Ohio EBT Phone Number

Ohio EBT Phone Number, Email ID Details, Benefits and FAQs

Ohio EBT Phone Number:- Through the use of an electronic system called electronic benefit transfer, or EBT, state welfare departments are able to distribute benefits using American payment cards that have magnetic encoding. In 2004, it began operating nationally. As of 2022, each participant’s monthly EBT payout is $230 on average.

EBT offers two different kinds of benefits: cash and food. State general assistance, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits, and refugee benefits are examples of cash benefits.


Ohio EBT

NameOhio EBT
Phone Number 1-866-386-3071
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Ohio EBT Phone Number

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Ohio EBT Phone Number: Benefits

Food assistance is provided to Ohioans who qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programme (SNAP) via the Ohio Direction Card, a debit card-like device. You are eligible for and receive electronic benefits through your EBT account. Almost all grocery stores allow you to use your Ohio Direction Card and 4-digit secret PIN to access your benefits.

Reaching Ohio’s EBT Customer Service Centre is difficult.

Reporting an EBT card lost or stolen is the main use of the EBT Customer Service Centre. Which does require speaking with a live customer service representative. Even before the pandemic hit, SNAP recipients frequently complained about having to wait. A long time to speak with an EBT customer service agent, according to the Food Bank. According to ODJFS data, wait times reached an all-time high in the early months . The pandemic persisted there at least until September 2020. Data as of December 2020 indicates that while some customers were still experiencing longer than acceptable wait times, overall wait times to contact EBT customer service had improved.

Are my EBT benefits transferable to another state?

Sure. All 50 states grant you the right to use your SNAP benefits. A federal programme that is “interoperable” across states is SNAP. ยง 274.8(b)(10) C.F.R. New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York are among the border states where a large number of SNAP recipients reside and shop. Some of the big grocery stores are frequently more affordable and/or closer.

You can also use your SNAP benefits while out of state if you are visiting another state or state for a short period of time. If you are shopping out of state, the Massachusetts DTA shouldn’t presume that you have given up on your MA residency or threatened to close your SNAP case.

If you lost SNAP because DTA required you to recertify your residency while you were temporarily out of state, get in touch with MLRI at info@masslegalservices.org.

Ohio EBT Phone Number

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FAQs about Ohio EBT Phone Number

Q. Is P-EBT available to my child for the summer of 2022?

Ans. Your child should receive Summer EBT funds if they are eligible for free or reduced-price school meals, or if they are under 6 and do not attend school and you participate in SNAP.

Q. How much in Summer EBT funds will my child receive?

Ans. Every child who qualifies will get $390.50. There will be two payments of this sum. The first payment of $191.70 will be issued by the end of June. By the end of July, the second payment in the amount of $198.80 will be made.

Q. In what way will my kid get their Summer EBT money?

Ans. The majority of kids living in SNAP households will get money loaded onto their current Ohio Direction Card. Using P-EBT funds is similar to using SNAP. Students who have not previously received P-EBT will receive a new card, while schoolchildren from non-SNAP households will receive funds on the current P-EBT card issued in or after February 2021.

Q. Can I apply for EBT for Summer?

Ans. No, there isn’t a Summer EBT application. If your child qualifies for free or reduced-price school meals, you must apply by July 31, 2022, through your school or school district. By the end of September, benefits will be given to children who applied during the summer and are now eligible. If you are SNAP eligible but not participating, please apply at benefits.ohio.gov or contact a SNAP outreach foodbank for assistance.

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