blue cross blue shield massachusetts phone number

Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts Phone Number, Email ID Details, Pros & Cons

Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts Phone Number: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA), is a nonprofit private health insurance provider authorised by the state and associated with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, with its main office located in Boston. The Boston Landmarks Commission is now looking into the Boston property. Located at 133 Federal Street, it has the potential to become a Boston Landmark.

NameBlue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts Phone Number
Phone Number1-800-262-2583
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Following the union of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, BCBSMA was established in 1988. In the 1990s, as managed care grew in popularity, it provided an HMO plan in 1992.

Being the biggest non-profit health insurance provider in Massachusetts, BCBSMA serves 2.8 million people, most of whom are working. The economy and layoffs caused a small decline in the number of policyholders between the first and second quarters of 2011.

In 2010, the company paid Cleve Killingsworth, the outgoing CEO, $8.6 million in pay. Following public outrage and a four-month inquiry by the Massachusetts Attorney General, this was reported in 2011. In the end, BCBSMA deducted $4.2 million from policyholders’ premiums (about $3 per policyholder) to represent Killingsworth’s severance.

The corporation declared on January 20, 2022, that CEO Andrew Dreyfus would step down from his role following a 12-year tenure.

blue cross blue shield massachusetts phone number


Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts provides excellent and reasonably priced health care benefits. Among these advantages are:

  • Insurance for health, dentistry, and vision
  • Company-contributed health financial accounts
  • Availability of online resources for mental health
  • Cryopreservation of eggs
  • on-site health facilities

You will receive prescription drug coverage, regular or complete dental treatment, as well as vision and hearing exams if you select one of their top-rated Medicare PPO plans. Their 2023 plans offer features like minimal copays, telemedicine coverage, an eyewear allowance, a hearing aid benefit, and more.


The goal of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation is to guarantee that everyone in the Commonwealth who is socially, economically, or racially marginalised has fair access to healthcare. Through funding, research, and policy initiatives, we work with public and private organisations to lower obstacles to care and increase access to health coverage. Our work led to the passage of the historic Massachusetts healthcare reform law in 2006, and we continue to provide funding for studies looking into the implications of the law. The Foundation is overseen by a 14-member Board of Directors and is a private, nonprofit organisation.

Pros and Cons


  • Extensive Provider Network
  • Comprehensive Coverage Options
  • Wellness Programs and Preventive Care\
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Financial Stability and Reputation


  • Higher Premiums
  • Limited Regional Coverage Options
  • Complexity of Plans and Policies
  • Prior Authorization Requirements
  • Limited Out-of-Network Coverage
blue cross blue shield massachusetts phone number

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Customer Service Experiences

This section will look at Blue Cross Blue Shield customer service encounters. We’ll talk about both good and bad experiences with the business, along with general advice on handling customer service encounters.

Throughout the conversation, an impartial and impersonal tone will be upheld, with no personal pronouns.

Experiences with Blue Cross Blue Shield: Both Good and Bad

There has been a range of favourable and negative experiences with the health coverage provider. Several clients express great pleasure with Blue Cross Blue Shield’s customer support, noting quick and beneficial answers to their questions. Some, on the other hand, bemoan extended wait periods while on hold or experience trouble connecting with a representative.

Regarding the effectiveness of claims processing, a few clients commend Blue Cross Blue Shield for the promptness and convenience of filing claims and getting paid. Others, however, have complained about problems with unjustified denials or delays in claim processing.

Overall, it appears that although a sizable portion of consumers have had favourable experiences with Blue Cross Blue Shield, a sizable portion have run into issues or been frustrated with the organization’s policies and practices.

  • Positive experiences:
    1) Prompt and helpful customer service
    2) Speedy claims processing
  • Negative experiences:
    3) Long wait times on hold
    4) Delays in claim processing or unclear denials

Advice for Handling Contacts with Customer Service

To guarantee a great experience with any health insurance company, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, it can be imperative to effectively manage customer service interactions. When resolving any problems or worries that may come up during these encounters, effective communication is essential. This includes being able to empathise with the customer’s position, speaking clearly and concisely, and actively listening.

The ability to resolve conflicts is also crucial for handling customer service situations. This entails figuring out the problem’s underlying cause and collaborating with the client to come up with a workable solution. Even when emotions are running high on either end of the exchange, it’s critical to maintain composure and professionalism throughout.

The customer service staff at Blue Cross Blue Shield makes sure that clients feel heard and appreciated while attending to their requirements by employing effective communication techniques and dispute-resolution solutions.

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