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Teleperformance Phone Number 801-257-XXXX, Email ID Details, FAQs

Teleperformance Phone Number: Teleperformance SE is a multinational corporation that was founded in 1978 and has its headquarters in France. Client relationship management, telemarketing, debt collection, content moderation, and communication are among the services they offer.

For businesses in a range of industries, it provides services in more than 300 languages and dialects.

Founded In1978
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Teleperformance Phone Number

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Teleperformance Phone Number: Daniel Julien established Teleperformance in Paris in June 1978. In 1986, Teleperformance established its initial overseas branches in Belgium and Italy. Two years later, Teleperformance opened subsidiaries in Sweden, Germany, Spain, and the UK. In 1989, Daniel Julien and Jacques Berrebi joined forces to lead Rochefortaise Communication, the parent company of Teleperformance International, which was listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. Ten years later, Rochefortaise Communication and Teleperformance International merged to form SR. Teleperformance. In 2006, it rebranded as Teleperformance.

What Are The Advantages of Teleperformance?

The benefits that Teleperformance, a top supplier of CEM services, provides to its staff are extensive. The company is renowned for being one of the best places to work in the industry and is committed to providing excellent working conditions, opportunities for career growth, and enticing benefit packages.

Health and Wellness Benefits

Teleperformance offers its employees extensive benefits related to health and wellness. These consist of wellness initiatives that support healthy living in addition to health, dental, and vision insurance. Employees facing personal or professional difficulties can receive confidential counselling services and support from the company through its employee assistance programme (EAP).

Career Development Opportunities

Teleperformance is dedicated to fostering the professional development of its staff members. The organisation provides a variety of training and development initiatives, such as mentoring, skill development, and leadership development. Additionally, the company encourages its employees to take advantage of opportunities for career advancement.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Teleperformance provides a variety of flexible work arrangements in recognition of the diverse needs and lifestyles of its employees. These consist of full-time and part-time jobs, as well as options for qualified workers to work from home.

Employee Recognition and Rewards

Teleperformance thinks that its workers should be honoured for their commitment and hard work. The organisation provides a range of incentive and recognition schemes, such as bonuses, incentive programmes, and employee of the month awards.

Teleperformance Phone Number

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Teleperformance Phone Number: FAQs

Q. What kinds of opportunities does Teleperformance provide for training and development?

A range of training and development programmes, such as mentoring, leadership development, and skill training, are provided by Teleperformance. Additionally, to assist staff in staying current with emerging technologies and industry best practices, the organisation offers continuous training and support.

Q. What kind of culture does Teleperformance have at work?

Ans. The work culture at Teleperformance is renowned for being encouraging and helpful. The organisation promotes collaboration and idea-sharing among its staff members because it values excellence, innovation, and teamwork. Work-life balance and employee engagement are highly valued.

Q. What kind of assessments are used by Teleperformance for performance?

Ans. Teleperformance employs a range of performance evaluation instruments, such as employee feedback, performance metrics, and goal-setting. To enable workers to achieve their objectives and flourish in their positions, the organisation thinks it’s important to establish clear expectations and give regular feedback.

Q. Does Teleperformance provide options for working from home?

Ans. Yes, Teleperformance provides qualified workers with the option to work from home. The organisation offers flexible schedules that let workers manage work and personal obligations, along with the technology and support needed to enable remote work.

Q. In what ways does Teleperformance promote worker engagement?

Ans. Through a range of initiatives, such as town hall meetings, recognition programmes, and opportunities for community involvement, Teleperformance fosters employee engagement. To keep staff members motivated and engaged, the organisation also regularly provides feedback and performance reviews.

Q. What advantages does Teleperformance provide?

Ans. Teleperformance provides a full range of benefits, such as retirement savings, wellness initiatives, and other advantages, in addition to health, dental, and vision insurance.

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