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FPL Phone Number, WhatsApp Number, Email Address & Net Worth

FPL Phone Number:- The biggest electric utility in Florida and among the biggest rate-regulated utilities nationwide is Florida Power & Light Company (FPL). With more than 10,000 employees, FPL is one of the top employers in Florida, serving about 4.6 million customer accounts.

FPL, located in Melbourne, Florida, provides public services to the citizens of Melbourne. In Brevard County, utilities provide services like water, sewage, electricity, and natural gas.


FPL Phone Number

NameFlorida Power & Light Company (FPL)
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Phone Number+1(859)651-7280
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How To Contact Florida Power and Light Customer Service Yourself-

Not in the mood to speak with customer support straight away? That is not necessary! FPL’s website has a wealth of helpful information. You can look through it to find the help you require. In this manner, you won’t have to cope with unhelpful support representatives and become irritated when they don’t answer the phone.

Visit FPL’s website to find out how to:

  • View or pay your bill
  • Ask for a payment extension
  • Deposit information
  • Read your meter
  • See your Billing and Payment History
  • Add another account
  • Acquire service charge information
  • Update user ID or password
  • Locate your FPL Account Number
  • Use FPL Pay Online
  • Enrol
  • Pay now
  • Update your Pay Online Information
  • Schedule a payment
  • Edit or cancel a scheduled payment
  • Report an outage
  • Check the status of an outage
  • Report a streetlight that’s not working
  • Deal with power disturbances
  • Submit a claim

Contacting FPL Customer Service by Phone

Customers of FPL have the option to check their balances and pay bills over the phone. Give 1-800-226-5885 a ring and ask what you require.

As FPL’s customer service isn’t renowned for its prompt responses, you should prepare to wait a while before your call is answered. Use our Skip Waiting on Hold product to avoid having to wait. On your behalf, we’ll give FPL a call and wait for a customer support agent to answer. When they do, we’ll let you know so you can follow up to find out what information you require.

Contact FPL in Seconds

Among the most tiresome things to do is wait on hold. You can’t put your phone down and focus on anything else because a customer support agent could call you at any time.

You will have to repeat the entire process if they pick up and you are not there. They will simply hang up and move on to the next customer. It’s annoying to spend thirty minutes a day staring at your phone only to complain.

We provide you with a far more practical choice as a result! You can avoid wasting any time at all with our app, which has won multiple awards. DoNotPay will make the call on your behalf to the business, alerting you as soon as a customer support representative answers.

Here’s how you can connect with FPL’s customer service

  • Sign up for DoNotPay through your web browser
  • Search for our Skip Waiting on Hold product
  • Type in FPL and click on the company name
  • Click Call Now

That is the only step involved! We’ll call the business on your behalf and show you the typical wait time on your screen. The app will instantly alert you when a customer service representative answers, allowing you to quickly find the answers you need.

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To talk to someone at FPL, you can

  • Navigate to FPL’s Contact Us page and select Virtual Chat to start a conversation with a virtual assistant.
  • Press 1 and 0 twice when dialling 800-226-3545 to speak with a live person.
  • If you are in Florida, call (941)917-0708; if you are outside of Florida, call 1-800-226-3545

Net Worth

Florida Power & Light has a $1.75 billion dollar net worth. A net worth score of 99%

Reaching FPL Florida Customer Service via Live Chat

Instead of checking your balance or making a payment, you can speak with an FPL virtual assistant. Here’s how to get things started:

  • Go to FPL’s Contact Us page
  • Click on Virtual Chat
  • Type in your question
  • Press Ask

Remember that more complicated requests won’t be handled by FPL’s virtual assistant. You can get the assistance you require by visiting FPL’s website with such questions.

FAQs on FPL Phone Number

Q. 1. How about Florida Power & Light’s number_of_employe?

Ans. Florida Power & Light Number_of_employees: 8,700 (2017)

Q. 2. How about Florida Power & Light’s ceo?

Ans. Armando Pimentel Jr. is the CEO of Florida Power & Light (February 15, 2023)

Q. 3. How about Florida Power & Light’s founded?

Ans. Florida Power & Light Founded: 1925.

Q. 4. How about Florida Power & Light’s president?

Ans. Florida Power & Light President: Armando Pimentel Jr.

Q. 5. How about Florida Power & Light’s headquarters?

Ans. Florida Power & Light Headquarters: Juno Beach, Florida, United States

Q. 6. How about Florida Power & Light’s parent organization?

Ans. Florida Power & Light Parent organization: NextEra Energy

Q. 7. Does Florida’s power and Light still exist?

Ans:- The monthly amount of electricity you use and your electric rate are the factors that determine your electric bills. The average monthly electric bill in Florida for residential customers is $273. This amount is determined by multiplying the average monthly consumption (1,687 kWh * 16 /kWh) by the average electric rate.

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