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Western Union Phone Number, Contact Western Union Compliance Department By Phone & Email & FAQs

Western Union Phone Number:- These limits are imposed by Western Union’s Compliance Department. Very little information is given to the customer about the compliance team, who they are, and what they do. Very little is known. But if your western union was rejected. You will be asked to contact Compliance.

Western Union is a multinational company founded in 1851 and headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA, and the key people behind it are Jeffrey A. Jores (Chairman) and Devin McGrahan (Chairman and CEO). Western Union currently employs approximately 12,000 people. Western Union operates in the financial services industry, and provides services in wire transfer, money orders, money transfers, bill pay, transfer tracking, and price estimation, and offers its services worldwide. According to the latest report, Western Union has generated.

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In Hindi:

ये सीमाएँ Western Union के अनुपालन विभाग द्वारा लगाई गई हैं। अनुपालन टीम के बारे में ग्राहक को बहुत कम जानकारी दी जाती है कि वे कौन हैं और वे क्या करते हैं। बहुत कम जाना जाता है। लेकिन अगर आपका वेस्टर्न यूनियन खारिज कर दिया गया था। आपको अनुपालन से संपर्क करने के लिए कहा जाएगा।

वेस्टर्न यूनियन 1851 में स्थापित एक बहुराष्ट्रीय कंपनी है और इसका मुख्यालय डेनवर, कोलोराडो, यूएसए में है और इसके पीछे प्रमुख लोग जेफरी ए। जोरेस (अध्यक्ष) और डेविन मैकग्राहन (अध्यक्ष और सीईओ) हैं। वेस्टर्न यूनियन वर्तमान में लगभग 12,000 लोगों को रोजगार देता है। वेस्टर्न यूनियन वित्तीय सेवा उद्योग में काम करता है, और वायर ट्रांसफर, मनी ऑर्डर, मनी ट्रांसफर, बिल भुगतान, ट्रांसफर ट्रैकिंग और मूल्य अनुमान में सेवाएं प्रदान करता है, और दुनिया भर में अपनी सेवाएं प्रदान करता है। ताजा रिपोर्ट के मुताबिक वेस्टर्न यूनियन ने जनरेट किया है।

What is Western Union’s Compliance Department?

Also, Western Union as a financial company is subject to a number of financial rules and regulations that they have to abide by. The compliance team ensures that every transaction that takes place through the system complies with these laws.

So, Being blocked from Western Union doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. It does not mean that you are misusing money. However, you can still be blocked for reasons that will not be disclosed.

What is the phone number for Compliance Department?

Also, Western Union’s Compliance Department does not have a phone line. This is a Tier 2 department that can only be contacted by a customer support representative.

Also, if you contact Western Union to speak with the compliance team. Your call will never be forwarded. Since they do not deal with customers directly.

Western Union Phone Number
Western Union Phone Number

How to Contact the Compliance Department?

The generic one-liner information provided to you will be “Your Transfer is declined due to come compliance and regulatory reasons”.

So, which is obviously vague and does not help at all.

Also, you can do is file a re-evaluation of the decision to the compliance team.

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Send Them an Email with the Following Details

  • your full name
  • Your email address is linked to your account
  • MTCN from a recent transfer that was blocked
  • A Brief Summary of How You Couldn’t Send Money

If the revaluation request is accepted. Also, should be able to send the funds again.

How long will it take to review?

So, Decision deadlines vary. It depends on the workforce-to-customer ratio.

Between the COVID days, his response time was 45 working days. However, since then it can move rapidly. It is best to contact customer support for an up-to-date timeline.

How can you check the status of your request?

Once you apply for revaluation. You should receive an automatic response. The response will confirm that your request has been received, and should be associated with a case number.

You can use that case number as a reference to check the status of your request.

Is ComplaintsBoard.com affiliated with Western Union?

Also, ComplaintsBoard.com is not associated, affiliated, authorized, endorsed, or officially affiliated with Western Union Customer Service in any way. Western Union’s initial complaints should be directed directly to their team. You can find the contact details for Western Union above.

ComplaintsBoard.com is an independent grievance redressal platform that has been successfully addressing consumer concerns since 2004. We’re doing the work that matters – connecting customers with businesses around the world and helping them resolve issues and listen.

Also, Use this comment board to leave complaints and reviews about Western Union. Discuss your issues with Western Union and work with their customer service team to find a solution.

Western Union Phone Number
Western Union Phone Number

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FAQs on Western Union Phone Number

What is Western Union’s customer service number?

Western Union customer service phone number. Phone number: 1 (800) 634-1311. Shortcut: N/A – Edit.

What is Western Union Tele Number?

So, Search for Western Union agent location contacts for retail inquiries. If you are deaf or hard of hearing or have a speech disorder, contact us through the National Relay Service. TTY users call 1800 877 8973. Speak and Listen, User, phone 1800 877 8973.

What is the toll-free number for Western Union?

While 800-999-9660 is Western Union’s best toll-free number, there are 7 total ways to contact them. According to other Western Union customers, the next best way to talk to their customer support team is by calling their fraud hotline department phone number 800-448-1492.

Where can you pick up Western Union?

You can easily get cash from hundreds of thousands of agent locations around the world. Simply take your MTCN (Tracking Number) and valid ID to collect your money. Find your nearest Western Union location.

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Is there a limit to receiving money from Western Union?

So, yes receiving limits apply for receiving funds from Western Union. It is difficult to pinpoint an exact figure as the amount varies depending on the country, receiver, and other factors. Also, western Union receiving limits can be sorted into the following categories: Store limits are very explanatory.

Can someone pick up Western Union without ID?

Also, you must provide a valid (unexpired) ID to receive the transferred funds. The type of ID and information such as the ID number and date of birth are then entered into the Western Union system. So, this must be done to retrieve any money sent. If an ID is not available (there is not one), a security question is required.


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