Accredo Pharmacy Phone Number

Accredo Pharmacy Phone Number 800-803-XXXX, Email ID Details

Accredo Pharmacy Phone Number: Accredo Health Group, Inc. offers patients with complicated and long-term medical conditions speciality medications and other services. Accredo provides speciality medications, including those prescribed for severe conditions like multiple sclerosis, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and haemophilia. These drugs typically cost $10,000 per month. These medications cost more than $600 per month. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Express Scripts, a business having its main office in Memphis, TN.

NameAccredo Pharmacy
Founded In1996
Phone Number800-803-2523
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Accredo Pharmacy Phone Number

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Accredo Pharmacy Phone Number: The company that was in place before Accredo, Southern Health Systems (SHS), was established in 1983. SHS supplied clotting factors, human growth hormone, and protamine. The following year, it purchased Nova Factor, Inc. (NFI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southern Health Systems, Inc. (SHS). Accredo purchased Haemophilia Health Services (HHS) shortly afterwards. Using the ticker ACDO, Accredo began trading on the NASDAQ after filing for its initial public offering (IPO) in 1999. To establish a speciality pharmacy, Medco Health Solutions Inc. and Accredo Health partnered in 2004. In June of the same year, HHS, a fully-owned subsidiary, acquired Haemophilia Resources of America. Accredo became a fully-owned subsidiary of Medco after being acquired by the company in August of the subsequent year. Express Scripts purchased Medco in 2012, converting Accredo into an entirely owned subsidiary. Consequently, Accredo and CuraScript SP Specialty Pharmacy amalgamated, functioning under the Accredo brand.

More than 300 speciality medications are available from Accredo at 30 pharmacies across the country.

Accredo Pharmacy Phone Number: Benefits

Speciality pharmacy Accredo provides several advantages1234, such as:

  • 24-hour access to highly skilled nurses and chemists who have a great deal of experience with your condition
  • Refill reminders sent via phone, text, email, or mobile app according to communication preferences
  • Superior quality of customer service
  • Free standard shipping in a sealed container
  • Personalised assistance and care to oversee your therapy, without additional charge

Accredo Pharmacy Phone Number: Services

This organisation is not Better Business Bureau accredited, lacks basic services and has been the target of numerous class action lawsuits due to unethical patient treatment. In an investigation published in The Atlantic in 2019, Olga Khazan showed how Accredo and other speciality pharmacies hurt patients by delaying the delivery of prescription drugs for weeks or even months in an attempt to save money.

Therapeutic Resource Centres (TRCs) are provided by Accredo for specific medical conditions. The conditions covered by Accredo’s TRCs include bleeding disorders, cardiovascular, diabetes, HIV and Immunology, immune disorders, inflammatory conditions, Multiple Sclerosis, neuroscience, oncology, pulmonary, pulmonary hypertension, and women’s health. The team’s goals are to supply specialised medications, guarantee that each patient receives the right dosage, and promote medication adherence to cut expenses and waste for everyone involved. As a major factor in patients’ noncompliance with their medication regimens, side effect management is a crucial component of therapeutic response coordination (TRC). Additionally, nurses and chemists offer patient education and counselling.

In collaboration with Eviti, Inc., the oncology TRC offers cancer decision support tools for doctors and patients. It is divided into sections according to the types of cancer to offer support tailored to a particular drug.

Accredo Pharmacy Phone Number

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Why choose Accredo?

  • Personalised care services that include medication administration training and counselling.
  • 24/7 access to nurses and chemists with specialised training who are knowledgeable about complex conditions requiring specialised drugs.
  • Free expedited shipping is available even for prescription medications that need to be handled carefully or refrigerated.
  • Simple refills and no-cost alerts to help you remember to take your medication on time. Refilling some prescriptions by text is another option.
  • With the myCigna® app or website, you can easily manage your prescriptions and keep track of your orders online.

Contact Info

Accredo Health Group, Inc.’s pharmacy can be contacted by fax at 888-302-1028. The pharmacy has several locations, including Memphis, Tennessee, 901-385-3600, and 901-385-3777, for contact information. Novi, Michigan, and Irving, Texas, are two more locations. You can reach the pharmacy partner of Cigna Medicare, Accredo Health Group, by phone at (877) 813-5595 or by fax at (866) 845-72675.

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