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Reliant Energy Phone Number, Email ID Details, Customer Service & FAQs

Reliant Energy Phone Number:- Reliant Energy, is a division of NRG Energy with its headquarters located in Houston, Texas. This is one of the biggest electrical suppliers in Texas, providing service to more than 1.5 million residents. Reliant supplies household and commercial consumers with more than 23 million megawatts of electricity yearly [clarification needed].


Reliant Energy

Name Reliant Energy
Founded In2000
Phone Number1-877-524-5231
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Story of Reliant Energy

“Reliant Energy is a partner in assisting you in creating the life you choose, not just a provider of electricity. We provide dependable and reasonably priced energy solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements to power your house, place of business and daily activities.”

“Reliant Energy (Pty) Ltd, a renowned company situated in Umhlanga, was founded to provide excellent power solutions to individuals and businesses affected by load shedding. Our mission is to support individuals and businesses as they transition to clean, sustainable energy sources. We offer a comprehensive selection of premium solar panels, inverters, installation, and maintenance services to ensure efficient energy solutions for commercial, residential, and community uses.”

“At Reliant Energy, we firmly think that the sun could sustain life on Earth. From the first consultation to installation and continuing maintenance, our team of professionals is committed to providing outstanding customer service and assistance at every stage of the process. We put our customers’ needs first and customise our offerings to meet their unique energy requirements.”

“Being an ecologically conscientious organisation, we aim to improve the communities we work with. In addition to saving money on energy bills, our sustainable energy solutions assist companies and individuals in lowering their carbon footprint, which significantly contributes to a more sustainable future.”

“We at Reliant Energy are eager to collaborate with you in order to build a more sustainable and positive future for everybody To find out more about our superior solar goods and services, please get in touch with us right now.”

Vision of Reliant Energy

“At Reliant Energy, our mission is to enable people, companies, and communities to take advantage of the limitless potential of solar energy in order to drive the shift towards a more sustainable and brighter future. In our ideal world, clean, renewable energy would not only be a main source of energy but also a means of advancing society and protecting the environment for future generations. We want to lead the way in bringing about a more colourful, sustainable, and solar-powered world by means of innovation, steadfast quality assurance, and deep relationships.”

The Revenue of Reliant Energy

Reliant Energy brings in $27.0 billion a year. After doing a thorough investigation and analysis, the data science team at Zippia discovered the following important financial metrics for Reliant Energy.

  • The revenue increase of Reliant Energy from 2007 to 2021 is 350.64%.
  • With 3,000 workers, Reliant Energy has a $8,996,333 revenue per employee-ratio.
  • In 2023, Reliant Energy’s quarterly sales peaked at $7.7 billion.
  • In 2021, Reliant Energy’s revenue peaked at $27.0 billion.
  • 2020 saw 9.1 billion in sales for Reliant Energy, a -7.41% increase over 2019.
  • In 2021, Reliant Energy generated $27.0 billion in sales, a 196.81% increase over 2020.

Customer Service of Reliant Energy

Reliant Energy Phone Number: Both now and in the future, we are prepared to assist you. Our company’s diligent and unselfish employees are the cornerstone of our stable foundation since they are dedicated to exceeding. Our client’s expectations of our service. We are driving energy innovation and striving to improve and simplify how you power and safeguard your house or place of business, with additional assistance from our Fortune 500 parent company, NRG Energy, Inc.

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CEO & Leadership

Elizabeth’s approval rating is in the top 15% both when compared to CEOs of all other firms in Houston and when compared to CEOs of all similar-sized companies on Comparably. Elizabeth Killinger is behind TXU Energy CEO Curtis A. Morgan in comparison to Reliant Energy’s rivals. Employee responders at Reliant Energy are most satisfied with their Executive Team and the company’s meetings under Killinger’s direction. Respondents indicated that Reliant Energy should really improve in two areas: manager and retention.

FAQs on Reliant Energy Phone Number

Q. How much does Reliant Energy make?

Ans. Reliant Energy’s revenue is $1.7 B

Q. How many people work for Reliant Energy?

Ans. How many people work for Reliant Energy?

Q. Where is the headquarters of Reliant Energy?

Ans. The address of Reliant Energy’s corporate office is PO Box 3765, Houston, Texas, 77253, USA.

Q. Which industries make up Reliant Energy’s core business?

Ans. The primary industries of Reliant Energy include waste management, utilities, oil and gas, and electricity.

Q. Who is the CEO of Reliant Energy?

Ans. Timothy Burns serves as CEO of Reliant Energy.

Q. What other names or spelling variations do people use when looking for Reliant Energy?

Ans. Under the names Reliant Energy Inc., Reliant Energy Retail Services LLC, and Reliant Energy, Reliant Energy can be found in search results. Energy Retail Holdings LLC, Reliant

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