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Gesa Phone Number: Everything began in a shoebox. From a part-time office to the second-largest credit union in Washington state. It Credit Union has flourished since its founding in 1953. Gesa, which has over 260,000 members worldwide, has a long history of offering financial services to the state of Washington. It has seen tremendous growth since becoming a community-chartered credit union in 1996 and welcoming all Washington residents to join. Customers have always appreciated the benefits of banking through a non-profit cooperative. Gesa has expanded to twenty-seven locations around the state. But it will never waver from its dedication to its founding principles. We don’t take for granted the dedication of the people. Who has contributed to the success of Gesa in our communities?

Name Gesa
Phone Number 1 509-378-3100
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gesa credit union phone number



Gesa Phone Number: To service the 2,600 or so General Electric employees. The head members of the General Electric Supervisor’s Association (G.E.S.A.) established the GESA Federal Credit Union in 1953. By 1963, ten years later, the charity had $2 million and 3,000 members. The business relocated to its current headquarters, which is its original location, in the same year. Gesa became a local credit union in 1997 after becoming a federal credit union. It also made joining possible for those who weren’t employed by G.E. Gesa’s assets hit $1 billion in 2010 as a result of its continuous growth. The company celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2013. With continued expansion, Gesa is also serving cities outside of Benton and Franklin counties, which were its original purview.


Since Gesa is community-owned, its board of directors is in charge of overseeing internal matters and the company’s finances rather than having a CEO.. Bill Bonaudi and Linda Cowan are the vice chairs under chairman William J. Melberg. There are fourteen members of the board, with Greg Andrews acting as secretary.

Who can join Gesa?

If you live, work, worship or attend school in the state of Washington, are a close relative of someone who qualifies as a member. or is a resident of select counties in Idaho and Oregon, you are eligible to join Gesa. 

And remember—once a member, always a member! So even if you change jobs or move out of the area, you can retain your membership and all the benefits. For more information, call or visit your nearest branch

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gesa credit union phone number


Pro-Per Energy Services and Baseload Power, a reputable generator repair and maintenance business. With headquarters in Corpus Christi, Texas, have formed the Global Energy Services Alliance (GESA). Our goal is to offer comprehensive, top-notch services for power plants, with an emphasis on heavy-duty, aero-derivative. And steam turbines in addition to generators. Gesa’s dedication to the renewable and conventional energy sectors is demonstrated. By our expertise in hydroelectric plant maintenance and operation, as well as commercial solar applications.

Gesa’s commitment to quality is evident in the way it installs, maintains, and uses a wide range of energy equipment, such as turbo machinery and reciprocating engines. Gesa takes great satisfaction in offering all-inclusive solutions that address every stage of an energy project’s lifecycle.

Important Services Provided

  • Power plant installation and commissioning.
  • Services for the upkeep and repair of generators, including hydroelectric facilities, heavy-duty and aero-derivative gas turbines, and steam turbines.
  • energy facilities’ administration and operation to guarantee optimal performance.
  • equipment for power generating to be disassembled and moved.
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  • Services including technical assistance and consultancy for the energy industry.

FAQs on Gesa Phone Number

Q. What distinguishes pre-qualified candidates from pre-approved candidates?

Ans: A pre-qualified buyer has given the lender the essential data needed to identify the possible loan programme for which the buyer may be eligible. On the other hand, if a buyer is pre-approved, the lender has gathered, checked, and provided the data required for underwriting and approval.

Q. Which is better, the interest rate or the annual percentage rate?

Ans: Your interest rate is the amount you pay each month towards the remaining balance on your house loan. Your annual percentage rate, or APR, includes your interest rate plus any additional fees or pre-paid finance charges, such as origination, origination points, private mortgage insurance, underwriting, and processing fees (your actual fees may not include all of these items). Commonly used to compare expenses is the annual percentage rate, or APR. of mortgage loans provided by various mortgage lenders, even though your interest rate is the rate at which you will make your monthly mortgage payments.

Q. What are the expenses associated with closing?

Ans. A few examples of items that are included in closing expenses are appraisal, title insurance, attorney, pre-paid interest, and paperwork fees. Because every customer has a distinct mortgage type, property location, and other criteria, these elements are typically different for each customer. Before your closing date, you will get a good faith estimate of your closing costs for your review.

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