forefather was an explorer. He was a keen yachtsman. a free spirit who has a desire to discover the unknown. He founded Lands’ End because of his entrepreneurial spirit, which still exists today. We love exploring new territory, but we never lose sight of our identity. While our surroundings and merchandise may shift, our approach to conducting business and collaborating with clients remains constant.

Building, maintaining, and respecting relationships is the foundation of doing business well, as our founder Gary Comer has emphasised from the outset.

“Consider each customer individually and provide the best care you can.”

Generations of Lands’ End customers have become true friends and family because of his sincere dedication to treating people fairly.

The individuals who make up Lands’ End share this same sentiment. Employers at Lands’ End are the reason why prospective employees choose to work here, even though we all share the same vision of providing the unexpected—a competitive advantage. They have skills. They are enjoyable. And they are concerned. Even though we are not flawless, we still aim to be the best every day.

Lands End Phone Number

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Lands’ End information

Gary Comer established the international company Lands’ End in Chicago, Illinois, in 1963. Its main office is in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, and its CEO, Jerome Griffith, is one of the company’s main backers. At the moment, Lands’ End has about 5,000 employees. Lands’ End is a retailer that sells goods like apparel, luggage, and home furnishings. The most recent report states that Lands’ End made US$1.452 billion in revenue in FY2019, with US$11.59 million in net income.


Q. Who are the Lands’ End founders?

Ans. Gary Comer is the founder of Lands’ End.

Q. When did Lands’ End get its start?

Ans. Lands’ End was founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 1963.

Q. Which market does Lands’ End target?

Ans. Lands’ End is a competitor in the retail sector.

Q. How should I write a Lands’ End complaint?

Ans. You can file a complaint about Lands’ End using the unbiased complaint writing and answer-providing system on, and Lands’ End representatives will respond to your complaint. You can file complaints about product shipment, payment, correspondence, billing, and any other aspect of Lands’ End services using the dedicated Lands’ End complaint section.

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