Regional Acceptance Phone Number

Regional Acceptance Phone Number, Email ID Detail, Profile and History

Regional Acceptance Phone Number: The auto lending company Regional Acceptance Corporation (RAC) is associated with the banking and financial services firm Truist. RAC buys portfolios from other lenders and offers indirect financing for subprime and near-prime vehicle loans.

Stated differently, they act as a middleman in the loan process between the borrower and Truist. Specifically offering loans to borrowers with credit scores that are between subprime (580–619) and near-prime (620–659). They might also buy your debt straight from the bank that issued it.


Regional Acceptance

NameRegional Acceptance
Founded In1978
Phone Number877-722-7299
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Regional Acceptance Phone Number

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Profile and History

Regional Acceptance Phone Number: Regional Acceptance Corporation is a Greenville, North Carolina-based company that specialises in prime-to-near-prime portfolio purchases and indirect sub-prime vehicle loans. It is a subsidiary of BB&T Corporation (NYSE: BBT) and serves dealers and customers in more than 40 states through more than 30 regional business centres and four customer service centres. With more than 10,000 dealers across the country, the company offers local decision-making, flexibility, and rapid finance. For many years, Regional Acceptance has been regarded as one of the best auto finance companies in the US. The parent firm of the business, BB&T Corporation, is one of the biggest financial holding organisations in the country. With more than $200 billion in total assets, BB&T. Which has its headquarters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is regarded as one of the safest and soundest financial companies globally.

What is a scam with Regional Acceptance Corporation?

No, Regional Acceptance Corporation is a real company, so finding them on your credit report doesn’t indicate you’ve been duped. If their name appears, it most likely means they have a credit check on you or you have an account with them.

You have probably fallen victim to identity theft if you are positive. There is activity under Regional Acceptance Corporation on your credit report that shouldn’t be there. In the next part, we’ll go into more detail about the possible reasons Regional Acceptance Corporation could be listed on your credit report, including both genuine and fraudulent ones.

Why is my credit report showing Regional Acceptance Corporation?

Hard inquiries

As previously indicated, a solitary hard inquiry will often result in a five-point drop in your FICO score. A five-to-ten-point drop in your VantageScore credit score.

Since this effect typically builds up, answering too many challenging questions can significantly lower your score. You shouldn’t be concerned about a single inquiry, though. As your credit score is a number between 300 and 850, a difference of 5 points isn’t noticeable.

Furthermore, both FICO and VantageScore feature a shopping window in which they regard numerous hard inquiries as a single inquiry to prevent penalising customers from shopping around for the best interest rates on loans. In other words, your credit score will only be lowered by the number of points you would lose for a single hard inquiry if you apply for multiple financing options with [COMPANY NAME] and multiple Regional Acceptance Corporation inquiries were added to your credit report in a short period.

Regional Acceptance Phone Number

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Open and closed accounts

If you have a Regional Acceptance Corporation vehicle loan listed on your credit report, it affects the following variables, which in turn affects your credit score:

  • Payment history
  • Length of credit history
  • credit mix


Q. How can my username be changed?

Ans. For assistance, contact Regional Acceptance Customer Support at 866-644-7687.

Q. My password has escaped me. How should I proceed?

Ans. Choose “forgot password” from the login screen, or get help by calling 866-644-7687 to reach Regional Acceptance Customer Support.

Q. How can I update my phone number, email address, or mailing address?

Ans. From your profile page, you may make changes to your account details.

Q. How do I enable Touch ID, Face ID, and Fingerprint Login?

Ans. From your profile, you may enable Touch ID, Face ID, and Fingerprint Login at any time. Your username will be automatically saved after it is activated. You can simply access your account by choosing this option.

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