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Megabus Phone Number: Megabus is an intercity bus service that Coach USA/Coach Canada offers in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec as well as the eastern, southern, midwestern, western, and Pacific regions of the United States. It is the counterpart of the European Megabus service in North America.

Certain tickets can cost as little as $1 if bought well in advance. There are also occasionally free promotions and an online booking fee of $2.50 per transaction. Megabus operates according to the yield management model. It is commonly employed by airlines, in which early booking customers receive the best deals. Because each schedule only has one or two seats available for $0 or $1. The less popular schedules are typically less expensive. Bus stops are located in open areas like streets, bus terminals, the exterior of train stations, and transit hubs in major cities. At shopping malls or college campuses in smaller towns.

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Megabus Phone Number

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Megabus Phone Number: History

Megabus Phone Number: Using Coach America as a contractor, Megabus began service to the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Tempe, Arizona on August 8, 2007. Due to slow ridership during its initial Californian venture, Megabus began to halt operations from Los Angeles in early 2008. January 2008 saw the end of service to the Phoenix region, and March 2008 saw the end of service to San Diego and San Ysidro. Megabus decided to stop operating to and from Los Angeles in May 2008, along with all associated services. June 22, 2008, was the last day Los Angeles would provide services. After regaining some of the assets of Coach America, which had been a part of Coach USA before a significant divestiture in 2003, Megabus returned to the market in 2012.

Megabus started operating to and from New York City in late May 2008. It also serves Albany, Atlantic City, Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Washington, D.C. Service to Syracuse, Rochester, Hartford, and Niagara Falls, Ontario, were among the additional expansions. Afterwards, service to Hartford and Niagara Falls was discontinued; however, it was restored in 2010.

On December 12, 2012, Megabus made a comeback to the West Coast, serving San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, Reno, Riverside, and Los Angeles at first. On its west coast routes, Megabus operates almost entirely out of commuter rail stations or transfer stations for local transit buses. The Stagecoach Group sold Megabus and its North American operations to Variant Equity Advisors in April 2019.

Best features of Megabus

Professional Staff

Wherever you go, Megabus’s skilled drivers will ensure your safety. Additionally, a driver assistant looks after the luggage of passengers on each bus. You are only allowed to check in one piece of luggage to be kept under the bus. One carry-on bag; any additional luggage will incur additional charges.

Free Wi-Fi

Nearly all of Megabus’s vehicles have free Wi-Fi, so you can access the internet while travelling.

Quick Stops In Between Stations

When making lengthy trips or trips that are delayed because of traffic, Megabus will make brief stops at mini-stores or gas stations. You can stop for food or loo breaks on these trips.

Luxury and comfort

Megabus offers opulently comfortable double-decker buses. The buses have a single-passenger lavatory and are kept up and tidy. Recliner seats, panoramic windows, and in-seat outlets are all featured.

Monitor Your Bus

Through a mobile app, Megabus offers a real-time bus tracker where you can look up your route and service. You can also see when other Megabuses are arriving and leaving. It’s fairly accurate at estimating the average time it will take you to get to your destination, even though it’s not as precise as a GPS.

Megabus Phone Number

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What aspects of the Megabus appeal to people?

Megabus customers have praised the company for its cosy seats and fun upper-deck excursions. The seats are deemed comfortable by many patrons, and the option to recline adds to the comfort of any long-distance bus trip. You won’t have any trouble dozing off or sleeping on the bus.

The bus has free Wi-Fi, charging ports, and a spotless restroom all the amenities you need for a comfortable journey. Many customers compliment Megabus drivers on their friendliness and politeness.

In what ways does the Megabus differ from other buses?

When weighed against other bus services, the Megabus is incredibly affordable. Its disadvantages stem from this. The buses can have too many people on them at times because the seats are cosy but too close to one another.

In addition, a lot of Megabus reviews have detailed the poor quality of both the bus and the drivers they rode with. These include complaints of dirty seats, noisy, old buses, and incompetent drivers. There’s also a major issue with delays. There have been numerous instances of bus service delays ranging from 10 to 20 minutes. Road incidents, which are frequent occurrences for many bus services, are typically the cause of delays.

Is Megabus a worthwhile investment?

Megabus can be an excellent experience for tourists who enjoy taking buses. Not only is it inexpensive, but for such a cheap bus service, it’s surprisingly comfortable.

Even though Megabus seems fantastic on paper, there may be differences in online reviews. It is difficult to overlook Megabus’s inadequate quality control over the condition of its buses and drivers given the volume of unfavourable reviews that all point to the same problems. It is advised that you choose the alternative if there are other options available at comparable price points with better reviews.

Pros and Cons


  • Decent seats with legroom
  • Professional staff
  • Mobile app with bus tracker
  • Free Wi-Fi


  • Crowded
  • Frequent delays
  • User reported poor bus/driver quality
  • Frequent Refund issues
  • Frequent miscommunication issues

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