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Zara Phone Number: ZARA is the name of the multinational Spanish retail clothing chain. It provides apparel, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, and fragrances with a focus on quick fashion. The headquarters are in the Galician province of A Coruña, near Arteixo. Within the Inditex group, it is the largest constituent company. By 2020, it was introducing more than twenty new product categories annually.

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Zara Phone Number

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About Zara

Zara’s ability to adapt to the times and keep up with street fashion was a major factor in its success. The brand examines the daily evolution of fashion. In a week or two, it creates fresh designs and releases them to retailers. It would take six months for the majority of other fashion brands to release their new designs.


It all started in 1963 when Ortega opened Inditex, a firm that produced dresses. Ten years later, he started Zorba, a little store in La Coruna, Spain, with just thirty euros. Then, he changed the name to Zara without any specific plan. And thus was born the most popular fashion brand in the world today. Zara gradually extended its dominions from the Spanish town to the entire nation and eventually to Portugal. The store had spread over most of Europe, the United States, and France by the 1990s. Currently, Zara operates around 6500 locations in 88 different countries.

Company Profile

There’s one unexpected thing about Zara. Despite its ongoing success, the name’s marketing is subpar. The brand doesn’t use any kind of self-promotion. Amancio has never given a media interview or promoted Zara in any way. Zara gained such widespread popularity without the necessity for advertising. How about excellence taking care of everything?

Locations of Stores

With slightly over 6500 outlets, Zara operates stores in over 88 countries. Fifth Avenue in New York, Oxford Street in London, Calle Serrano in Madrid, Via del Corso in Rome, Champs-Élysées in Paris, Nevsky Prospect in Saint Petersburg, GUM in Vladivostok, Tokyo’s Ginza and Shibuya districts, Myeongdong in Seoul, and many more places are home to Zara flagship stores. Zara distributes products online on their website as well.

Head Quarters

Zara is renowned for being among the greenest brands. At its La Coruna headquarters, it makes use of wind turbines and solar panels. Zara has gained recognition as one of the select few clothing manufacturers that only creates toxic-free clothes. However, this recognition was gained only after the company’s usage of azo dyes, which have been linked to cancer, in its apparel generated a stir.

Zara Phone Number

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That’s where Zara outperformed the competition and became the go-to brand for consumers who enjoyed following trends in fashion. Ortega gained notoriety for his belief that clothing is a perishable good, similar to bread or yoghurt, that people love to wear and then discard. According to changing street fashion trends, he is often cited as creating “freshly baked clothes” that barely endure a month or two before becoming outdated. If you went to the store a week later than expected, all the clothes would be replaced.


Men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothes are all available at Zara stores (Zara Kids). European retailers carry Zara Home designs. Customers who shop at Zara are mostly in the age range of 18 to 35. It takes ten to fifteen days for things to be designed and then placed in retailers. The distribution centre located in Spain handles the processing of every item of apparel. After being examined, sorted, and labelled, new things are placed into trucks. The clothes are typically delivered in 48 hours. Over 450 million pieces are produced annually by Zara.


Q. What is ZARA?

Ans: Known for its fast-fashion business approach and stylish designs, ZARA is a clothing and accessory shop based in Spain.

Q. What is the base location of ZARA?

Ans: ZARA is located in northwest Spain, in the little town of Arteijo.

Q. Does ZARA operate a website?

Ans: Yes, ZARA has an online store where clients may purchase the apparel and accessories of their choice.

Q. Is delivery to other countries available from ZARA?

Ans: Absolutely, ZARA ships internationally to a wide range of nations.

Q. Is ZARA involved in any sustainability projects?

Ans: ZARA is without a doubt committed to sustainability and has taken several steps to reduce its impact on the environment, including recycling schemes and the usage of eco-friendly products.

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