Maurice's Credit Card Phone Number

Maurice’s Credit Card Phone Number, Email ID Details, Benefits

Maurice’s Credit Card Phone Number: The shop business and Comenity Bank worked together to create Maurice’s Credit Card. For loyal Maurice’s customers, it offers free shipping, exclusive deals, a 10% discount on the majority of goods, and other fantastic benefits. We’ll take you step-by-step through the process of applying for a credit card and creating an online account in this article.

NameMaurice’s Credit Card
Phone Number1-866-248-4488
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Maurice's Credit Card Phone Number

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Benefits of the Maurices Credit Card

Maurice’s Credit Card Phone Number: The advantages of a store credit card, such as Maurice’s, really only apply when you make purchases there. If you buy at Maurices often and with enthusiasm, you might find these recurring cardholder advantages very useful:

  • When you use your Maurices Credit Card*, you’ll receive double points on MyMaurices rewards for using the card. And one for being a member but keep in mind that you can only use the card at Maurices.
  • an additional 10% off everything you buy, including clearance and sale items.
  • Free delivery without a minimum order amount.
  • exclusive access to promotions and discounts

A few one-time advantages that add sweetness to the mix are as follows:

  • After opening an account, receive 100 bonus points ($5) and receive 15% off your first purchase made with the card.
  • 10% off on your birthday

However, you won’t receive the larger credit card benefits like emergency and travel assistance. There is typically a connection between these credit card brands and additional auto insurance as well as cell phone insurance. There is no co-branding of Maurice’s credit card with a well-known brand like Mastercard or Visa.

Last but not least, if you’re considering the Maurice credit card as a means of establishing credit. You should know that it does report to all three of the main credit agencies, so paying your credit card bill on time will help you develop a credit history. A fourth credit bureau, Innovis, is also notified about your usage of the Maurice credit card.

Maurice's Credit Card Phone Number

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The Maurices Credit Card Is Right for Whom?

The Maurices credit card is the best option if you already frequently shop at that store, much like most department store credit cards. Nevertheless, there’s more reason why you would want to obtain the Maurices credit card, or a similar one: Store-specific credit cards are a great tool if you’re just starting or trying to rebuild your credit because they’re usually easier to obtain than others’ credit cards and allow you to build up a history of timely payments, which will raise your credit score.

Representatives of the bank that oversees Maurice’s credit card were unable to reveal the specific factors that Comenity Bank’s proprietary underwriting process takes into account when assessing credit card applicants for acceptance. It is realistic to expect that when you apply for Maurice’s credit card, two factors will have a significant impact on your credit score: the amount of your credit line that you utilise and your payment history.

Options Not Included on the Maurices Credit Card

Don’t worry if the Maurice credit card doesn’t seem like the right option for you; there are lots of other options to think about.

  • Take into consideration one of these highly regarded store cards if you are a regular and devoted customer of retailers other than Maurices.
  • Take into consideration any of these great “first” credit cards. If you’re just beginning the process of establishing (or repairing) credit.
  • If you have an established credit history with a “fair” credit rating, you should think about these credit cards.
  • You are probably eligible for these highly regarded credit cards if your credit is good.
  • Finally, a secured credit card can be a smart place to start if you’re trying to repair damaged credit.

The Maurices Credit Card’s highlights

Only Maurices stores and the Maurices website accept the Maurices Credit Card*. If you don’t live in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, you can receive free domestic ground delivery for online orders, 10% off all purchases, and double MyMaurices reward points every time you use your card.

Unless you carry a balance from month to month, in which case you’ll be paying a pretty expensive, variable APR on that balance, the Maurices Credit Card* has no annual fee, so you won’t be paying for the luxury of using it. Purchases made with the card have a variable APR of 35.24%.

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