Global Lending Services Phone Number

Global Lending Services Phone Number, Working Email ID & FAQs

Global Lending Services Phone Number: One of Greenville, South Carolina’s top subprime auto lenders is Global Lending Services (GLS). It offers financing options to consumers buying new and used cars at more than 15,000 car dealerships across the US. With a 72% approval rate, GLS claims to have originated over $10 billion in loans.

GLS guarantees its clients that it uses cutting-edge analytics and technology. They consequently foster a dealership-friendly environment and provide services to help customers with their transportation requirements.


Global Lending Services

NameGlobal Lending Services
Founded In2011
Phone Number(866) 464-0269
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Global Lending Services Phone Number

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How do Global Lending Services work?

GLS offers loans to clients with a range of credit histories by partnering with different car dealerships throughout the United States. Every client goes through the following procedure:

  • Apply for the loan: Customers can apply through the dealership that partners with them. By visiting the GLS online loan application section.
  • Credit review: To verify your creditworthiness, GLS looks up your credit history and other relevant data.
  • Loan approval: You will receive all the information about the loan you have chosen and how to apply for it as soon as your loan is approved.
  • Loan servicing: GLS will handle account management and payment collection after you obtain the loan.
  • Customer service: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the loan or the online services, the GLS customer service team is here to help.

Regretfully, there have been a lot of complaints from customers regarding GLS services in the aforementioned categories. Let’s examine these grievances.

Global Lending Services complaints

A number of platforms keep track of grievances filed against GLS. In the last three years and twelve months, for instance, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has closed 318 and 108 complaints, respectively. On its website, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has received roughly 517 complaints. The topics brought up include:

  • Failing to update the account with the right amount
  • Speaking with unprofessional agents
  • Entering inaccurate information on the credit report
  • Unwarranted additional costs

How does SoloSuit work?

Fighting debt collectors is simple when using SoloSuit. With SoloSuit, you can settle a debt, reply to a debt lawsuit, and even write letters to collectors. The step-by-step web application that makes up SoloSuit’s Answer service asks all the questions you need to finish your answer. After everything is finished, we’ll file your document for you after having an attorney review it.

How to Register

You can register your account online via the Customer Portal by following the steps listed below.

  • Visit
  • Click the Enroll Now button.
  • Enter the data below exactly as it appears on the monthly invoices or welcome packet:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email address
    • Confirm Email address
    • Confirm that you are not a robot
  • Select Continue
  • Create and confirm password using the listed specification
  • Read and agree to Terms and Conditions
  • Click on link in verification email
  • Confirm password
  • Set up four security questions
  • Log into Portal account
  • Enter security code from email (is very time-sensitive)
  • Fill in information exactly as it is on the welcome packet or Monthly Invoices to link your
  • Portal account to your GLS account.
  • Enter Name
  • Enter the account number.
  • Enter the last six of VIN
  • Enter the zip code.
  • Enter Social Security Number
  • Click Submit

You can also talk to an agent by giving 1-866-464-0269 a call.

Global Lending Services Phone Number

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Q. Before reclaiming an item, does Global Lending Services need to provide proof of ownership?

Ans. Yes, before beginning the repossession process, Global Lending Services needs proof of ownership. This can be anything from a legitimate title or registration document to a bill of sale or receipt that certifies the owner of the item for a predetermined amount of time.

Q. How much time does Global Lending Services need to finish a take-back?

Ans. The type of item being repossessed and the laws and regulations in effect in the state where the item is located are two factors that affect how long it takes to complete a repossession. Repossessions typically take one day to many weeks or even months, depending on these variables.

Q. How does one go about regaining possession of goods via Global Lending Services?

Ans. Global Lending Services notifies the client of their non-payment and demands payment at the start of the repossession process. Repossession procedures may start if money is not received after a predetermined amount of time. Global Lending Services gathers and assesses all relevant data about the item to ascertain its eligibility for repossession as part of the repossession procedure. The borrower will be informed and given a copy of their rights and responsibilities regarding repossession if it satisfies the eligibility requirements.

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