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Hughesnet Phone Number: All of Hughes Network Systems, LLC’s subsidiaries are owned by EchoStar. It offers satellite internet service and has its headquarters in Germantown, Maryland. In the Americas, HughesNet has over 1.4 million customers.

Name Hughesnet
Founded In1971
Phone Number 844-737-2700
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Hughesnet Phone Number: Following their time together at Comsat Laboratories, John Puente. Dr. Burton Edelson and seven other engineers launched Hughes Communications in 1971 under the name Digital Communication Corporation (DCC). The business created circuit boards for telecom-related devices out of a garage in Rockville, Maryland, with an initial investment of $40,000.

Founded in 1977, Digital Communications Corp. now employs 250 people and generates $10.6 million in sales annually. In 1978, Microwave Associates acquired Digital Communications Corp. for an undisclosed amount and rebranded it as MA/COM-DCC. The company then shifted its focus to manufacturing satellite-related equipment and invented the very small aperture terminal (VSAT) in 1985. Wal-Mart acquired the company’s first VSAT network in the same year to connect retail stores in rural areas. In 1987, Hughes Aircraft Corporation acquired MA/COM-DCC for $105 million and renamed it Hughes Communications.

In 2004, News Corp paid $6.5 billion to acquire Hughes, mostly for its DirecTV division, giving them a majority stake in the company. Additionally, DirecTV started to sell off its ownership stakes, which resulted in a $100 million sale to a private equity group. Hughes thus became a fully owned subsidiary of the investment firm’s SkyTerra Communications Inc. For around $2 billion in 2011, EchoStar purchased Hughes Communications, in 2007.

Pros and Cons of HughesNet

Let’s briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages before getting into the specifics of HughesNet’s performance.


  • accessible in isolated and rural locations with little to no access to other online resources.
  • provides four distinct plans to meet varied demands for internet consumption.
  • gives 50 GB of additional data per month to a Bonus Zone during off-peak hours (2 AM to 8 AM).


  • slower internet than those of fibre-optic and cable companies.
  • Data limitations may place a monthly use cap on you, particularly if you stream and play a lot of games.
  • The connectivity and speed might occasionally be impacted by weather conditions.

HughesNet Customer Service

Depending on your option, there are three ways to get in touch with HughesNet customer service: via phone, email, or live chat. In general, HughesNet live chat requires less waiting time than HughesNet phone support, and you should receive an email response from HughesNet within a day of submitting a request.

See our HughesNet customer service guide for further information on customer and technical help. See the HughesNet part of our Transferring Internet Service guide if you’re especially interested in transferring your HughesNet Internet service to a new address.

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FAQs on Hughesnet Phone Number

Q. What services does HughesNet offer?

Ans. All around the United States, HughesNet provides high-speed satellite internet options. Additionally, the service provides voice subscriptions that let you make phone calls using your internet connection.

Q. In what states does HughesNet offer coverage?

Ans. Even in the most isolated places, HughesNet is accessible in all 50 states. HughesNet offers coverage almost everywhere since it employs satellite technology to deliver internet access.

Q. Which internet speeds are available from HughesNet?

Ans. Up to 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds are available with HughesNet internet subscriptions.

Q. Which kind of connection does HughesNet provide?

Ans. HughesNet provides high-speed satellite internet to its clients.

Q. If a contract is necessary, what are the conditions and does HughesNet demand one?

Ans. New clients of HughesNet must agree to a (minimum) 24-month contract. A termination fee of up to $400 will be imposed if you violate the terms of your contract.

Q. Is it possible to combine a phone and/or TV package with HughesNet?

Ans. Only home phone bundling is available from HughesNet. Keep in mind that HughesNet provides phone service via HughesNet Voice, which makes phone calls using your satellite link rather than a traditional landline. You may save $5 per month when you combine your satellite internet package with HughesNet Voice.

Q. Is 5G faster than HughesNet?

Ans. While HughesNet services top out at 25Mbps, 5G internet may reach anywhere from 33–1,000Mbps in some locations and with certain providers. In other words, although 5G internet is not as widely available as Hughesnet satellite internet service, it is often quicker.

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