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AXS Phone Number: Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), the second-largest entertainment promoter in the world behind Live Nation Entertainment, owns AXS. Which is an American ticket outlet for sports and entertainment events. Since AEG operates venues all over the world and promotes events under the AEG Presents banner. AXS is usually the main ticket outlet for both these venues and promoted events.

Founded In 2011
Phone Number+1 888-929-7849
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AXS Phone Number

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Since its initial implementation in August 2011, AXS has progressively added more locations and services. Around 30 US venues and 9 UK venues had AXS as their sole ticket supplier as of August 2013. Beyoncé was the first artist to perform at Staples Centre exclusively via AXS in 2013; the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers continue to use Ticketmaster. With centralised CRM services for both approaches, AEG can sell tickets under the local venue name brands. It has significant local support, or under the AXS brand thanks to the white label technology Outbox developed.

Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) collaborated with Outbox Technology to develop and run it. Since September 2019, when AEG acquired Outbox’s partnership, AXS has become an entirely owned subsidiary of AEG. is a user-generated news website. AEG announced in January 2014 that AXS had acquired the site to capitalise on its entertainment content. AXS and Veritix, a paperless ticketing system, combined in 2015. The combined company then produced yearly transactions of over $2 billion.

Where to Look for Help with Problems with AXS Support

The best place to start if you need a quicker resolution for your AXS ticketing issues is the company’s customer support page. The AXS support page comprises:

  • Phone call information,
  • Support e-mail, and frequently asked questions
  • Privacy inquiries.
  • Buying and selling tickets.
  • AXS account and transferring tickets.

Additionally, you can contact AXS via its social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Nowadays, businesses react to social media complaints more quickly to protect their brand and prevent bad feedback from their large following. As a result, the company will react more quickly with the more social media platforms that see your request. You can carry out this process:

  • Go to the customer support page for AXS.
  • Press the customer service icon.
  • Enter the support email as well as your email.
  • In the subject docket, type the reason for the email.
  • In the message box, describe your issue.
  • Add your name, order number, and contact ID here.

Address of AXS Corporate Office

The corporate address of AXS Group LLC is 425 W. 11th St., Suite 100, Los Angeles, California 90015, USA. The corporate address of AXS is crucial because it shows the company’s establishment, the seriousness with which correspondence will be handled, and the promptness with which questions will be answered.

AXS Phone Number

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I Want to Call AXS Customer Service, But Why?

You can get in touch with AXS customer service for several reasons. If a concert is cancelled, you can ask for a refund because AXS provides ticketing services. However, since the majority of calls are automated, you will have to wait thirty minutes to speak with a staff member. Other reasons to contact AXS customer service include:

  • whenever you desire a replacement ticket.
  • if the website is frozen.
  • if the tickets are not able to be downloaded.
  • when you want to switch credit cards.
  • You have already paid for the tickets on the website if you can’t find them.
  • if the account login is not working for you.


Q. When was AXS established?

Ans. August 1, 2011, was the founding date of AXS.

Q. What kind of company does AXS belong to?

Ans. Limited Liability Company (LLC) is what AXS is. A limited liability company is the name given to the US equivalent of a private limited company. It is a type of business structure that combines a corporation’s limited liability with the pass-through taxation of a partnership or sole proprietorship.

Q. What is AXS’s current service area?

Ans. Service Category: Menu Category.

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