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Econo Lodge Phone Number: The US and Canada are home to the budget hotel company Econo Lodge. One of the most well-known names in the Choice Hotels network is Econo Lodge. It seeks to offer budget tourists lodging at reasonable prices. The facilities are frequently situated close to roads or have access to them, and they include a minimum of forty guest rooms. Every hotel offers a complimentary breakfast.

There are 759 Econo Lodge hotels open as of December 31, 2022, with 44,697 rooms. Every state in the US and every province in Canada has Econo Lodge hotels.

NameEcono Lodge
Founded 1969
Phone Number(407) 857-6750
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Econo Lodge Phone Number

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Econo Lodge Phone Number: In 1969, entrepreneur Vernon Myers and his son, Vernon Jr., founded Econo-Travel in Norfolk, Virginia. Local businessman Lloyd Tarbutton later joined the company.

To determine whether the concept would succeed, Tarbutton took on the project, securing funding and investors in addition to doing in-depth market research. In the beginning, “Sandy,” a young woman wearing a tam and a short Scotch skirt, served as the chain’s mascot. Built for $275,000, the original hotel is still in operation at 865 North Military Highway in Norfolk. The daily accommodation fee was $11 for four, $9 for two, and $7 for singles.

1983 Tarbutton sold the business for $836 million, with 306 sites. In the later part of the 1970s, he started to rename every location to Econo Lodge. After the founders sold out, the brand saw ups and downs and several owners. It ended up in the possession of investor Paul Wallace, whose fund acquired the brand, restored it, patched up issues with franchisees, and then in 1990 sold it to Choice Hotels International. Of the group’s economy brands, it is the more upmarket; Rodeway Inn, its sibling brand, often offers fewer facilities.

Why does Econo Lodge exist?

Easy to locate, simple to reserve, and inexpensive. With Econo Lodge hotels, you can stay within your budget and still enjoy the services you require, allowing you to concentrate on the main reasons you visit.

To enhance your enjoyment of your visit, Econo Lodge offers cosy, spotless rooms. With our free WiFi, you may stay in touch with your people as well. Also, you’ll find it simple to maintain a full charge thanks to the handy outlets in each room located directly at the nightstand. Enjoy a quick bite to start your day with our complimentary Easy Starts continental breakfast before you head back on the road.

Additionally, Econo Lodge is a convenient pit break on the road, with nationwide locations. We believe that only slightly eases the burden of travel for everyone.

Econo Lodge Phone Number

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Q. Which policies apply to your hotel?

Ans. To view all of the information, including our hotel’s policies regarding pets, additional persons, check-in and check-out times, and amenities, click on policies.

Q. Is it possible to order an additional bed, and if so, what would it cost?

Ans. Above double occupancy, we charge an extra $10 for each adult. When residing in a room with their parents or grandparents, children under the age of eighteen are free.

Q. Does the hotel allow pets?

Ans. Yes, we do allow your entire family to stay with us since pets are considered members of the family. Pets are welcome here, but there are costs involved with this service. There are terms and conditions.

Q. What time is it to check in and out?

Ans. 11:00 AM is the check-out time and 03:00 PM is the check-in time.

Q. Is it possible to arrive early or leave late?

Ans. We do accept early check-ins and late check-outs, subject to availability and the arrival and departure times of the next planned guest, for a $35.00 fee.

Q. Which features are available for people with disabilities at the hotel?

Ans. We intend to make Fallbrook a welcoming place for all visitors. Making reservations as simple as possible for everyone, including those with special needs, is our goal. We provide our guests with easy-to-use websites that are enabling and accommodating.

We urge you to contact us by phone or email if you need help learning more about our hotel or making a reservation. Our friendly staff will be pleased to assist.

Q. Is the hotel using the necessary COVID-19 measures and sanitization procedures?

Ans. Yes, we adhere to the thorough sanitization procedure and maintain spotless rooms to ensure that visitors have safe and healthy stays.

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