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Dearra Taylor Phone Number:- Dear Taylor, a citizen of the United States of America, was born on April 17, 1996, in Tennessee. She and her younger sister, who also goes by Zaria Mosley, have become well-known figures in the Internet community through their many personalities. Despite the distance between the two, Kendall Taylor and Ken Walker have been dating since 2014.

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It is unknown where she was born, who her parents are, where she went to school, what her family history is like, what caste she is, and how she was raised. America-born Taylor is a popular YouTuber, as she and her boyfriend, Ken Walker, submit vlogs to the site. They host pranks, races, stories and Q&A on their many subchannels in addition to their main channel. Vlogs By DK4L is the name of their secondary channel which they update with new content occasionally.


Dearra Taylor

NameDearra Taylor
Date of BirthApril 17, 1996
AddressNot Available
Phone NumberNot Available
Email AddressNot Available
Facebook IDNot Available
Instagram ID Not Available
Twitter IDNot Available
LinkedIn ProfileNot Available
Dearra Taylor Phone Number

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Dearra Taylor Phone Number
Dearra Taylor Phone Number


D’Ambra Taylor was born on 17 April 1996 in the state of Tennessee, United States. She has a younger sister named Zaria Mosley, who is also famous for her presence on social media. Kendall Taylor and Ken Walker have been in a long-distance relationship since 2014. His parents, his education and his family background are all unknown, as are his ethnicity and race. Dear A YouTuber from the United States, Taylor is best known for her vlogs with her boyfriend, Ken Walker, which she posts on the social media site.

In addition to their main channel, the couple also has other sub-channels where they post pranks, races, storytelling and Q&A footage. De’arra et Ken 4 Life ‘Vlogs By DK4L’ is a side-channel that they run alongside their main channel. This includes videos that document their daily lives on a day-to-day basis. Taylor and Walker are known for their vlogs, which depict their love and family life. Through their vlogs, they hope to set a positive example for their audience and encourage them.

Are Diarra and Ken still together, Dearra Taylor

And they’ve been making YouTube videos together for almost as long. Are Dera and Ken still a couple? Unfortunately, De’arra and Ken Walker are no longer together. Popular YouTubers announced the sad news via a YouTube video.

Is the lamp on: Dearra Taylor Phone Number

Congratulations to YouTube couple De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker, better known as “DK4L” in their digital family, who have just got engaged.

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Dearra Taylor Phone Number
Dearra Taylor Phone Number

How is Diara famous?

She became famous on De’arra & Ken 4 Life’s YouTube channel. The YouTuber shared the channel with her ex-boyfriend, Ken. Together, they formed the channel on 11 December 2014. He majorly uploaded pranks, Q&A, story and lifestyle videos.

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This couple has demonstrated that everyone who is in love can live happily with their spouse, even if they are not married to each other. American YouTubers have thrown out all of society’s expectations to live the lives they’ve always imagined. When it comes to the popularity of their channels, their main channel has garnered over 4.4 million subscribers and almost 553 million views as of this writing. Furthermore, as of March 2018, his side channel had garnered over 1.6 million followers and nearly 128 million page views.


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