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ZIP Phone Number: With operations in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, Zip Co Limited, also known as Zip Co. is a global financial technology firm that offers a “buy now pay later” model. They had 12 million total client accounts, a transaction volume of A$8.7 billion (US$6.54 billion), revenue of A$620 million (US$466.17 million), and cash gross profit of A$203.7 million (US$153.16 million) throughout the group, according to its FY22 financial scorecard. Zip’s market capitalization was A$431 million (US$324.06 million) as of December 21, 2022.

Trade NameZipMoney Limited
Founded 2013
Phone Number02 8294 2345
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zip phone number

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History of ZIP Phone Number

In 2013, Larry Diamond and Peter Grey launched the business Zip Money, providing clients with a digital credit option. The company quickly introduced Zip Pay, a second solution, to handle regular purchases, such as those for retail and healthcare. In 2015, Zip registered on the Australian Securities Exchange as zipMoney Limited (ASX: ZML). 2016 saw Zip purchase Pocketbook, one of Australia’s most well-liked financial apps.

With $200 million in capital from National Australia Bank and $40 million in equity from Westpac Bank. Zip was able to get a $260 million debt facility in 2017. Moreover, Zip came in at number seven on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 APAC. The business rebranded itself as Zip Co Limited in December 2017 after changing its name from ZipMoney Limited. In 2018, Zip Pay changed its ASX ticker from “ZML” to “Z1P,” and it is now simply known as Zip.

Products of ZIP Phone Number

Zip Pay and Zip Money are two interest-free account types available in the Zip digital wallet. Anywhere Zip is accepted, these accounts can be used with retail partners both online and in-store.

Zip Pay / Zip Pay in 4

With Zip Pay, consumers can make purchases online and in-store right away and pay for them later. There is interest-free service up until the end of each month; but, if the balance is not paid by the due date, there is a $7.95 fee. There are account options ranging from $250 to $1,500.

Customers receive a summary (referred to as a “statement”) of their monthly expenses and payments at the start of each month. After that, they have the option of paying it off in full or for a minimum of $40 each month. Those with a $1500 account must pay at least $80 each month.

zip phone number

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Zip Money

Zip Money is another digital wallet that enables users to make instantaneous in-store and online purchases and make payments later. It offers interest-free service for six months and a reloadable maximum of $30,000.

Capital Zip Business

Small and medium-sized enterprises can apply for up to $500,000 in unsecured loans through Zip Business Capital.

Items that are no longer in production

Zip has frequently withdrawn products from its inventory as it has grown as a business.


One of Australia’s biggest non-bank financial apps, Pocketbook was a freeware application created and owned by Zip. Launched in 2012, Pocketbook was a freeware personal money and budget planner program that Zip purchased in 2016. With the programme, users could track their spending, create and manage budgets, and handle debts. The first personal finance app in Australia that allowed users to manage their money by connecting their bank accounts was called Pocketbook. Pocketbook stated that it assisted more than 250,000 Australians in 2016. It was 435,00 in January of 2018. In July 2022, Zip declared that Pocketbook would close, and the app closed the same month.

Trade and Business Zip Plus

Accounts designed exclusively for small and medium-sized enterprises were Zip Business Trade and Zip Business Trade Plus. They provided bigger credit limits and interest-free periods along with features that were comparable to Zip Pay and Zip Money. The last day for new users to make specific purchases would be July 5, 2022, and the last day for current account transactions would be August 31, 2022. Customers were advised to open Zip Money and Zip Pay accounts as an alternative.

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