Duquesne Light Phone Number

Duquesne Light Phone Number (412) 393-XXXX, Email ID Details

Duquesne Light Phone Number: Founded in 1989, Duquesne Light Holdings, Inc. Supervising Duquesne Light Corporation, Inc. (“DLH”) is an energy service holding corporation that engages in a variety of unlicensed energy-related enterprises. following its 2007 acquisition by parent business DQE Holdings LLC. DLH is presently a wholly owned subsidiary, with Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, serving as its headquarters.

The main energy arm of the organisation, Duquesne Light Company, serves about 588,000 homes and businesses.

NameDuquesne Light
Phone Number(412) 393-6000
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Duquesne Light Phone Number

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Historic incorporation

George Westinghouse built hundreds of businesses, including Duquesne Light. Which operated as a subsidiary of the “Philadelphia Company” during its first 75 years of existence (1870s–1940s). When DQE was a subsidiary of the “Philadelphia Company,” other similar companies formed by Westinghouse, such as the Equitable Gas company and other “Equitable” energy/electronic companies, were equal subsidiaries with DQE.

A $4.3 billion merger between Allegheny Energy and Duquesne was decided upon in 1997. The combination’s headquarters is located in Hagerstown, Maryland. But by 1998, DQE had pulled out of the agreement.

A group headed by representatives of the Australian-based Macquarie Group Limited purchased Duquesne in May 2007. The consortium, which consists of several institutional investors, is the only owner of the common shares of DQE Holdings, LLC. As a result, it falls under the category of investor-owned utility. 2010 saw GIC Private Limited purchase a 29% interest from the original DUET Group shareholder.


A brighter than light, sustainable energy future for everybody: achieving great outcomes now, audaciously seizing chances for the future.


By delivering the goods and services that One DLH will need for both the present and the future, you can be a reliable partner for your clients.

Duquesne Light Phone Number

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Core Value

  • Safety is the most important thing to us. Our communities, our clients, each other, and ourselves must all be kept secure.
  • Integrity: Our dedication to acting morally and never compromising on ethics serves as our compass.
  • Dependability: We are dependable and cooperative, and everyone can rely on us as a partner.
  • Equity: We think that everyone’s ability to access opportunities, resources, and employment is essential to a future powered by renewable energy.
  • Community: We are dedicated to serving our thriving, diverse communities and work where we live.


Health & Insurance Benefits

  • Health Insurance
  • Vision Insurance

Retirement & Financial Benefits

  • Profit Sharing
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plan
  • Defined Contribution Pension Plan

In addition to other facilities, Duquesne Light Company offers a few retirement advantages. Numerous firms in the United States offer health plans, similar to Duquesne Light Company. Through these plans, companies usually pay a sizable amount of their employees’ health insurance payments. For businesses, these contributions are tax-deductible, and for employees, they are tax-free. The Duquesne Light Company offers vision and health programmes.

Many employees join employer-funded retirement plans to assist ensure a steady stream of income in later life. Duquesne Light Company offers defined contribution as well as defined benefit pension programmes. Retirees in a defined benefit pension plan receive a set amount of money upon retirement. Businesses assist employees in saving and investing for retirement through defined contribution retirement plans.

Competitors of Duquesne Light

The companies that compete with Duquesne Light Company are AVANGRID; NRG Yield; Resolute Energy; Duke Energy; Calpine; Xcel Energy; PPL; Potomac Electric Power Company; General Atomics; Cgg; Kerr-McGee; NSTAR LLC; Columbia Gas Transmission LLC; California Resources; Pacifi; and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners.


Q. Duquesne Light Company Was Founded When?

Ans. In 1989, Duquesne Light Company was established.

Q. What is the number of employees at Duquesne Light Company?

Ans. At Duquesne Light Company, 1,200 people work there.

Q. What Is The Duquesne Light Company’s Income?

Ans. The revenue generated by Duquesne Light Company is $860.0M.

Q. Which Sector Does Duquesne Light Company Operate in?

Ans. The energy sector is served by Duquesne Light Company.

Q. What Is the Mission of Duquesne Light Company?

Ans. “We are larger than light,” We surpass the speed of light. Always on, we innovate ceaselessly to energise the future while securely powering and empowering the lives of our consumers..”

Q. Duquesne Light Company Is What Kind Of Business?

Ans. Private businesses own Duquesne Light Company.

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