Stitches Rapper Phone Number

Stitches Rapper Phone Number, 859XXXXX Best WhatsApp Number, Home Address and Email-ID Detail, Biography, D.O.B

Stitches Rapper Phone Number:-Stitch is a famous rapper. She is also popular for having a smile tattoo stitched around her lips. His styles are hip-hop, trap, and horrorcore. He was originally known as “Lil Phil” until the age of 16; Later, he trademarked the name “Stitches”. His best-known song is “Brick in Yo Face”, on April 30, 2014, when he posted the video for the song on the WordStar hip-hop website, it went viral and garnered 6 million views within six days. Stitches have also collaborated with musicians such as Dun Volio and Vice. Between 2014 and 2020, he released seven studio albums, four mixtapes, and several singles.


Stitches Rapper

NamePhillip Nickolas Katsabanis
D.O.BJune 17, 1995
Age27 years old
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Phone Number+1(859)651-7280
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Stitches Rapper Phone Number

Biography: Stitches Rapper Phone Number

Philip Nicholas Katsbanis was born on June 17, 1995, in Miami. The early life of the future rapper was difficult. He was left without the support of his father, as his parents had made up their minds when Philip was only a child. Later, when he was a teenager, he joined gangs and worked for them selling illegal things like drugs or weapons. Having a great experience in the life of a criminal, he becomes a rapper, composing songs full of the romance of free life and street gangs.

Stitches Rapper Phone Number

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Personal Life

As for his personal life, it is known that Stitches married Erika Duarte in 2012 at the age of 17; She is 11 years older than him, and she was his judicial assistant when they marry. Prior to her marriage, she was known for her involvement in the reality television show “Paris Hilton My New BFF”, in which Paris searches for a new best friend through a reality competition. The couple had three children together but divorced after five years of marriage.

Since their divorce, there are no details about Stitches’ ex-wife. She is active online through accounts on social media, especially Instagram. And mentioned in an interview that he no longer wished to sell drugs and wanted to make more positive music. He has been moving on from hard drugs and only smokes weed, which is his definition of sober compared to many of the drugs he takes. He mentions that he was overwhelming by fame, and is atonement for some of his enemies as a result of maturity as well as concern for his children’s well-being.

Stitches Rapper Phone Number

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Career: Stitches Rapper Phone Number

In 2012 Stitches began his music career under the stage name Lil Phil by releasing a track from the mixtape “No Snitching Is My Statement” Mixtape “Brick in Yo Face” The video for this mixtape had list on the WorldStarHipHop website on the 30th it was done. April 2014. The video went viral in six days, garnering nearly 6 million page views. According to this hip-hop platform, he was Miami’s ’18-year-old unsign artist. Upon its release on YouTube, the mixtape garnered over 25 million views. Stitches’ sudden popularity caused many music blogs and news sources to write about Stitches. In 2015, two more mixtapes, “Supply and Demand” and “Brick Bible”, had released. In addition, Stitches released his debut album titled “For Drug Dealers Only”. The album also featured rapper Kevin Gates and South African singer King Pretty (Bread Winners Association) who contributed to the album’s 17 songs.

In 2019, Stitches and Str8 Kash reunited to form 2019’s “Brick Bible 2”. Later in March 2020, she released the 10-track CD “Married to the Bricks”. So, Some of her singles are Molly Cyrus, When I Die, One Million Dimes, and Fade Away.

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