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EDD Disability Phone Number (800) 480-XXXX, Email ID Details

EDD Disability Phone Number: Under the EDD Disability program, Californian employees who are unable to work because of a pregnancy, illness, or injury unrelated to their job are eligible for financial support. The Employment Development Department (EDD) of California is in charge of running the program. A disability is any sickness or accident that keeps a person from performing their regular duties but is unrelated to their work. This covers both mental and physical disabilities.

NameEDD Disability
Phone Number(800) 480-3287
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EDD Disability Phone Number

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How Are Benefits for Disability Paid by EDD?

Payment by mail: Should you select this option? You should anticipate receiving an EDD check in the mail within 7 to 10 business days. Which will be the EDD-issued DI benefits payment.

Your EDD DI benefits payment will be directly deposited to a debit card that is issued in your name if you select the electronic payment option.

After you demonstrate that you meet all eligibility conditions, you should soon be receiving EDD DI payments. If it is determined that you meet the requirements, the EDD will approve your benefits. These payments are typically granted following verification of eligibility, typically within seven days, and are contingent upon daily eligibility.

How Are Benefits Under EDD DI Calculated?

The applicant’s earnings over a base period of twelve months are often used to calculate the EDD DI benefit amount. The base period is calculated taking into account the day your claim becomes operative.

You should carefully consider how the day you start your claim may affect your weekly benefit rate. Furthermore, the application date will determine the maximum benefit amount and the duration of your eligibility for benefits.

A person has to have made at least USD 300 during the base period to be eligible. Depending on the month your claim goes into effect, one of the following four fiscal quarters will be selected.

For example, your base period is 12 months, ending on the final date of September, if your claim starts in January, February, or March. Put another way, the base period is assessed from October 1, 2019, to September 30, 2020, if a claim starts on February 14, 2021.

EDD Disability Phone Number

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What Will Impact the Benefits of EDD DI?

If your claim is rejected but you can demonstrate that you worked 60 days or more in any quarter of the base period, you may be entitled to compensation that was replaced in the most recent quarter.

To support your claim or get a bigger benefit. You might be able to provide wages from prior fiscal year quarters. Still, the following are among the requirements for this:

  • Having had military service
  • Getting rewards from workers’ compensation
  • being unemployed due to a labor dispute

If any of the aforementioned situations apply to you. You should submit a letter with the claims form and any supporting proof.


You have the right to know the rationale and foundation for any decision that impacts your disability benefits as an application for the EDD DI program. As a result, you ought to challenge any determination made about your eligibility for benefits. You can submit the written appeal straight to the DI office.

Next, ask for a hearing on your appeal before an Administrative Law Judge, or ALJ. Even the local civil courts and the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board in your state. It will accept an appeal of the judge’s ruling.

To learn more about the requirements for eligibility and benefits of EDD DI, go to the official website at


Q. Who is qualified to get disability benefits from EDD?

Ans. For employees to be eligible for EDD disability payments, they must meet the eligibility standards. They must be unable to carry out their regular job duties for at least eight days due to illness or accident to qualify for EDD disability benefits.

Q. What is the duration of EDD benefits?

Ans. EDD DI benefits are available to eligible persons for a maximum of 52 weeks consecutively. Applicants may receive up to 60%–70% of their pay as compensation if they fulfill the requirements for the EDD DI program. The amount is based on their income and is decided between five and eighteen months after the claim is made.

Q. What benefits are offered by the California State Disability Insurance Programme?

Ans. Paid Family Leave (PFL) and short-term Disability Insurance (DI) are provided under the California State Disability Insurance (SDI) program to qualified workers. You can apply for Disability Insurance (DI) if a sickness, accident, pregnancy, or delivery keeps you from working and is not related to your job.

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