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Duke Energy Phone Number, Indiana Plans Two-Year Electric Transportation Pilot Programs & FAQs

Duke Energy Phone Number:- Duke Energy is a multinational company founded in 1904 by James Buchanan Duke and Benjamin Newton Duke, headquartered at the Duke Energy Center, 550 South Tryon Street, Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. and the key people behind it are Lin Jae Good, (President). , President and CEO) and Steven K. Young (CFO).

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Duke Energy currently employs approximately 27,535 people. Duke Energy operates in the energy industry and offers products such as electricity generation, transmission and distribution, natural gas, and Duke Energy Ohio provides services in Ohio, Kentucky, Duke Energy Indiana: Indiana, Duke Energy Carolinas: North Carolina, South Carolina, Duke Energy Progress: North Carolina, South Carolina, Duke Energy Florida: Florida, Duke Energy Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico, Piedmont Natural Gas: North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee According to the latest report, Duke Energy posted 21.72 billions of US dollars produced. (2020) and net income of US$1.082 billion (2020).


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ड्यूक एनर्जी 1904 में जेम्स बुकानन ड्यूक और बेंजामिन न्यूटन ड्यूक द्वारा स्थापित एक बहुराष्ट्रीय कंपनी है, जिसका मुख्यालय ड्यूक एनर्जी सेंटर, 550 साउथ ट्रायॉन स्ट्रीट, चार्लोट, उत्तरी कैरोलिना, यू.एस. में है और इसके पीछे प्रमुख लोग लिन जे गुड, (राष्ट्रपति) हैं। अध्यक्ष और सीईओ) और स्टीवन के. यंग (सीएफओ)। ड्यूक एनर्जी वर्तमान में लगभग 27,535 लोगों को रोजगार देती है।

ड्यूक एनर्जी ऊर्जा उद्योग में काम करती है और बिजली उत्पादन, पारेषण और वितरण, प्राकृतिक गैस जैसे उत्पादों की पेशकश करती है, और ड्यूक एनर्जी ओहियो ओहियो, केंटकी, ड्यूक एनर्जी इंडियाना: इंडियाना, ड्यूक एनर्जी कैरोलिनास: नॉर्थ कैरोलिना, साउथ कैरोलिना, ड्यूक में सेवाएं प्रदान करती है। एनर्जी प्रोग्रेस: नॉर्थ कैरोलिना, साउथ कैरोलिना, ड्यूक एनर्जी फ्लोरिडा: फ्लोरिडा, ड्यूक एनर्जी प्यूर्टो रिको: प्यूर्टो रिको, पीडमोंट नेचुरल गैस: नॉर्थ कैरोलिना, साउथ कैरोलिना, टेनेसी नवीनतम रिपोर्ट के अनुसार, ड्यूक एनर्जी ने 21.72 बिलियन अमेरिकी डॉलर का उत्पादन किया। (2020) और 1.082 बिलियन अमेरिकी डॉलर (2020) की शुद्ध आय।

Off-Peak Charging Credit

Residential customers with Level 2 EV chargers can apply for the Off-Peak Credit Program, which provides quarterly bill credits for charging electric vehicles during times of low energy demand. A maximum of 500 participants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Also, a $50 quarterly credit is available for two years, totaling $400 per customer. The pilot will look at customer feedback for price incentives related to charging their vehicles.

Commercial Charger Discount

The Commercial Charger Rebate Pilot Program provides a financial incentive to Duke Energy’s business customers, including businesses; apartment housing units, and government or workplace fleet operators, to install electric vehicle chargers at their place of business. The aim of this pilot is to better understand the needs of this customer segment and its impact on the electric grid.

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The pilot includes 1,200 charging stations, and participants can receive $500 per charging station. Participants must install at least four Level 2 EV charging stations, and the incentive available per participant is a maximum of 20.

Private Fleet customers must own, lease, or otherwise operate one or more plug-in EVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles or battery electric vehicles) on a regular basis for each incentive they receive.

Duke Energy Indiana

Duke Energy Indiana, a subsidiary of Duke Energy, provides approximately 6,300 MW of proprietary electricity capacity to approximately 870,000 customers in a service area of ​​23,000 square miles, making it Indiana’s largest electricity supplier.

Also, Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK), a Fortune 150 company headquartered in Charlotte; NC, is one of America’s largest energy holding companies. Its electric utilities serve 8.2 million customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky, and collectively own 50,000 megawatts of energy capacity. Its natural gas unit serves 1.6 million customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, and Kentucky. The company employs 28,000 people.

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FAQs on Duke Energy Phone Number

What is Duke Energy’s customer service phone number?

If you would like to leave a customer service phone number, call Duke Energy Headquarters and call 1-704-594-6200 or 1-704-382-3853. You may need to talk to an operator to reach a member of the corporate team. Email: Duke Energy Headquarters provides a contact page.

What is the toll-free number for Duke Energy?

While 800-777-9898 is Duke Energy’s (NC & SC)’s a best toll-free number, there are 4 total ways to contact them. According to other Duke Energy (NC & SC) customers; the next best way to talk to their customer support team is by calling their customer service department at their 877-444-7731 phone number.

What is the phone number for Duke Energy in Cincinnati?

Duke Energy is located at 139 E 4th St; Cincinnati, OH 45202. Duke Energy can be contacted at (800) 544-6900. Get Duke Energy reviews, ratings, business hours, phone numbers, and directions.

How long does it take for Duke Energy to start service?

Number your federal tax identification number, do not press any button. Wait a few minutes and your call will be automatically transferred to the customer service representative. How long does it take for the service to start? It takes 3 business days to start a new service so don’t delay calling Duke Energy.

Duke Energy Phone Number
Duke Energy Phone Number

Is Duke Energy Still Buying?

Also, plus, over the past three years, Duke has increased its dividend by an average of 9.46%. Duke Energy remains a buy. In the next decade, Duke is well positioned to be part of the country’s transition to renewable energy. And it stands to benefit from renewed investment in the country’s energy grid.

What is Duke Energy CEO’s salary?

Also, Lynn Good became CEO of Duke Energy on July 1, 2013. So, Good was also elected to the Duke board. Also, in 2016, she was chairman of the board. So, in 2018, Duke Energy awarded Good just under $14 million in total compensation.

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How many employees does Duke Energy have?

The company has approximately 29,000 employees. So, Duke Energy’s service territory covers 104,000 square miles (270,000 km 2) with 250,200 miles (402,700 km) of distribution lines. So, Almost all of Duke Energy’s Midwest generation comes from coal, natural gas, or oil, while half of its Carolinas generation comes from its nuclear power plants.

What is the phone number for Progress Energy?

So, progress Energy Contact Information. So, that Address and Phone Number for Progress Energy, an Utilities, at Military Cutoff Road, Wilmington NC. Name Progress Energy Address 1451 Military Cutoff Road Wilmington, North Carolina, 28403 Phone 910-509-7327

What is it like to work at Duke Energy?

Also, the management of the company is very helpful; they treat employees with respect and not intimidation like the management of some other large organizations. As an employee at Duke Energy, you will not find it difficult to enjoy a work-life balance and receive good wages.


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