Caliber Home Loans Phone Number

Caliber Home Loans Phone Number, Email ID, Customer Service, Pros and Cons

Caliber Home Loans Phone Number:- The mortgage originator and servicer Calibre House Loans, Inc. Provides a wide range of conventional, government-backed, speciality, and refinancing house loans. Following the merger of Calibre Funding and Vericrest Financial in 2008. Programmes from Calibre Home Loans are intended to help homeowners with less-than-ideal financial situations realise their goal of becoming homeowners. First-time homebuyers may qualify for incentives that can be applied to closing costs or down payments, as well as low requirements.


Caliber Home Loans

NameCaliber Home Loans
Founded In2008
Phone Number+1 855-808-2124
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Caliber Home Loans Phone Number

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About Caliber Home Loans

Founded in 2013, Calibre Home Loans is a Texas-based corporation. However, it was established in 1963 when two companies merged. With 145 “corporate family members,” Calibre appears to run regional franchises with branches. This indicates that the likelihood of one or more branches existing in your state is high. One of the larger lenders in the country, it has operations in all 50 states as well as Washington, D.C. It provides a wide variety of mortgage options, including some exclusive, proprietary ones.

Pros and Cons


  • Can simply finish an online mortgage application: Borrowers do not need to meet with a loan officer before beginning the mortgage application process.
  • Numerous loan programs are available: There are several lending options accessible. To satisfy the demands of borrowers, Calibre Home Loans provides a range of mortgage products, such as USDA, FHA, jumbo, and conventional loans.
  • Alternative loans for non-traditional borrowers: Calibre provides loans with flexible terms for borrowers with poor credit, trouble demonstrating their income, or a previous late payment.


  • Current mortgage interest rates are not listed on the website: Although borrowers can apply online. They must meet with a loan officer to get the current mortgage rates.
  • Not all locations have loan offices: Calibre Home Loans has offices in all 50 states and can originate mortgages in each state. Not all borrowers may find these locations convenient. For instance, it is more than 180 miles from the nearest office in Memphis.
  • Lack of home equity loans and credit lines: Calibre does not provide home equity loans or credit lines. Which can be an inexpensive means to access the equity in your house without having to refinance your main mortgage.

Caliber Home Loans customer service

Reviews of Caliber’s customer service are always positive. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) reports that for every 1,000 consumers, the firm receives less than one complaint. Furthermore, the results of the most recent Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study by J.D. Power were mediocre.

Furthermore, Calibre Home Loans has been authorised by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A+ rating. It also receives a solid 4.7 out of 5 stars from average reviews posted on internet forums.

Features & Advantages of Calibre House Loans

  • Calibre provides several mortgage loans with little or no down payments.
  • There are loans available for streamlining refinancing and renovation mortgages.
  • Self-employed borrowers can use their bank statements as evidence of income.
  • Financing for investment properties is offered.

Review of Calibre Home Loans for 2024

What are the advantages of refinancing or buying a property with Calibre? Here are a few noteworthy ones:

  • several different loan alternatives. You should be able to discover whatever kind of loan you need right here.
  • personalised assistance. Excellent for folks who enjoy interacting with others
  • Excellent technology. This suggests that the engine may process a large number of loans quickly—possibly in as little as 10 working days.
  • Choices for those purchasing a first house. Works with customers with moderate credit and some programmes that provide down payment help.
Caliber Home Loans Phone Number

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Customer Satisfaction

With more than 6,600 reviews, Calibre Home Loans has an excellent rating of 4.96 out of five stars on Zillow.

The majority of the most recent client testimonials highlight the loan officers’ dependability, speed, and timely loan closings. In Investopedia’s own evaluation of 45 mortgage lenders, Calibre also fared rather well, placing 14th overall with a 5.95 out of 10 score.


Q. How do I create an online account?

Ans. Click the ‘Sign in/Register’ tab located in the upper right corner of the page at Both your social security number and loan number are required.

Q. Where is my Calibre account number located?

Ans. Both your Welcome letter and the first page of your monthly mortgage statement contain your account number.

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