Calixo Phone Number

Calixo Phone Number, 301XXXXX Best WhatsApp Contact , Biography and Email-ID Detail, Home Address, D.O.F

Calixo Phone Number:- Calixto is a British social media celebrity who rose to prominence as a result of his ‘Calyxo – Roblox Adventures’ branded verified YouTube channel, which is notable for sharing Roblox gaming footage. Calixto was born in the United Kingdom. The site, they have attracted over 1.56 million members so far. Calixto was born on May 1, 1995, in the English city of Chichester, West Sussex County. Calixto will be 27 years old by 2022.

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Age26 years 
Date of BirthMay 1, 1995
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Calixo Phone Number

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Calixo Phone Number
Calixo Phone Number

Biography: Calixo Phone Number

Calixto Bubrizzi is the name of my Roblox character. In the YouTube community, he is known as Calixo – Roblox Adventures. He is a Roblox YouTuber who mostly posts content related to Brookhaven. Started working at Roblox in June 2016. He has about 30,000 trips to different places. Has more than 1,800,000 followers, based on his YouTube channel, Roblox Adventures, study. Additionally, he is an official member of the Roblox Video Stars Program. Calixto is the name of his star code. Once again, he is the most popular Roblox Brookhaven YouTuber on the internet.


To start, you should understand that Calixto’s real name is Ryan Miles. He was born on 1 May 1995 in the English city of Chichester, West Sussex. California native Calixo is a YouTube video creator and Roblox player who came to prominence through his Calixo – Roblox Adventures channel. As per the findings of the investigation, he has more than 1.8 million followers on his YouTube channel. In the year 2016, he made his YouTube debut which launched him into stardom. A video called Piggy Dance by Roblox Piggy, which has over 8 million views is one of his most famous works.

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Calixo Phone Number
Calixo Phone Number

Career: Calixo Phone Number

In exchange for the Video Creator Top Hat, Roblox Premium features, early access to select items and events, promotions from official Roblox channels, a Video Star icon alongside their username in the in-game player list, and a unique Star Code that can be When used when purchasing Robux or Premium, you agree to the terms of the Video Stars Agreement. The Video Star Pizza Launcher, Star Kreator Cannon 9001, Video Star Egg Launcher, the ability to throw Video Star’s Launcher Box, and Early Access to the Vans World event were all given out during the events.

In addition, they received an email once a month with a 20 Robux Coupon Voucher. The codes could be used for anything, but most video stars handed out their codes for free to their followers on social media channels other than their own. Unfortunately, this benefit was not available till February 20, 2020. We learn that Calixto is a code for the Calixto star constellation. Well, what does the star code mean? Star Code, also known as Star Creator Code, Creator Code, Video Code and Video Star Creator Code, is a feature that was first introduced on April 29, 2019 and has since gained widespread popularity .


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